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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
1EMABUNGOHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Eliangoma Health CenterWe have a health center fully built up but without staffing and equipment. It was recently staffed with two nurses who work between 9 am and 3 pm.

This health center has ability to reach a radius of 5km or more, over 1000 population.
I propose that the county equips the facility fully.Fully built up structures. I can help in paying voluntary staff.
2EMABUNGOAndrew Mbuya0722910539ECD ClassroomsThe ECD classrooms at Waluka Primary School are in dire need of repair. They have large cracks with unstable walls, totally not safe to house children.

Secondly, all the levels of ECD study in the same classroom. Three teachers in the same room.
Repair the current classroom and build two others for all levels to be housed independently.One old classroom within the school.
3EMABUNGOAndrew Mbuya0722910539Community water projectThe entire community gets its water for consumption from natural springs. With the growth in population of Senior citizens of 70 years of age and above, access to clean water for consumption is a major challenge.

We propose a borehole project to be undertaken to solve this problem.
Identify underground water aquifers and sink a borehole, then build a tank at the top of Eliakhungu hill to enable supply of water to various homes and collection points.There are known sources of water and springs that never dry up. Such can be developed. In addition, I can contribute finance towards piping of elderly homesteads to give them access to this resource.
4Grace Andesiah0721256686Road repairRoad repairFilling pot holes Labour
5EMABUNGOGrace Andesiah0721256686In feeds roadRoad repairFill in pot holesHuman resource
6WEMILABIRoad construction254720841355Security Within the areaLighting the area with overhead security lights for security reasons during the nightLighting the area with overhead security lights for security reasons during the night. The Esther Paris Kind of lighting.Workmanship
7CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth CareWASHINGTONE WESA OLANDO+254726305315EMUSIRE HEALTH CAREPlease make the hospital district level. Equip it to the best level. Make the Mortuary working and equipped.Come we have meetings and create a committee to stand in your helpThe health facility has buildings without equipment and drugs
8MWIBONASocial ServicesFRANCIS WAYNE MATIKA 0711819914Nang'oli water projectThe water project was started in 2014 but the county government never picked it up for completion when devolution came into being.Maintain the pumps and complete piping to enable supply of the water to the peopleThere's sufficient water to supply the entire Luanda and Emuhaya sub counties.
9WEST BUNYORETransport Infrastructurejack otieno0727246497Road tarmarking I would like to request the Governor and his team to please look on tarmarking of the road that connects rabuor heading to yala since it will improove acces to the resources around rabuor that are not available in parts of west bunyore such as a hospital and the closest market where trading can be donetarmarking of the road that had been murrammed earlier by the outgoing governorthe road willbe am easier option to improove access to various facilities
10LUGAGA-WAMULUMAWomen and YouthEdgar Asava Keverenge0725300233Youth EmpowermentEducation and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts.
Many able bodied youth have rendered themselves useless due to excessive alcohol consumption. They don't work but only camp in roads, wines & spirits shops and chang'aa dens all day. And from as early as 5am.
Concerted efforts should be put in place to come up with a serious programme to regularly and continuously educate these youth on the demerits of alcohol and drug abuse.
Health extension volunteers should be recruited, trained and sent out to work with these youth.
A fully fledged county rehabilitation centre be established and willing victims ready for change be admitted, counselled and treated for free.
Income generating activities be introduced to the youth and they be trained on the same.
Chamas also be formed for the youth. Be trained on how to save, table banking, loans
Drug peddlers be educated and facilitated on other avenues of making money.
Mbale Referral Hospital existing facilities could be used to set up a Training & Rehabilitation Centre.
11CENTRAL BUNYORETransport InfrastructureOBORAH RHENSON0700226472Luanda - Emusire RoadThe Road was to be upgraded to bitumen standard No signs of the project start soon, the road in poor conditionsince this was a project for the past regime, it should commence immediately to open up the area for accesibilityHuman Labour
12CENTRAL BUNYORESecurity and SafetyRHENSON OBORAH0700226472Street/Market Lighting (MWICHIO MARKET)The above stated market provides the house holds and food stuffs for citizens within the locality, its their for asource of income to residences, due to poor lightening causing insecurity, the traders are forced to close their shops and other businesses as early as 6:30 pm when the darkness checks in this causes inconviniences to their bisinessesThe market should be well lighten up to allow an extension of carrying the business atleast 10PM or even possible a 24 hrs businesseshuman labour
13CENTRAL BUNYOREEducationRHENSON OBORA0700226472ESSUNZA SECONDARY SCHOOLThe project was initiated by mwichio ACK Church inconjuction with Essunza Primary School Courtesy of the immediade former Emuhaya constituency MP the Current governor H.E. Hon. Dr Ottichilo (PhD) who saw that the project had acquired a titled percel of land for the project to be fully implemented before his tenure as an MP ended this august 8th. Since the land for the said project has been perchased, i recomment the immediate construction of classrooms in the land since the current school population is increasing currently it has students in form 3 who are expected to register for national exams next year, also the current location is not suitable for learning as well as inadequate facilities for learning as well as human resource i.e TeachersHuman Labour
14MUHUDUFood SecurityDavid Shikambe0705862812agriculture empoweredHorticultural farmingTo provide vegetables and fruits for self sustainability. Land and farm manure.
15MUHUDUPublic Private PartnershipsDavid Shikambe0705862812clean water and Sanitation.Water supply in Muhudu ward.Reduce time wastage by going to the river.
Help supply water for horticultural farming.
Land for horticultural.
Sand and construction stones.
16EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureBuxtone Muchela0713348447Kima-Emukhuya-Emmatsi-Maseno RoadThis road was purportedly commissioned several years ago even before devolution took effect. There has been a minimal effort towards its construction. It is a vital road because it connects Kima market center, Emukhuya Primary School & Community, Emmatsi Group of Schools & Community and Maseno.Therefore, if it will be constructed and tarmacked it will be largely beneficial to the entire Emabungo ward residents and school going children especially those who climb the hill going to Emmatsi Secondary School. Business people will also benefit a lot if it is tarmacked.Manpower, construction materials such as boulders and water can be provided locally.
17SHIRUFood SecurityJackson Ihaji0700892414Green HousesGreen houses for youth to embrace Agriculture and boost food security in our areasI propose the County government to identify willing youth and youth groups whom can be supported with loans and a structure established for repayment. The loans will assist the youth to set up green houses to produce various types of food to reduce dependence on rain fed agriculture and create employment for them.
The food will improve food availability in our area and the surplus can be sold to generate income.
18GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureEng allan saliku0720978631Gisambai hamisi roadRoad in bad stateTarmac the roadLabour
19GISAMBAINatural ResourcesEng allan saliku0720978631Gaga water projectIncomplete water works project Finalize work the community to utilize piped waterLabour
20NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureBRYSON ONG'ANYA OMULEMA0796821884EBUNANGWE-EMUREMBE-KILINGILI ROADMake shift bridge made with logs,the road not completedconstuction of a bridge,health facility
21CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyGfhdff0712492702 GuggfhhDfftyyhgvhuhggfffygfzdftygvhjggujuuxfhugghghujhhh
22WEMILABIWomen and YouthMolemu Angoya0700527343Vihiga cooperative societyI propose for a cooperative society be formed where the county government could be a main shareholder. Allow youths and women get the remaining shares.Locate the offices in all market centres to allow willing parties deposit their savings. Target group are bodaboda operators, farmers, business operators, mjengo workers etc.Allow them to save to a minimum of 50/=.Vihiga don't have any,we can have one.unemployment and provide for low interest loans for youths and womenmultipurpose hall for trainings and meetings
23LUANDA SOUTHSocial ServicesVincent Ong'ute0790492913Water projectHis Excellence the Governor Hon. Dr. Wilberforce Ottichilo

When you were the Mp at the larger Emuhaya you started a water project at Nang'oli spring but it was not completed. So we are suffering. Our small springs go dry each and every time there's no rain.
So please put that on your schedule
Water tank storage and pipes to supply the resourceAlready built one tank
24WEMILABITransport InfrastructureFrancis onguko0700419772Emuhaya posta-mwinywelo-ebulonga feeder roadI would like the county government to work the bridge that connects emuhayapostaroar-mwinyweloPAG-EbulongaSecondaryroad. Also work on maintenance of the the said feeder roardConstruction of bridge across mwinywelo river to connect the ebbiba and ebulonga at the valley with easeSand and concrete
25WEMILABINatural ResourcesFrancis onguko 0700419772Mwinywelo water springI would like the county government to hasten plans to construct mwinywelo water spring. There is a lot of water in the valley which if tapped can help mwinywelo village and other parts of Ebulonga. Students and pupils from ebulonga primary and secondary fetch water from the spring which is in deplorable condition and can lead to waterborne diseases Construction of said springSand
26WEMILABISocial ServicesFrancis onguko 0700419772Electricity Most villages at mwinywelo behind ebulonga secondary lack electricity without knowledge of where rural electrification and worldbank sponsored power reached. People have applied for the same power in vain.County government should fast track on the possibility of mwinywelo residents being salvaged from this problem. Skilled semiskilled and unskilled human resource
28WEST BUNYOREHealth CareDaniel.Ebole0737095504REFURBISHMENT AND UPGRADE OF THE IPALI HEALTH CENTREIpali Health Center is in avery deplorable state,it has no enough drugs,nurses are few and demoralized,no equipment..its building is very oldUPGRADE IT TO BE MORE RELIABLE SUB COUNTY HOSPITALHEALTH CENTER
29WEMILABITransport InfrastructureDonald Alukonya0728673405Road TarmacRoad from Luanda-Ebusikhale-Essongolo-MbaleTarmacing of this Road will help open the inner side of a number of wards for business opportunities. It will help connect two major markets of Vihiga County.Put one big flood light at Ematioli and Khusikulu markets
30GISAMBAITrade and EnterpreneurshipElon Aseneka0704730039Vihiga County Farmers Online PlatformThank you your Excellency for giving us such a platform on which to showcase our projects, something which the previous government neglected. My project here is an internet platform I have been working on, which I am sure will better the lives of our people of Vihiga. Technology is evolving and there is need for us to link with the rest of the world even at the grass roots level. This web application I am working on will help our farmers sell there produce to international markets. It has the capability of enabling farmers on the ground to create accounts and run their shops online. The commodities dealt with are majorly fruits and vegetables. The main problem or set back for this project is that, we need to be large scale producers of fruits and vegetables. Vihiga County has a large acreage of land, most of it which is not suitable for planting of maize; which most people try to grow but it has no significant profits or even none. If only there was a way to mobilize farmers to venture in farming of fruits such as mangoes, apples, peaches, grapes, water melons, pineapples and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, celery, radishes, sutsa (managu),saga, kunde (cowpeas), turnips, onions, tomatoes, sweet pepper. After we begin large scale production, your Excellency Mr. Governor can then help us find allies to which we can export our produce as a unit. The farmers will then get their returns from the managing board but they will elect their chairperson who will help interact with the managing board.All we need from the community is their land and dedication.
31CHAVAKALIEducationRonald ngoda0708344101Software development training centerThis project will be a vocational training center that teaches software development in web and mobile technology. In Kenya alone only Nairobi county had such centres. Many young people have to travel to Nairobi to get such skills. With the ever growing technology programming skills will be a basic requirement or skill everyone should have.The project will help the youth and women gain skills that will help them be financially independent.
The project will be a source of revenue to the county
The county will be among the few in Kenya which have embraced digital tech training.
The county will no longer need to seek man power from outside to handle software jobs
The project will lead to job creation
32TAMBUAHealth CareLoice Asiko Etale 0726493458Jebrock Dispensary Incomplete and unequiped Electrification, fencing, equipping, finishing and provision of clean water and sanitation facilties Land, sand
33Women and YouthJames Last Keyombe Atalitsa 0723303373Beekeeping as an integrated farming activityThis project will be implemented through registered youth/women/orphan groups and farmers in each ward who will put up apiaries in four farms for the beekeeping project. It is not a labour-intensive undertaking which can be easily integrated into other agricultural or forestry projects because it does not compete for resources with other types of agriculture. The nectar and pollen of plants are a true bonusThe project’s mission is to empower the youth/women/orphans with skills in beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues in Vihiga County. The high demand of honey in the region and availability of resources have triggered our organization to venture into this activity. Community members interested in bee keeping as a business venture will also be encouraged to join the projectMost of the farmers in Vihiga County engage in small scale farming mainly food crops. Bee keeping can act as an alternative source of livelihood for the farmers and vulnerable groups in this region. It’s benefits include promoting environmental conservation through afforestation practices, helping in cross pollination, providing food security to the communities through sale of products, poverty reduction through offering alternative source of income, linking different stakeholders in promoting stable economy and reducing insecurity by creating employment to the youth around the region
34Environment Water EnergyJames Last Keyombe Atalitsa0723303373Beekeeping as an integrated farming activityThe project is aimed at encouraging beekeeping in Vihiga County and do away with the notion that bee keeping cannot be practiced as business venture in the county. This is an unexplored industry and it will be a good boost for the agricultural sector in our county. The farmers near the apiary locations will benefit from free pollination and increased quantities and qualities of flowering crops because bees fly 3 km from their hives to forage. The community will benefit from the sale of the bee products as the funds will go towards funding afforestation using fruit trees and expanding the venture to include more vulnerable groups in the society. Most of our equipments will be made locally hence providing income for the local craft industryMost of the farmers in Vihiga County engage in small scale farming mainly food crops. Bee keeping can act as an alternative source of livelihood for the farmers and vulnerable groups in this region. It’s benefits include promoting environmental conservation through afforestation practices, helping in cross pollination, providing food security to the communities through sale of products, poverty reduction through offering alternative source of income, linking different stakeholders in promoting stable economy and reducing insecurity by creating employment to the youth around the regionThere is adequate tree cover and land for setting up of apiaries in each ward within the county
35LYADUYWA/IZAVASocial ServicesHanningtone Mucherah0723398668Capacity Building and community empowerment This project aims at promoting skills transfer, empowerment and eventually capacity building for the residents to be kept abreast on holistic growth in terms of locally bred transformational leadership, good governance and sustainability Training, workshops facilitation, community cohorts, watch dog groups and Action teams.Strategic linkages with an NGO working in Vihiga county- Quaker Peace Initiatives Kenya
36LUANDA SOUTHSocial ServicesWilliam Oluoch0712856096Electricity Supply Supply of electricity to unconnected Homesteads and ShopsIssue electricity posts that will enable all residents be connected to the national gridShops, Posho Mills, Video Centers, Aid to start grade chicken raring
37LUANDA SOUTHTransport InfrastructureWilliam Oluoch0712856096Road ConstructionPoor road network of Maseno-Ekwanda road and several other feeder roads in the wardTarmacking of the Maseno-Ekwanda road would be of great help to enhance transport, trade &amp encourage investmentSchools, Shopping Centers, Minning Activities e.g Ebwiranyi., Bodaboda Operations
38LUANDA SOUTHHealth CareWilliam Oluoch0712856096Expansion of Ekwanda Health CenterCongested most of the time, with most medicine missing, hence frequent referralsExpansion and equipping of the facility to accommodate the out-grown numberEkwanda Health Center and Other Private facilities that are relatively expensive
39LUANDA SOUTHTrade and EnterpreneurshipWilliam Oluoch0712856096Low interest loans and grantsYouths have the ideas but no capital to start businessGive youths and other willing parties to start business some loans and grants from the countyVery few shops and businesses
40LUANDA SOUTHTrade and EnterpreneurshipWilliam Oluoch0712856096Market ConstructionVery few markets and in poor conditionConstruction of formal operational markets that would enhance and maximize on operation time i.e. up to late in the night or 24 hour economy and consiquently improve tax collectionLuanda market is well constructed, Ekwanda Market, Depo Market should also be considered
41LUANDA SOUTHPublic Private PartnershipsWilliam Oluoch0712856096Crafts and fast moving goods industryUnutilized Craftsmen have ended up poor due to no avenue for practiceConstruction of at least one craft center and an industry where fast moving goods such as bread, biscuits, soft drinks among others can be manufactured and sold locallyNone.
42LUANDA SOUTHEnvironment Water EnergyWilliam Oluoch0712856096Tree PlantingDeforestation may at later stages impact on our county, let's plant treesIssue tree seedlings and tree Planting day in schools, carry out public teaching on the importance of conservation of trees. Establish KEFRI center to help this out.No KEFRI within. No high quality seedlings
43LUANDA SOUTHNatural ResourcesWilliam Oluoch0712856096Water SupplyStill having problems with distances covered to get waterConstruction of one borehole like the one at Esalwa Secondary School can help serve not only a polling station but a whole wardNone
44WODANGASocial ServicesGibson Luyari0727265296Vihiga county sports League/ TournamentsM proposing that the county government through the sports and social services department comes up with a local sports league or tournaments to be participated by all youth in the county. This can be done through and in various wards. This will go in not only ensuring the youth are engaged positively but also identifying, nurturing and developing vast talents in the youth. This will also promote peacefully coexistence amongst all people in the county as they come out to support their favourite teams.we can have the league run through out the year where various leagues with different sports categories. for example, soccer, volleyball and handball etc.
We can also be the first to introduce the inaugural Vihiga County Sports Tournament where we invite teams from all over the country to participate in the open tournament. This will marketbthe county as well as encourage and open business opportunities for the people of the county
With the many sports facilities readily available in almost all academic institution including primary schools, secondary schools and even colleges and universities we will be able to host this matches comfortably. The only requirement maybe to renovate and repair slightly the grounds and facilities to meet the minimum required stndard. The county will fully support and sponsor the events by providing equipment needed and technical man power.
45LUANDA SOUTHFood SecurityWilliam Oluoch0712856096Planting Seeds and Fertilizer, Better breeds of chickenThe 'recycling' of seeds used in Planting (imwo) play a big role in poor yields.Issue tested and verified planting seeds from Kenya Seed at a reduced cost or if possible for free. Issue high breed animals for raring.Gardens are available for farming
46NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureLavington Adego Liko+254721263738Road ImprovementGrade the Kiritu Mambai roadRenovatelabour
47WODANGASecurity and SafetyLavington Adego Liko+254721263738Street LightingLight the marketsLights the marketMarkets
48CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth Careottichilo0791387614DispensaryWe walk over 20 km to access health care at homeBuild a dispensary for Central BunyoreWe have land at the current health center
49LUANDA SOUTHSocial Serviceserastus echenje0724296102water projectAssistance for overhead tank for community based water project Building an overhead tank to serve the community and assist in distribution of water through pippingWe have a water pump,sunk borehole, some piping to a tank,electricity and a few homes are connected to the waters supply
50MUNGOMASocial ServicesJohn omare0721283580Water projectRehabilitation of the existing water project in Kerongo that used to supply piped water to the greater part of Mungoma ward. Now the project is disfunctional and people have reverted to fetching water from streams and rivers posing a public health risk to residents.Rehabilitate the water tank, pipes and source areaAlready the system is in place
51LUANDA SOUTHTransport Infrastructureerastus echenje0724296102sunrise st andrews church elwambilo roaddRenovetion of road Grading,making drainage and adding murrum and comppressingWe all ready have a road
52LUGAGA-WAMULUMASecurity and SafetyEdgar Asava Keverenge0725 300 233Disaster response and managementWe have a problem when it comes to disaster response and management in Vihiga. We don't have county fire engines incase of fires. It has been so disappointing to see business peopl lose their life's earnings and means of livelihood due to fires that could have been contained just by timely responses from fire department and disaster management team. I have witnessed 3incidences in Mbale where 2business people and 1school have lost investments due to fire. This could have been avoided if we had our own fire engines instead of waiting for one from Kakamega.
Also small disaster response management team. There is this baby that was thrown in a school latrine by a student. The rescue was hapharzard, carried out by well meaning but clueless heroes. They didn't have even the simplest of equipment other than hoes and ropes. And no one even to perform first aid.
County to purchase ideally 5 but atleast 2fire engines to be placed one in Mbale town and one in another strategic place for easier response to fire tragedies.
County to set up disaster management unit with HQ at Mbale but other smaller units set up across Vihiga to coordinate with main one.
Recruit and train volunteers on disaster response and management. These should be recruited from our wards. Train like 100people from every ward. Equip them with basic first aid kits with user logs and a main supplies store to control and audit their usage.
This volunteers to be encouraged to hold regular community training drills in their respective community neighborhoods, schools
Also first aid training and drills to be regularly held in all public and private schools
We already have schools to act as training, drill grounds
County/DC offices can donate office for disaster management unit and main supplies store
Ward Admin office can be used as a ward disaster management coordination office and ward supplies store
53CENTRAL BUNYORETransport InfrastructureAUSTIN AYARA 0788405417LUANDA EMUSIRE ROADThe Luanda Emusire road is in a dilapidated state despite the high traffic on it. It has the potential of being the most efficient shortcut from Luanda Town to Khumusalaba through Esirulo and Luanda town to StendKisa through EsibuyeTarmac the link road from Luanda to Emusire and possibly to Esibuye and EsiruloEssaba and Emusire High Schools
Mwichio, Esibuye and Essaba shopping centers
Hobuyaya and Elukongo nedical centers
Countless churches along this route
There's also a surplus of affordable human labor force
54CENTRAL MARAGOLIPublic Private PartnershipsOmbima Mark olome0706105185FERTILISER PROCESSING PLANTset up a Fertiliser Factory Set up a FactoryOrganic Materials
55WODANGATransport InfrastructureVictor Musaki0716061559Tarmacking of the Feeder roadTarmacking of the feeder road from Kiritu Shopping Centre to Givudimbuli Health FacilityThe project will ease access of patients to the health facility faster and ensure referrals to the county hospital to save lives of patients and expectant mothers
Givudimbuli Health Centre,Mukunya Primary school,Mambai Primary school
56MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyKelvin Asava0732483418Maragoli Hills Afforestation Maragoli Hills was once a hill that was fully covered by trees and significantly contributed to the aesthetic nature of the county. Over time, the hill remains bare with only stones and a visit to the place shows that people have taken over parcels of land. The water that used to flow from the hill has significantly reduced. County government environmental office should do something in collaboration with the villagers. The project is to GROW trees. Trees, manpower, enforcement to look after the place.
57WODANGASecurity and Safetyalex kifana0733447719STREET LIGHTINGto provide street lighting at the area to encourage businesses even at nightas abovestreet lighting as well as new dispensary in the area
58CENTRAL BUNYOREPublic Private PartnershipsShadrack Kube0792556317Wote HubWe would like to get a place where young people can present ideas and get fascilitationTech CompanySpace and Sponsorship
59NORTH EAST BUNYORETrade and EnterpreneurshipAngalwa Benson0711660877Youth improved Kienyeji chickenThe youth around my area idle a lot and have become a social menace.the county can carry out the census of all the youths in the area through village administrator,then purchase one cock @ 250 at 3wks and 5hens @ 200 at 3 weeks.then supply to youth in every homestead.most youth know how to rear six months they will start laying and they form a cooperative to sell eggs.incubator be provided to hatch more eggs for supply.excess eggs be sold to nearby kisumu city,kakamega and exported through international airport.
The plan is: if 5000 youths become successful and increase there stock,they employ other two as farm manager and casual worker.three people will earn miningful living.also in 3 years vihiga county will become a net exporter of Kienyeji meat and eggs,attracting other related industries which produce chicken feeds,parent stock chicks e.g kenchic,agrovets and extension services.cooperative movement will also be enhanced.
To start up each youth constructs a small chicken house and is supplied the chicks with county with a start up chick the long run subsidised chicken feed can be provided.county only requires 4000 per youth. Total cost for youth in my village can be estimated from the census.Chicken house construction materials,grains for feeds,security,and ready market.
60MWIBONASecurity and SafetyFrancis Matika0711819914Luanda-mwibona street lightingThe previous regime installed Street lights masts but most of them are not functionalPublic private partnerships that will see them use these masts for advertisement, generating revenue that will in turn settle the huge electrical bills Already established Street light masts
61NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareIbrahim Sitaka+254721549063Esibuye health centerWe need a health center at Esibuye sub locationInfrastructure and the staffNon
62LUANDA TOWNSHIPTransport InfrastructureGeoffrey0726258600Roads and bridges constructionRoads upgrade from muddy to marrum and construction of bridges a long them(roads)At least marrum should be put on those roads to to easen transportation.Ebusiralo primary school
63LUANDA TOWNSHIPHealth CareGeoffrey Asila0726258600Dispensary constructionConstruction of health facility(Dispensary) The dispensary constructed will help to reduce the cost of transport from Ebusiralo to the nearest hospitals, solve health emergency issues, cheap medication services unlike the nearest private hospitals which are too expensive to the locals and will also help school children to seek medication and health check ups as recommended by there teachers.School
64MWIBONANatural ResourcesAnambo Gerishom0722356177water scarcityNo clean water for human and animal useDrilling of a boreholeSite for drilling, mobilisation to get survey funds.
65NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureJULIUS KUYA0726803992Ebusiloli to Demesi RoadThe road was opened up but construction of the bridge was not undertaken.Impassable during rains.Murraming and bridge construction.Manpower
66NORTH EAST BUNYORESocial ServicesJULIUS KUYA0726803992Water provisionEbunangwe water projectRevamping of the facilities for the pump station at Ikumu station.None
67NORTH EAST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyJULIUS KUYA0726803992Adoption of renewable energiesProvide solar powered lanterns in householdsProcure solar lanternsNone
68LUGAGA-WAMULUMASocial ServicesPeter Mugala0722290566Water SupplyLocals have to travel long distance to get the precious commoditySupply of piped water to the residents and SchoolsNone
69SHAMAKHOKHOFood SecurityDr Miheso Mulembani0724765295water and HorticultureGreen housingDairy goat farminhSmall pieces of land
70WEMILABINatural ResourcesPhilip Apamo akusala0715770074Esiambale community water projectChannel of water to homesteadsPeople around the area of esiambale Church of God have a borehole drilled by world Bank because of poverty they are Anabel to pipe up to their home please my RIGHT HONOURABLE GOVERNOR take it with good heart ....second the esiambale church itself is under new and morden constuction assist us thanks for your concernNill
71MUNGOMATransport InfrastructureOliver Lososi0722510564Expansion of Madzuu-Kisienya-Muhanda RoadThe road is too narrow and can't allow 2 vehicles moving in opposite direction to pass. The road has poor drainage and the murram on it is usually washed away when it rains rendering it impassable. The road has sharp bends at Mudavadi Girls High School making it a blackspot for motorists and other road users. The road to be expanded by escavators with proper drainage. Good murram to be applied.Skilled and un-skilled labour force
72EMABUNGOEnvironment Water EnergyStella orengo0725110700Ekhakamba conservation and recreation facilitiesSince emabungo has several granitic tors we could preserve the beauty and topography by building recreational villages for tourists where they come and blend with nature. This is better than stone crushing which will deplete the granitic tors and interfere with the landscape of the area. Build a recreational park and villages with cottages and sell the area as a tourist destinationLand,building materials, labour in construction and even post construction,
73LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth Careallan kadenge0725465416employment of clinical officersDue to inadequate medical personnel in most hospitals ,despite having many learned clinical officers who are jobless , i do propose employment of clinicians to help imprive the state and quality of health of the maragoli people.Employment of clinical officers.Healthcenters , and sub county hospitals
74CENTRAL BUNYOREFood SecurityAgneta Aleyo0723690718conservation agriculture for increased production and incomeTrain farmers on conservation practices in farming to restore soil fertility and in turn increase production of crops. Have partners like FAO that have successful projects in counties like Makueni, tharaka nithi on conservation agriculture collaborate with ministry of agriculture to train farmer groups to produce specific crops with market linkage. Selection of crop should be done with consultation with farmers involved Tools, labour
75LUANDA TOWNSHIPTransport InfrastructureJAPHETH AMUNGA0724906656Luanda town - Mumboha Pr. - Mumboha C. of God - Luanda/Catholic rd junction.Opening up ,grading & Murraming of the above mentioned road which was to be done in the last financial year but failed. THIS COULD BE THE WORST ROAD IN THE COUNTY IN TERMS OF ACCESS DURING RAINY SEASONS.Public participation STRICTLY by affected people along the road.Cooperation.
76LUGAGA-WAMULUMAWomen and YouthObayo vuguza0724272026women and youth for self reliance and sustainable development empowerment of women and youth in my constituency will go along way in ensuring improved and sustainable livelihoods;eradication of poverty Training/capacity building; provision and access to funding;Goodwill;meeting venues
77NORTH MARAGOLIHealth CareCatherine Sayo Kesesi0724289906primary health careStrengthen of health care services at level 1&2Construction of health facility and formulation of community health unitsHuman resource
78SHAMAKHOKHOTransport InfrastructureJosiah Ambenje0714002004TARMAKING OF SHAMAKHOKHO TO MAJENGO ROAD The shamakhakho to Majengo road has been in a sorry state since the time ktda stopped the maintenance of the roads in this area. A case in point is lwandoni bridge that is a time bomb ready to collapse and the entire shamalago, senende to hamisi area will be cut off. Tarmaking this road will open up the social economic status after this sleepy Tiriki land.A long term solution is to tarmac the road and rebuild the lwandoni bridge.Labour
79BANJATrade and EnterpreneurshipClay Engoke0727469308Banja Market ProjectBanja market is an old market that started long time ago.Being on the border,it serves residents of Vihiga,Nandi and Kisumu Counties.
It is a gorgotten area.
It lacks market stalls and most importantly a public toilet.
Its a source of revenue for the county because every thursday and sunday is a market day.
As a resident,i humbly request the County govt to build for us a modern market and install floodlights to realise 24 hr economy and boost economy.
We also lack enough space for animal sale and auction.
Thsnk you
Building modern market and toilets to boost hygiene and increase revenueSpace for modern market
Good road network
Spacious health Centre
80EMABUNGOHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Eliangoma Health CenterEliangoma health center was built by CDF in 2010 but the hospital is not in a functional state. We need staffing and equipment to be installed at the hospital to make it work.Everything is there except staff and equipment.
81WEMILABIEducationAndrew Mbuya0722910539Waluka Primary School ECDWe do not have a functional ECD at waluka primary schoolRepair the existing class and build two more for the pupilsOld dilapidated classroom
82GISAMBAIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAndrew Mbuya0722910539FisheriesBuild damsBuild damsLand
83WEMILABIHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Kima health centerWe do not have a healthe centerBuild a healthe center at hobunakaLand is available
84Health CareDominic Kanake0726354124Health CarefdsaadfSADafsdsdfsdfsdfsdf
85Health CareDominic Kanake0726354124Health CarefdsaadfSADafsdsdfsdfsdfsdf
86MUNGOMACooperatives (SACCO)Dominic Kanake726354124COoperativesCOoperativesCOoperativesCooperatives
87Agriculture Livestock FisheriesSophah Amayoti0721540640sdfgfdfgdfdfg
88WEMILABICooperatives (SACCO)Andrew Mbuya0722910539County SaccoDevelop a county saccoTo be used by over 10000 people(not set)
89WEMILABITechnical Vocational Education TrainingAndrew Mbuya0722910539Wembiba PolytechniqueThis polytechnique needs investIt is accessible to over 1000 youth in Luanda and Emuhaya constituency(not set)
90WEMILABICooperatives (SACCO)Andrew Mbuya0722910539County SaccoDevelop a county sacco for women and youthit can be used by 20000 wo,en and youth(not set)
91CHAVAKALIHealth CareMbwaya Raphael Lovoni0724865345Bendera Health Centre The project was started by the former administration but never saw the light of the day because of corruption.
Residents of Chavakali Ward were enthusiastic that the facility would ease the long distance travelled to access medical attention. It is critical that the project is revived to mitigate congestion at the nearby health facilities in Mbale and Sabatia.
As explained in the project description, the project will bring health services to Chavakali Ward residents thereby saving on time that could otherwise be used to do other productive Dr duties. (not set)
92CENTRAL BUNYOREEducationottichilo0791234567schoolconstruction of classroomincresed enrollment(not set)
93NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureLusala Logedi+254725909017Drainage and Graveling of Access RoadsMost Roads within this Ward done under the previous government have been washed away due to lack of proper drainage making them impassible during rainy season.Graveling of these access roads with proper drainage channels will ensure improved accessibility.(not set)
94NORTH MARAGOLIPhysical Planning Land and HousingLusala Logedi+254725909017Spatial Planning as a guide Sustainable developmentThe county has not focused on spatial planning as a means to guide development thus uncontrolled development and low investments within the county. There is no linkage between economic planning, investments and spatial planning.The project will benefit the county as all developments will have a spatial dimension for the next 5-10 years. with proper well coordinated planning, there will be increased investments, improved economy and eradication of poverty within the county(not set)
95CENTRAL BUNYORECooperatives (SACCO)Liboywa Walter Raphael720362493Ward microfinance fundThis is a fund that can be initiated by the county through the establishment of a micro loan scheme to empower the local citizen entrepreneurs through provision of micro loans which will attract a minimum amount of interest, this fund should have fund managers who will be in charge of disbursement and recovery. This initiative will lift the commercial activities of the citizenry of the ward and hence spur economic development and growth,in return alot of enterprises will be established, which will increase revenue for the county(not set)
96EMABUNGOHealth CareHillary0723398929Erection of a modern storey building for a modern hospital model to house theatre wings and wardsErection of a modern storey building for a model hospital to house maternity and theatre wings,expansive mch and laboratoryTheatre machines lying idle would be operational and save lives reducing cost of seeking surgery from facilities away from our county,patients will be managed well through improved lab facility and wards(not set)
97LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducationETAMBO MBUYA COOLGAI0717366208County Helb Loan DisbursementThese is a scheme under the education sector that shall efficiently assist the needy students in campuses and colleges.
It should disburse the county HELB loans to students which shall enhance the smooth running of their education in terms of fees and also the well faring of the students.
These should be strictly disbursed to students within that county as it has been seen in the other counties
These loan shall be paid after the student has already cleared his studies n it should be subjected to minimal interests
These shall improve the levels of learning to those who can't manage the college fees
These shall motivate students to work hard as they will know that their studies shall be catered for.
These shall limit the level of crime e.g prostitution.robbery,Drug abuse.
(not set)
98LUANDA SOUTHEducationLinda 0700489821Ebunangwe UniversityPlease initiate the completion of Ebunangwe University Campus that my late dad Walter Opanga had started.It was his dream to have education in the area and i would really appreciate when it is taken care of.thank youProvision of University education to the people of Vihiga County since most people travel far and wide to go to universities(not set)
99EMABUNGOHealth Carehillary0723398929Emuhaya subcounty hospitalErect a modern model storey building hospital to host theatre ,laboratory,mch,maternity wards and a mogueTheatre machines lying idle there would be operational and save lives ie.marternity cases,this will reduce costs of transport,fix emergency cases and ease accessibility to health care services twentyfour hours(not set)
100EMABUNGOEconomic PlanningOlenja Benjamin 0715037011Lighting of Market AreasWe need to have our markets lighted up well for purposes of enabling the youth who are in business be able to conduct their business without fear for lighting of market areas like kima, ebusakami, and emabungo areas will help reduce the threats caused by crime as well as encouraging longer business hours. This is mainly for such markets like kima which is growing up at a good speed. The impact Is increased business engagements and reduction of crime. In doing so also we will have self depended youth and women like the mama mboga who have to work harder to make ends meet. (not set)
101CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyWASHINGTONE WESA OLANDO+254726305315ESSUNZA BoreholeThere is a borehole drilled in ESSUNZA Primary School that has not been fully utilized. The electric motor broke down. It can be repair by the county, a tank hoist high enough to serve the surrounding community, School, Fish ponds around, the Church and the Mwichio Market if done well to the new scientific ways available that am aware the Current Governor knows better that me.It will serve the said Mwichio Market, The School, The Church, The Fish ponds around, The Community around.(not set)
102LUANDA TOWNSHIPEnvironment Water EnergyAbisai Amatalo0726750281piped water for people of Epang'a VillagePiped water for people of Epang'a villageProject will reduce the man hours wasted on fetching water that can be used for other economic activities(not set)
103EMABUNGOAgriculture Livestock FisheriesGerald Curtice Ong'ayi0717797144Soil testingThis is the process of carrying out soil sampling and testing so as to determine the actual nutrient composition of the soil.
The objective is to find out soil nutrient composition so as to provide necessary corrective measures for soil treatment.

This will enable farmers make informed choices about which enterprises they wanna venture in as advised by the soil test results
- It will lead to increased farm production
- It will lead to improved soil status within Vihiga
- It will increase awareness among farmers about the importance of the practice
- It will create jobs, as it will need experts in soil science, analytical chemistry and other technical staff
- It will boost the County's revenue as people will be paying a subsidized fee for the service
(not set)
104NORTH EAST BUNYORENatural ResourcesJAMES TIANYI MULIMAH0708336802vihiga concreting companyMining rocks en in turn crushing them to make ballast for building en civil engineering worksWill ensure more than 300 pipo in de area get employed thus increasing standard of living.....en also after mining has taken place we shall av land demarcation thus stimulating agriculture in de region(not set)
105CENTRAL BUNYORESports and CultureHenry mukuna0723848048SatdiumCultural complex with all games and youth related activitiesEngaging the youth to be productive and tapping talent within the ward to be distributed to the county level(not set)
106WEST BUNYOREEnvironment Water Energymatanga antony0725282229water and electricity supply in esikhuyu villagesupply piped water and electricity so as it can be accessed at list by every home electricity would provide employment and increase access to online education programs using digital machines(not set)
107CENTRAL MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAlfayo Aziz Rashid Liveha+254727357142BridgeConnecting Virombe village with Womulalu and other surrounding neighborhoodsShorten the distance for residents from Womulalu and other surrounding areas who seek medical, county, security services, students going to schools from either directions and those still using communal water springs. Enable easy crossing by the boda boda operators etc.(not set)
108LUANDA SOUTHTrade and Enterpreneurshipkhoyi Amboko Jeremia0713322975youth trade loan empowerment Youths we got high pontetial of running successful busssiness but we face capital crisis due to financial instability. I would wish county government to draw a project of empowering youths with requested amount of funds(loan) based on kind of business one is interested to venture in. this will also creat commercial hub in the whole county if not Luanda south ward . am a youth with full support of the above and looking forward for your standAbove will bear significant impacts like increased revenue income, reduced cases of unemployment, reduced cost of living and generally reduction in crime related cases due to employment opportunities (not set)
109LUANDA SOUTHEducationkhoyi Amboko Jeremia0713322975education loan fundStudents at tertiary level finds difficult to complete fees in time . I recommend that if it may happen that they be granted loans to be more of county HELB may hep greatly reduction in education termination at tertiary level. Investment in learned that will latter repay the loan. Increased intellect in our society (not set)
110SHIRUEducationIravo Simon0716492611Promotion of EducationEmploy ecde teachers on p& p terms.In order to promote performance employ at least 2 teachers per school on BOM terms in our primary & secondary schools.Improve performance in our national exams,create employment for our graduates(not set)
111CENTRAL MARAGOLISecurity and SafetyAlfayo Aziz Rashid Liveha+254727357142Street lightingStreet lighting from Majengo trading centre all the way to LuandaReduce muggings and enable SME's to conduct their legal activities well past sunset.
Assist our law enforcers in correctly identifying those that want to or are committing crimes. This will also eventually open up new business ventures like car wash along the road, small scale gas stations. Enable drivers using this narrow road to see clearly at night and hence reduce perennial accidents that occur on these road, which by the way is just another project all together, requires expansion.
(not set)
112EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructurePeter Abukutsa0708092304HIGH MAST(MONOPOLE) AND SOLAR STREET LIGHTING PROJECTThe monopole/solar street lighting project is one that aims at lighting all market centres/shopping centres and towns in entire Vihiga CountyOnce complete
1) The business hours in Vihiga County shall be increased into the night due to adequate lighting hence increased revenue for the county government.
2)Sufficient lighting shall boost night time security
3) Shall serve as a remarkable infrastructure development milestone in the country.
(not set)
113MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergySAMMY ETALE0728089253CLEAN WATER FOR LUANDA TOWNI have a well built water borehole that has a capacity of serving thousands of people who have a problem with clean water.Luanda town has always lacked enough tap water that can improve the running of business, schools, hospitals, etc. (not set)
114EMABUNGOHealth CareHoward Olonyi0721674185Ebuhando dispensaryHealth services need to be brought near the people of Ebuhando. There is land belonging to Ebuhando primary School near Angai river. By setting up a health center in the area, you will create employment and improve the health of our people.(not set)
115GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureGodfrey0724919506Road termakMajengo-Shamakhokho road Social economic benefits
Trade between wards
Interconnection with feeder roads within the subcounty
Ease of transport within subvounties
(not set)
116CENTRAL BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesFrederick juma0722579914Fish farming Assistance in construction of new ponds to farmers and renovation of the existing ones as well as stocking.
Provide Fish farmers with fish feeds and meals for their fish farms as it were during economic stimulus programs between 2009 to 2013.
Giving farmers necessary fish farming training skills for enhanced fisheries productivity.
Provision of farmers with good quality monosex fingerings to stock their ponds.
Completion of MWITOKO fish farm to produce fingerlings that can be availed to farmers.
Providing fish farmers with financial support inform of loans to boost fish farming activities.
This fish farming project just like during the economic stimulus programs phases, will reduce malnutrition related incidences associated with lack of omega 3 related protein and fatty acids in the body.this will result in healthy livelihood of the people of central bunyore people as well as the whole Vihiga county.
Fish farming will increase the supply of fish to markes such as luanda and hence will increase revenue collection to the county.
Fish farming will make use of wetlands which are major natural resources in the ward and make them productive.
Fish farming is a potential source of employment not only to the youths but general population in the county since fish is a major source of income in Kenya.
(not set)
117GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureAlulu 0724919506Feeder road Rehabilitate Jegeteni- Jemaga feeder road. Put muramTo each means of transport(not set)
118WODANGAHealth CareCedrick Mangira 0700786020Givudimbuli health center Project Description
Improvement of the health center into county hospital standards
Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County
it will improve the heath care in the the county and reduce congestion at Vihiga county referral hospital
(not set)
119MWIBONAWomen and YouthHarrison oyungu0712988467Creation of jobs for youthsCreate,employ youths n women...many of them are me..i studied electrical engineering some four years ago up to jobless i have been appplying jobs bt in return am told to pay some money so as to be employed
It will reduce poverty as many people will get jobs n thus unemployment will be reduced
(not set)
120CENTRAL BUNYOREFood SecurityAnne kutai0720461421Farm manureInstead of hiring damping sites,let's do proper waste management. With the introduction of acre fund most of us appreciate manure in crop production. The waste should first be sorted at the markets first. Those that need the waste to submit their names to their area agricultural extension officers,who will intern advise and approve the size of pits we need to dig. Each of the applicants to get the waste from our markets to prepare manure. Improved soil fertility
Better harvest
Reduced use of fertilizer
Affordable by every one
Reduced cost of damping for the county government
(not set)
121CHAVAKALIHealth CareMorgan Asena0725518424Health facility We need a health facility at Evojo and ViyaloThe project will benefit the community ensuring that our get access to medical care easily and faster(not set)
122CENTRAL BUNYOREFood SecurityAnne kutai0720461421Farm manureWith the introduction of acre fund farming techniques and poor soil fertility, the county government needs to do proper waste management to help farmers get manure. Instead of hiring large damping sites,the county should facilitate separation of waste in our markets.
Farmers should then make a request through the area agricultural extension officers, who will advise and inspect digging of compost pits in homesteads. The farmers can then be supplied with the waste to prepare manure.
Improved soil fertility
Better harvest
Reduced use of fertilizer
Cost reduction for damping
Environmental conservation
(not set)
123LYADUYWA/IZAVASports and CultureMakova Kevin0724284291Upgrading of the Demesi Sports Ground.The field has been in use for ages but still uses wooden goalposts, has a very uneven playing surface(dangerous for playing) and the presence electric posts along its perimeter area hinders maximised use.1. Development of sports talent, a sporting culture and future vital players in the sport.

2. The sports ground serves as the homrground to Super20 FC, Demesi United FC, Demesi Primary School and Demesi Secondary School teams. Efforts to better the lives of youths and children shall be bettered.
(not set)
124WEST BUNYOREWomen and YouthManoah Musumba0722258838Baingo Project ChangeA community based youth organization that promotes educational programs, women and youth empowerment, agribusiness, health services, educational programs and environmental conservation. Our activities and thematic areas can be found on our site project aims at empowering women and youth within West Bunyore Ward. This is through the thematic areas highlighted above. It has a ripple effect of promoting socioeconomic growth through job creation, improve security and promote peaceful coexistence for the people in the West Bunyore area.(not set)
125NORTH MARAGOLIHealth CareVuduma Brian Agusioma0723273266Health care for all Making health care accessible to all people,,, be available,affordable,effective, accessible and in good concussive environment
In north maragoli there is no any health facility,, we a project like it come in the ward,,,
1 :will save life to many people, a lot of time is spent travelling to either mbale district hospital nor Savatia hospital where you find long lines,que to be followed yet the patient is in critical conditions
2,, (a)Setting up a dispensary on other hand will create employment to people in the ward other than our trained personnel living there own people looking for jobs outside
(b), dispensary will open up the economy around it, for example,,,market will be set up for easy access of food stuff by patient,,,, chemistry will come up to provide medication that might be not in the hospital,
3A dispensary also educates people,,, there is guiding and counselling,,,,, people will be knowledgeable on how to handle certain health problems
4 Family planning a key factor,,,, our girls know more than expected,, they are n high school,,, such a project. Will provide family planning services,, this reduces incidence of school drop out due to early pregnancy

Have a lot to share,,, please consider my project
Am from mudete ,a student at KMTC vihiga
(not set)
126NORTH EAST BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAngalwa Benson0711660877Kienyeji chicken rearingUsing available bodaboda Sacco's to distribute improved Kienyeji chicken, which will lay after 4 months,and use same Sacco's as collection points for eggs and cocks for sell in kisumu and kakamega.or even export through the aurportCooperative movement growth,supplement income from bodaboda business,reduce crime rate and attract related industries.(not set)
127BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0733690766Gagolosi-Elunyu Primary-Mwiliza RoadRoad impassable, section done dozing and grading but not marrummed and abandonedWill help the school (Elunyu Primary School) be accessible and revive the brick making in the area(not set)
128BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Ikobero - Ivugwi - Mulundu Market RoadThe road links Sabatia and Hamisi Sub-CountiesThere are families doing a lot of brick making and an agribusiness farm is now being set up in the area. Will open up transportation(not set)
129LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationMalongo Arnold 0728590213Public libraries At least each ward to have a fully equipped and functional public library.It will help improve access to information, improve literacy levels and instill a reading culture among our children bearing in mind television and mobile telephony is slowly killing this culture (not set)
130BUSALIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Fish Farming, Horticulture and Dairy Cow Rearing Agricultural - AgribusinessWill be able to create up to 10 direct jobs and over 50 casual. Will impact nearly 360 families(not set)
131BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Elunyu Primary - Igavila - Lotego Primary RoadRoad was dozed, one box culvert build and another was not build that only needed culverts. The road was graded and not marrumed hence being eroded away.Connects Elunyu Primary to Lotego Primary to Itegero Primary, Busali Secondary and Guluma Primary.(not set)
132BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Ikobero Primary School - Chadungunyi - Mwiliza Access RoadThe Road is virtually impassable and its links three villages and two primary schools Ikobero and MwilizaHelp school going kids and tea, banana farming in the area(not set)
133SHAMAKHOKHOTransport InfrastructureMartin Inyimili0724584723Shamakhokho-Hamisi-Majengo roadThis road links the sub county headquarters in Hamisi to the rest of the county. It is in bad shape with no drainage hence run off rain water has washed the existing murum.Easy access to market, accelerated regional growth, quick transport and time saving(not set)
134SHAMAKHOKHOEnvironment Water EnergyWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Kaimosi Water and Power GenerationWater Purification, Electricity Generation and Fish FarmingWill provide water for Kaimosi, Sabatia and Hamisi Sub Counties(not set)
135LUANDA SOUTHEnvironment Water EnergyEdwin munala0700759629Ebusakami water supply A new raised water tank and a quality submersible pump for the sameIf a new large water tank can be raised so that the water from the water pump can be collected before they are distributed to will greatly help the people of this large area. The borehole has enough water to serve a large population. I believe a good management system with a good tank enough to serve the people is good enough and would have saved our people from the stress of getting clean water. The borehole is there.. What is needed is a good tank and a powerful water pump. (not set)
136GISAMBAICooperatives (SACCO)Oscar mudenyo0725649450vihiga county saccoVihiga as a county needs a Serious and vibrant sacco that will accomodate all the people ie farmers, jua kali sector, teachers, private business men and women, employed and non employed. The aim of this project should be geared towards availing funds for credit at a cheaper interest so as to enable people across to develop their lives. Our children most have dropped out of schools for lack of funds. Most youth are languishing in poverty in cities due to lack of jobs. With a functional sacco in vihiga, many people will begin to move forward.Many will have access to quick loans at cheaper interest and thus farming, businesses, school fees etc made easier.(not set)
137CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyEnock Ombima0720016859Clean watet EMAKUNDA LOCATIONBerehole should be drilled at a central place I.e khwipanga junction to ease supply of clean water to ebukhaya & Emmukunzi.people of emakunda location have a problem with access to clean waterThis project will ave a great impact to bring an end to suffering of the residents within the three sub locations who encounter difficulties in accessing water within our few rivers available.(not set)
138BANJATransport InfrastructureFred Mwashi 0721390478Shamakhokho hamisi roadThe road is an important link but not done for a long time Open up the area for more business for youth and women / improve service delivery (not set)
139NORTH EAST BUNYOREFood SecurityPius Ngute0712743455KALES PRODUCTIONKales serves a mojor vegetable in my ward as well as the county at large. It is easy to plant and manage. It's production is high as one can harvest twice per week. Our ward and county at large is blessed with enough rainfall and enough rivers and streams from which we can get water for irrigation in case of dry seasonThis project aims at elevation of the lifestyle of our people in that it provides an easy source of income.

It's implementation will ensure that we increase self employment in our county.

It will serve as a main supply of food to our markets and locals instead of relying on imported veges from other counties

It will make proper use of the fragments of land owned by our residents.

(not set)
140NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureNelson Alukaya0722006237Tarmacking of Magada-Mwilonje RoadUpgrading road from a murram surface that gets frequently washed away whenever it rains leaving the road surface muddy and gullied to a tarmack road thus easing transportation to hospitals, schools and markets for thousands of peopleOpen up the entire area to development(not set)
141WEMILABIEducationAsasia Harrison0716987866Irumbi Sec school4 classrooms, 1 lab, 1library, latrines, staffroom, administration officeThere is a need to have a sec school in this place...Our boys and girls are having a problem in accessing sec education due to high schools being located far...this have made to drop out, engage in drug abuse , prostitution and theft cases...this has also made the place to be stagnant economically....This project will reduce illiteracy in region and empower the youth academically(not set)
142WODANGASecurity and Safetywilfred cheheva0725305838street lightingProvision of street lights at sabatia marketEnhance security and increase time available for trade(not set)
143WODANGAEnvironment Water Energywilfred cheheva0725305838Garbage collectionProvision of garbage bins and collection services at sabatia marketImprove health and prevent break out and spread of diseases(not set)
144MUHUDUAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesmalongo derick0706927301Green HousesGiven that most people own one or less than an acre of land ,investment in horticulture can help people become economically productive.
county government together with KARI should provide green houses to residence inform of interest free loans in acquisition of the green houses and loans repaid by remitting a given percentage of the sales of their produce
this project changes the way of production for the people of vihiga county as they will be farming for sale compared to the subsistence farming which is meant for consumption and given the little peace of lands they are underutilised. (not set)
145EMABUNGOICT and MediaOpele0723398929Automated revenue collectionAutomate payment systems in our hospitals(emuhaya hospital)Levies collection will be accountable,it will reduce corrupt officers embezzling public funds thus lead to service delivery to patients(not set)
146LYADUYWA/IZAVAEnvironment Water EnergyMakova Kevin0724284291Establishment of a solid waste incinerator.The county is facing a growing solid waste volume.
If this is not looked into we might end up with dirty and inhabitable towns and villages alike by 2030.

The county should acquire a solid waste incinerator and set it up at a central point in Vihiga county where all the solid waste is burnt in a more environmentally conscious manner.
1. Reduced solid waste accumulation that is unaesthetic and bad for business.
2. Employment opportunities. An incinerator can be manned by people within our county, the collection of such solid waste to a central point might provide raw materials for other sectors of the economy.
3. All our neighbouring counties do not have such a program ongoing currently, if well planned we could be in for business as a county.
(not set)
147LYADUYWA/IZAVAWomen and YouthMakova Kevin0724284291Development of well coordinated sports programs. The county has a vast pool of sports and performing arts talent. But due to poor coordination it is problematic to adequately utilise such talent, therefore we not only need to establish a fund for such programs but also come up with proper policies and structures.
Most notably establishment of Sports academies in each ward incorporated mainly in school's sporting programs.
Sports enthusiasts and coaches need an adequate access to information regarding their sport of interest.
1. Increased sports business. We all know how much can earn.
2. Battling social vices such as drug abuse and crime.
3. Organised socio-sporting culture. Sports is entertaining.
(not set)
148WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyRobert m. Kakia0721351009Recycling of plastics, electronic waste and water harvesting.Create factories that can be used to convert plastics and used tyres in to done in thika and Egypt. Create a research institutions that can be used to recycle electronic waste and at the same time train our youths on how to make computers, Mobile phones,televisions ,photo copier machines printers etc. On water harvesting create a revolving fund to provide loans for people in county to purchase water tanks that can harvest water in homes and institutions. The money be provide as a loan
And the tank will act as security.

Recycling will create employment and at the same time clean environment. Water harvesting will ensure water sufficiency and reduce time wastage by residents to fetch water in wells(not set)
149WODANGATransport InfrastructureRobert m. Kakia0721351009Tarmacking of roadsAvoid development of many substandard earth roads tarmac a few
Reduce wastage of funds and ensure few but good roads(not set)
150WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyRobert m. Kakia0721351009Construction of bio digestersFacilitate institutions to construct bio digesters. From human waste.This is going to enable institutions and homes have other sources of energy to use as fuel in cooking and heating. And at the same time reduce land wastage and funds in constructing new toilets after filling of pit latrines.(not set)
151CENTRAL MARAGOLIEducation ScienceKaranja Byrone Keya0723123850Vihiga technical instituteCurrently, vihiga county got no standard and well equipped technical institute where a majority of form four dropouts can enroll and acquire technical skills. You realize that a majority of young people from our county have to travel say to Nairobi, kisumu, Nakuru, eldoret and many other far towns in search of this technical skills. This is a burden to parents in term of fees and accommodation for their children. Those who cannot afford end up not joining and hence lots of idle youths leading to theft and other vices.Majority of our youth will acquire technical skills.
Reduced burden to parents and/or guardians in terms of care and upkeep in far towns.
Reduced crime rate in central maragoli and vihiga at large.
Enough manpower equipped with various skills.
Economic growth at a high rate in the county.
(not set)
152MUNGOMASports and CultureDominic kamadi0714296113Rehabilitation of unutilized facilities Rehabilitate the Inyanza field next to Lyanaginga Health Centre to construct at least sports facilities. The land is government owned though has been encroached by residents. It is of more than 5 acres of land and can accommodate two football playing fields.The youth will use it for their recreational activities and will be able to generate income once developed. It will also open up mahanga market and used by institutions near it and the county will be able to get revenue from it.(not set)
153MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyDominic kamadi0714296113Mungoma water project The project started long ago through hasn't of benefit to residents due to mismanagement. The waters originate from musunguti and flows down by use of gravity.Many households will be able to access clean water.(not set)
154CENTRAL MARAGOLIEnvironment Water EnergyKaranja Byrone Keya0723123850Vindizi-Ng'erelwe-Womulalu-Chanzaruka-Igakala water project.The above areas mentioned in the project title have for a long time suffered scarcity of water. A close study shows that the residents of this villages travel long distances to deep steep valleys where water springs are. Worsed are the dry seasons when some springs dry up.Residents of this areas will have access to cheap clean water at there door step.
These project will bolster farming as residents can water their crops during dry seasons.
Reduced rate of water borne diseaces.
Economic growth as the county will charge a fee
This project will creat employment as manpower will be needed to maintain the system.
(not set)
155LUGAGA-WAMULUMATransport InfrastructureIAN AMBASI0720328882Ingidi to lusaya village road and bridge connecting the mbale to magada roadDescribed as aboveA damaged bridge and people having difficulties crossing the water when it rains
It is used by residents of this area when going to do business in Mbale and Magada
(not set)
156MUNGOMACooperatives (SACCO)Mailo Hardley0770323053Sacco revolving fundEstablish a ward revolving fundThe ward revolving fund will create a pool from where the youth who are majorly unemployed will borrow from and use the borrowed funds to establish business ventures that will see them self sustained economically. The project will offer employment opportunities both directly and indirectly to the locals. The project will in addition ensure that the youth are actively engaged hence curb social evils including but not limited to drug abuse(not set)
158LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationCollince Muyoma 0706466238Eradication of illiteracy This project aims to every child in the ward to have a right to acquire basic education as a fundamental tool in eradicating illiteracy.This will help the society in having better and compintent people who can fit in today's world market of jobs hence reducing poverty level in the society (not set)
159LUANDA TOWNSHIPICT and MediaFranklin osome0713033899Music studioWe would like to have a high quality recording studio in our ward.This wouy help youths record their music.We have the potential. Here are samples
It would promote local talent
(not set)
160SOUTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesALLAN NYOTA0723385481Cattle dipConstruction of a cattle dip south maragoli ward Most of the wardens rely on subsditiary farming for living most indeginious cows reared here die because of poor pest control. Establishing of a dip will help in control of the same hence improving on livestock rearing hence increase in food production (not set)
161WODANGANatural ResourcesNelson Mwelesa0722543727Piped waterProvision of piped waterPeople of wodanga have never had piped water for several years despite the rich water catchment areas. Clean water will have less health hazards and the time wasted going down stream will be put into other important duties including education for the young as they are the ones major my sent to fetch water. (not set)
162WEMILABIEducationOmenda laban0703793060Hiring of teachersEmployment of teachers who are trained by county goverment so as to improve education level In vihiga county. We have ecde teachers neglected by national governments.. This will benefit trained professional in education and it will be of impact for education in our county.As those teachers wait to be employed by tsc they will be attached to the County. Like for me am trained p1 teacher and am forced to go outside my County to seek employment in a private school (not set)
163WEMILABISecurity and SafetyOmenda laban0703793060Lighiting our county To improve security by having Flood light's at every market in our county This will turn vihiga to be a 24 hours working economy and will improve security (not set)
164WEMILABISports and CultureOmenda laban0703793060Construction of a Stadium Having a Modern Stadium facility in our county for vihiga united and queens football club This will improve revenue collected on match day during our games being played on the stadium. Like so far vihiga united is using bungoma facilities while we luck behind (not set)
165WODANGAEducationDickson kisanya0724154062ict center A digital technological learning center cam a learning and recreational center The project will equip the residents digital knowledge, facilitate online jobs. It will also help reduce drug abuse and create jobs for the locals(not set)
166NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport Infrastructurecharles olubayo osala0700755914ebukhuliti salvation army via musikuku to ebhukhuliti primary school feeder road road in pathetic state, mostly during rain season, no marrum on the road.Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County, mostly the ebukhuliti parents will feel happy to see their pupils and students go to schoool minus being stuck on the mud, but easy going to school.(not set)
167LUANDA SOUTHTransport InfrastructureJosphat Onyango Muyela0703628173Road openingFrom Ebukuya primary school via Essere PAG church via Kweyas place to Olilo to join Luanda Ekwanda road, and from Olang's gate down to the railway line and joins Ebukuya to Olilo road.It will ease connecting people from Esabalu sub-location with Ebwiranyi sub-location, and ease transport hence when it is raining water comes penetrates from the ground and makes movement a problem, it will ease transport because at the moment there's no road in that area which a vehicle can pass and its a challenge when want to transport goods,when have a sick person or abody to be ferried to Hospital or from the mortuary respectively(not set)
168MWIBONAHealth CareMeshack Ongili Ang'ang'o 0725345667improvement of Ebusyubi and addition of health centre Additional and improvement of only government health centre in wordAll residents of mwibona go to nearby ramula health centre in siaya county, the above project will help improve and save life of more than.20 person per day(not set)
169CHAVAKALIIndustrial DevelopmentWilson Ondego0715518900Maize flour manufactureProject Description: Due to high production of maize in vihiga county this project can be of benefit to us youth by creating jobs and even to our elders so i suggest it due to what we have which is maize
Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County [income to our county,availability of jobs to both men and weman(not set)
170MUNGOMAICT and MediaAndrew Ogada0710870860Buhani network boosterBooster to boot network inthe areaEfficient communication throught.they is no mpesa inthe area this will help alot(not set)
171NORTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesmadoya beilly0791470757dairy productiondue to small land holding modern dairy farming will do bests
zero grazing units fits
an acre land is able to raise 20 cows for the start n over 80 cattle's
feeds is manageable
increase milk production
create employment to many people
generate income
improve soil fercility
locals will be able to acquire knowledge n skills on dairy farming
bringing up a health families through proper balanced died feed
(not set)
172EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureDavid Abwao0719582987Kima-emmatsi_maseno road This road has been neglected for long. This road starts from Kima, through emmatsi primary School, then down to masenoIt will revolutionize economic development here, by easing movement,. This is expected to generate jobs for the youth, and enable residents sell goods like building materials(not set)
173NORTH MARAGOLIICT and MediaNgoda Benard 0704808070 Vihiga News AppThis is a project i am doing to ensure people within vihiga County are able to be at per with other developed counties interms of news and updates. Its a cross platform where people within Vihiga County can sell there products, and get access to publicity.

It is a one way to get the diversity and promote our local cottage software industry.
1.Increased publicity within the county.
2.Local business promotion.
3.Increased county technology rankings.
4.Solidified togetherness.
5.Youth empowerment through project linking based on talents.
6.Honesty and accuracy of updates within Vihiga County, no need to relie on untrustworthy sources
(not set)
174CHAVAKALIICT and MediaBenard Ngoda0704808070 Vihiga News AppThis is a project i am doing to ensure people within vihiga County are able to be at per with other developed counties interms of news and updates. Its a cross platform where people within Vihiga County can sell there products, and get access to publicity. It is a one way to get the diversity and promote our local cottage software industry.1.Increased publicity within the county. 2.Local business promotion. 3.Increased county technology rankings. 4.Solidified togetherness. 5.Youth empowerment through project linking based on talents. 6.Honesty and accuracy of updates within Vihiga County, no need to relie on untrustworthy sources(not set)
175WEMILABIICT and MediaHillary Opondo0708019697Freelance WritingFreelance writing is type of online based business that offers steady job opportunities as well as steady income for individuals who are somewhat proficient in English.This project can help solve the hitch of unemployment in the county to a manageable percentage.(not set)
176LUANDA SOUTHTransport InfrastructureTito Odanga+254703148510Rural fider roads network.Maseno Sunrice -Mwiyehe rd.The implementation of this road will positively improve the economy of the society because the project will open up condusive friendly space for doing business. It will also improve road condition in the area since this road is impassable even when there is no rain. (not set)
177LYADUYWA/IZAVATransport InfrastructureAniala Godfrey0722899656Initiate fully all roads as per lands and survey Mashinani to allWill attract investors who have no access to blocked roads by residents from main roads down to swamps rivers for fully utilization and east transportation of water and other activities main stream the rivers such as mining at kichutu for our economical benefits and higher investors accessible to this areas(not set)
178BANJATransport InfrastructureNicodemus munyovi0705929822RoadsTarmacking of main highways to hamisi town centre that is majengo-hamisi, shamakhokho-hamisi and jebrock- hamisiIt would increase transportation in the region and increased business activities leading to employment of our young youths in the region(not set)
179EMABUNGOFood Securityjethron Ayumba Sabula,0712255959food security,education,road networks,healthThese projects I have named should be well coordinated at the ward level and kindly involve.People will feel involved,people will be proud and also it will uplift the name of the governor on the ground.and people will be happy(not set)
180SOUTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructurePhilip gavuna0702695675Tigoi masana angoya rdTarmarking of the roadThis road will open up south maragoli ward and will enable locals teansport their goods easily to the market. Area is rich in ovacado, pawpaw , vegetables etc(not set)
181EMABUNGOWomen and Youthjethron Ayumba sabula0712255959empowerment of women and youthYouths and women should be empowered through microfinance schemes or monitored fund that can create developmentGreat self employment,will facilitate grassroot development,self dependence, reduce crime,improve food security and employemet creation(not set)
182SOUTH MARAGOLIICT and MediaJeremy Amagoye+254729452645Services AutomationParking, market fees and other levies including hospital charges etcThis will honestly double if not tripple the revenue collection in Vihiga, I have seen places like Majengo chavakali and even the county not being organized when it comes to parking fees collections and other fees if all this was properly automated and monitored then revenue collection would go up(not set)
183SOUTH MARAGOLIIndustrial Developmentnicholus vutiti omamo0711545171packaging of Man'ong'o waterpackaging of watercreation of employment(not set)
184LUANDA TOWNSHIPEnvironment Water Energyzephania mwando0712724949water supplyImproving water supply in the area. Piped water facilitated to as many villages as possible given the challenging factor of fetching from rivers Which are far. Upgrading the water supply to support as many places better than its possible Many will access the water services easily
Improved agriculture since water brought nearer to villages
Improved general hygiene to the residents
(not set)
185MWIBONASocial Servicescalvine Oredi0720803668Rural Electrification in Emmuli EsiandumbaElectricity connection through last mile project in Emmuli Ebutuku along Esiandumba-Uranga/Akala road has been neglected despite residents applying for last 3 years!1. Improve economic activity of the residents of Emmuli Ebutuku
2. Security-Well lit areas have low risk to criminal activity
(not set)
186LUGAGA-WAMULUMAHealth CareNixon Mboku0724780504Kisiru DispensaryThe project was started by CDF in 2012/2013 fy the building are thereMedical care for Vunandi sublocatoon(not set)
187LUGAGA-WAMULUMAHealth CareDavid Alumasa0718 342881Upgrading of mulele health centerMulele health center is known for offering essential services to redidence of Lugaga Location.It also offers services to the nearby learning institutions e.g Madira girls,Vihiga Ttc Ebubayi sec muhanda and madira primaryThe general population of lugaga and Mungoma locations(not set)
188LUGAGA-WAMULUMATrade and EnterpreneurshipJedidiah Yakerah+254727945862Social-Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Development To set structure that will bring about collaboretive community empowerment towads sustainable development as an avenue to enhace resource mobilization and wealth creationThis project will enable the community to build capacity for sustainable wealth creation visions. Collaborate and set up Saccos, pull resources as platforms to attract venture capitalists and in the long run remain committed to creating jobs and wealth in the county at large.(not set)
189SHAMAKHOKHONatural ResourcesBruce Lumumba0720663561WaterDrill boreholes in Serem This has been used in Nakuru county and it's working, the water from the borehole will supply the entire Serem market.(not set)
190BANJATransport InfrastructureBruce Lumumba0720663561Kapsotik-Senende-Hamisi-majengo RoadThe road is in pathetic mode, please considerImprove market supply from Serem market to majengo and enviro.(not set)
191NORTH EAST BUNYOREPhysical Planning Land and HousingELIKANA ESIKUMO OCHEMBE0727 304863Acceleration of Title deed processingMost people in this ward have inherited land and they find it add to go for title deeds because the process is not transparent due to corruption.This project will enable people access credit facilities using their title deeds as security and those who have enough land can sell in order for them to get working capital for other viable economic ventures.(not set)
192BANJAEducationMunyeti Alex0725124683ECD class and officeProject Description setting of new ECD classroom and administration blockBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga Countyhelp in learning of children(not set)
193CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyAMBEVA EVANS INDUMWA0722998244Water supplySupply of fresh tap waterGood hygiene,Less water bone diseases, good sanitation in schools and homes,watering domestic animals. etc(not set)
194CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyAMBEVA EVANS INDUMWA0722998244WaterWater supply to homes and schoolsImproved hygiene and sanitation, watering domestic animals hence good income from milk and animal products.(not set)
195SHAMAKHOKHOEnvironment Water EnergyCastro Khabongo0721598996Provision of safe clean piped drinking waterProvision of piped clean waterClean piped water will reduce both Human and animal diseases, Ensure improved Hygienic conditions, Improve livelihoods through small scale farming and livestock keeping. Will make reduce cost of construction and othe infrastructure developments, Support learners in school and enhance school enrollment.(not set)
196MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyLUDISI0724033769Mungoma water projectPiped Water Project Mungoma WardThe residents will access clean drinking water.
Boost agriculture.
creation of employment opportunities.

(not set)
197MUNGOMATransport InfrastructureLUDISI0724033769Mahanga - Kerongo -Musunguti RoadRepair of Mahanga Kerongo Musunguti Marrum Road
supply of goods to market places will be faster.
creation of jobs.
increase security.
Access to schools, health centers will be quickly.
(not set)
198GISAMBAITransport Infrastructureerick kipsoi0728574521gisambai-jebrock roadA road connecting gisambai and jepkoyai wards that needs ro be tarmacked. Also offers a connection between vihiga and kisumu countiesIt will help ease business between gisambai and jebrock markets and within vihiga at large. Also offers an alternative link between vihiga and kisumu counties(not set)
199SHIRUSecurity and SafetyAsumu Dominic Blytone0706855363electricityelectricty supply,kaptis villagethe kaptis dispensary will have better servicess,light at night will reduce crime,employment by opening vinyozi,cybers etc,open area for investments(not set)
200SHIRUAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAsumu Dominic Blytone0706855363Fish farmingconstruction of fish ponds along river yala,kaptis areaemployment creation,food security,reduction on forest distruction by encouraging fish farming from charcoal burning in the community around the forest,cheaper fish in the county(not set)
201MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyJuliet Mmboga 0713198068Amazi kuvosi ha MungomaEmployee the use of modern technology in harnessing the utilization of water sources.Aims at educating and empowering the local community to make use of available water sources to improve their firm productivity and domestic use of water.(not set)
202TAMBUAWomen and YouthKennedy Muguva Omolo0723224775Mobi LoanCounty Loans for Women Youth and People with disabilitiesit will update the living standards our people and youth who dont have collateral to take loans from our financials institutions(not set)
203LUANDA SOUTHEnvironment Water EnergyCHARLES OSIAKO0704360343WATER SUPPLYAs one of the residents in Luanda south ward, it is a great concern that we had water in the area. Personally i come from Ebusakami-Ebussamba where water issue is a nightmare as we are forced to travel for longer distances to fetch water to a near by river.By having water, the following will be addressed:
1.We will adress the shortage of hostels for Maseno University students

2. Boost our domestic, agricultural and commercial purposes.
(not set)
204MUHUDUSecurity and SafetyEric Makabuti +254724003300 Market Centres Solar power lighting To provide flood lighting to the marker centres to enable economic activities and growth as well as enhancing security + lengthening hours of doing business in the markets
+ providing security
(not set)
205WEMILABITrade and EnterpreneurshipDickson Amunga0725683723Youth empowerment in doing business with the county governmentHelping youths to register business names and companies.Once trained and helped to set up the companies and business names, residents mostly youths and women will be able to do business with the county hence creating job opportunities and improving their lives and their dependants.(not set)
206BUSALIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesMichael Ambenge+254706370777Supply and Training of Animal Feed Making Machines.The project to Involve Partnership with the County government which will involve purchase of a Portable Animal making feeds,training on how to make animal feeds and basic machine maintenance will be provided at no extra cost.Chicken Farmers-there will be an increase of egg production
Milk Farmers-silage will see an increase in milk production
Piggery healthy pigs hence fetching good market prices
Goat farmers quick maturity as a result of high quality feeds
(not set)
207MUHUDUEducationTest0721247463RryfjgfgRgfHfhc(not set)
208SHIRUIndustrial DevelopmentDenis Isoi0708905290BakeryBake buns,cakes,bread,wedding cakes etcprovide jobs to the youths(not set)
209EMABUNGOEducationJairus Ouche0770002506Education Support Programmes for Children from Disadvantaged FamiliesLook for ways to ensure that no child who qualifies for secondary education or college education misses out due to lack of feesEstablish Education fund programs where well wishers can donate funds to assist in education of children from disadvantaged families.(not set)
210EMABUNGOEnvironment Water EnergyJairus Ouche0770002506Rain Water Harvesting System in every Homestead.Encourage residents to form themselves into groups that shall empower them to install rain water harvesting systems in every homestead.Residents will benefit from the normally healthy rain water for home use,livestock rearing,small vegetable gardens etc.(not set)
211EMABUNGOWomen and YouthJairus Ouche0770002506Traditional chicken rearingEncourage residents to boost their economic status by rearing traditional chicken which is more marketable especially during the festive seasons1.Economic boost for the people from the small shambas
2.The chicken drops can be used to improve our soils
3.Source of healthy proteins
(not set)
212EMABUNGOHealth CareJairus Ouche0770002506Rehab centres for Alcohol/Drug addictsStart counseling and rehab schemes for many of our people who have been addicted to alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs1.Shall make our people to be more productive
2.Shall help many who are addicted and wish to change
3.Shall conduct seminars that shall assist in preventing more addicts from being made
4.Shall introduce peace in many homesteads.
(not set)
213MWIBONAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesSarah laura0728039782Youth emppwernmentYouth empowerment through poultry value chainIncome generation and employment creation through poultry value chain intergration(not set)
214SOUTH MARAGOLIEducationNicholus Vutiti0711545171proposed Mwoki TTCMwoki TTCprovide n boost the existing TTC'S in the county to influence high enrolment and hope for those leaving high schools to work hard further their studies.(not set)
215SHAMAKHOKHOTransport InfrastructureSylvesters Kaane 0722235015Senende/Vuronya/wengondo roadGraded, murramed Improve on movement of farm produce to the market, thus cutting on the cost of production (not set)
216SOUTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesNicholus Vutiti 0711545171greenhouses and irrigationagribusinessemployment of youth n women in the supply of fresh vegetables of different varieties in the existing markets,(not set)
217SHIRUEnvironment Water EnergySylvesters Kaane0722235015Clean piped water Provision of clean piped water to homes. Shiru ward has plenty of water catchment areas:Kaimosi,Shipala and neighbouring Nandi county. However most homes have no availability to clean piped water Will reduce/eliminate water related diseases. Improve on health, time lost to travel long distance in search of water would be used to do other economic development (not set)
218MUNGOMAIndustrial DevelopmentHARRISON IDAH LUGALA0722701084AFRI CARE SOAP AND COSMETIC MANFACTURING BUSINESSAFRICARE is a business idea that was conceived back i 2016 by a group of highly trained and experienced young men who have always nursed a passion for production of high quality affordable and available soap and beauty products to our unsatisfied market in our society.if succesfull africare will provide employment opportunities to our youth ,our soaps cleanse the skin hence reduce bacteria a common infection in our society,offer high quality reasonable priced and convinienced products in a desirable and convinienced enviroment to our people.among other benefits.(not set)
219SHAMAKHOKHOTransport Infrastructurejill aganyanya0725508494road upgrade and bridgeplease tarmac the erusui cheptulu road and also a bridge is urgently need within the same road on river Ikalakoli.Lacking a bridge is dangerous considering the rains especially school going childrenIt will benefit the people of not just one ward but two wards shiru and shamakhokho wards.Beneficial to everybody especially school going children(not set)
220SHAMAKHOKHOHealth Carejill aganyanya0725508494health centreflag off the health centre at next to Kaimosi Teachers Training Collegeto ease health management (not set)
221EMABUNGOTechnical Vocational Education Trainingcollins amollo majimbo0700932631Entrepreneurship and others..This project of empowering and equipping unemployed and out of school youths to grow in micro enterprises by providing them with technical skill training opportunities like masonry plumbing electrical mechanical etc...looking at the large number of youths who are out of school or dint manage to join secondary die to lack of funds it has lead to alot of insecurity,drug abuse and theft in the ward youths don't have anything to do rather loitering and idling around and we know unoccupied mind is the devils workshop,those doing drung need money hence the only option is go steal because their are no jobs sincerely speaking...all this means if youths are skilled it will catalyse the above mentioned hence the ward will grow(not set)
222EMABUNGOTechnical Vocational Education Trainingcollins Amollo Majimbo0700032631Skill equipmentTo empower and equip out-of school youths and unemployed to grow micro center NY providing them with technical skill training opportunities.Tomorrow of this nation depends on youths,if youths are equipped with skill eg hair and beauty,agriculture, plumbing,masonry,mechanics,electrical installation s and entrepreneurship then starting their small business or venturing into agriculture or getting employment will be easy henceforth youths will be dependable.Many youths are idle in the villages and this has lead to drug addict tion,alot of young pregnancy,insecurity issue and theft is at high note in our catalyse all that is give them something to keep them busy.Many of this youths are class eight and form four graduates....lets create employment(not set)
223EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureIbrahim Were 0714035450NEW EXPANSION OF EMMATSI,ASIONGO TO MWITOLOLO ROADExpansion and opening of Luanda shortcut road from Emmatsi secondary school through Asiongo primary school to Mwitololo nursery school will open up the area for development which has been sideline for many years. With these development we shall experience expansion of Emanaka dispensary which was built 7 years ago but its not operational and Esitsaba dispensary which will help to improve health services at Emabungo hill areas of Emmatsi,Asiogo,Emanaka and Emukhuya.Helping development in the larger areas of Emabungo (not set)
224BUSALIEducationFREDRICK KIGADA0726848793BUDAYWA YOUTH POLYTECHNICA Youth polytechnic that will provide technical , vocational ,industrial,entrepreneurial and life skill training among youth of busali ward. Such project will have a bigger impact on a larger population of idle youth living in busali ward. Most of these youth after completing their secondary education does not make it to institution of higher learning because their parents can not afford exorbitant fees required to be enrolled in those collages.These has created a high number of unemployment youth in the area. The polytechnic will go along in reducing un-employment rate, increase economic growth within the area and the entire Vihiga county by creating a vibrant juakali sector , reduce insecurity rate and also curbing drug abuse menace that had been the order of the day by most youth living these area.(not set)
225BUSALITransport InfrastructureFREDRICK KIGADA0726848793ROADLUDZU-GIMUDI ROAD,Located off Vokoli -Mago at ludzu market ,budaywa sub-location.
The road is in totally mess,impassable and need to be worked on urgently.The road was done partially, poorly and hurriedly. The partial works done on it does not meet any marrum road standards anywhere in kenya. It represent part of corruption project activities of the previous county government.
The road is quite busy and connect two counties, Kakamega and Vihiga. It has the potential to spur economic activities within the two counties.(not set)
226WEMILABISecurity and Safetywil0700054371street lightsStreetlight at ematioli and khusikuluSecurity(not set)
227JEPKOYAIHealth CareWilberforce sheds evelia0721300163Upgrading of Tigoli health centreEstablishment of a maternity wing .x-ray and theatre.The people of jepkoyai will not have to travel to kisumu or mbale for this services.(not set)
228JEPKOYAINatural ResourcesWilberforce sheds evelia0721300163Rehabilitation of sosian water projectPurchase of a new bigger water pump engine and pipes The sosian water project serves jepkoyai and tambua wards.institutions like nyangori and Tivoli schools depend on it.however during dry spells , there is always serious water shortage in these areas leading to cholera outbreaks.
(not set)
229NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth Carepius secheli0728628605increase number of dispensary in the wardthe number of dispensary to be increased in the ward to reduced distance one has to work to be cartered for and also equip them with enough drugsincreasing the number of dispensary will help save more life our people and treatment will be available for everyone rather than private hospital which charges more money(not set)
230LYADUYWA/IZAVATechnical Vocational Education TrainingMakova Kevin0724284291Revitalize Munugi Polytechnic.The polytechnic was established some time back but has not worked to the needs of the residents.
Within the area are a number of youths in need of skills to work in the current competitive job market but have resorted to wasting their time in non-benefit activities since the Polytechnic as it is currently set does not adequately address important modern day skills. Further resources should pumped into it to offer better teaching programs and even including ICT integrated systems for access to quality learning services.
Through the local authority awareness should also be created on the importance of undertaking programs through such an institutions.
1. Creation of new skills for vibrant production in such area as woodwork, mechanics, tailoring etc
2. Creation of a vibrant Jua kali industry.
(not set)
231BUSALIEconomic PlanningBrian Ajega0733961025Model County Government Blueprint A strategic format on County Government Operationalisation Promoting Sustainability and Long Term Development(not set)
232JEPKOYAIHealth CareVitalis Gavole0707113280Dispensary at Gambogi MarketBuild a 24hr dispensary at Gambogi marketGambogi is on the main Kisumu-Kakamega road, hence the dispensary here will be easily accessible to and serve people from Tambua and parts of Jepkoyai wards.

Traders and boda-boda operators and their customers in Gambogi will have a place they can seek attention for minor emergencies and to receive first aid. Also travelers can stop at Gambogi and get medical assistance from the nurses.

The Gambogi dispensary shall be supported by the Tigoi Health Center (this facility is slightly off-road, and requires more dispensaries to support the growing population).
(not set)
233JEPKOYAISecurity and SafetyVitalis Gavole0707113280Covering of Storm Water Drains at Gambogi MarketMany people have been injured or died in the past three years after falling into the storm water drains at Gambogi market. The concrete storm water drains built when the main road was re-built, but were left uncovered.

This might seem like a national government project, but it is the locals who die/get injured and this robs Vihiga of manpower and also drains our healthcare budget.

Because of the proximity of the open drains to the road, people fall in when they alight from a bus/matatu, or if a boda-boda leaves the road at speed. People are forced to stand literally on the tarmac while waiting to board vehicles, thus some get run-over by passing cars.
It will improve the safety of pedestrians and boda-boda operators/riders at Gambogi.(not set)
234TAMBUATechnical Vocational Education TrainingVitalis Gavole0707113280Upgrade Boyani Youth PolytechnicThe Boyani youth lacks equipment to support training of technicians and servicemen.

Buildings at the facility are old and incomplete.

County govt should upgrade the polytechnic to support training with modern facilities and also to increase the capacity of students.
It will be used to train and skill youth/young people who do not proceed to secondary school effectively.

A major upgrade will cater for training KCSE certificate holders so they can gain employment and even start businesses that can sell high quality products in Vihiga, Kisumu city and beyond and create wealth for Vihiga county.
(not set)
235JEPKOYAIIndustrial DevelopmentVitalis Gavole0707113280Establish Basket/Mat Weaving and Potery IndustryDevelop 4 centers in Jepkoyai for women, men and youth to meet and craft baskets, mats, brooms, pots intended for general purposes as well as luxury touristic collections. Most raw materials exist in Vihiga and extra can be sourced from other parts of Kenya/Africa as the industry grows.

Back in 80/90s women in Vihiga used to make baskets and brooms from reeds and clay pots, and men used to make mats from reeds and ropes from sisal. These days Vihiga residents depends on plastics.
This project will create employment and income for craftsmen/women and will bring Vihiga revenue from outside the county.(not set)
236JEPKOYAIIndustrial DevelopmentVitalis Gavole0707113280Tailoring IndustrySetup a tailoring warehouse at Boyani market, along Gambogi - Majengo road.

The warehouse should be equipped with machines that can produce 1000s of different clothes intended for sell to major towns in Kenya, and for export to neighboring countries.

It can start small, but have the vision of being a key source of school uniform supplies in Western, Nyanza and North-rift of Kenya.
Will create employment and income for Vihiga residents.(not set)
237JEPKOYAIIndustrial DevelopmentVitalis Gavole0707113280Leather Processing and Shoe MakingEstablish a workshop at Tigoi for processing raw hides from numerous slaughter houses in Vihiga and making of leather shoes/bags/belts and upholstery products.Create employment for Vihiga residents and new revenue for the county.(not set)
238MUHUDUHealth CarePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Mulundu DispensaryCompletion and equipping of Mulundu Dispensary formely started by Hamisi NGCDFThe project will greatly improve the local health burden since the nearest hospital is Jumuiya, an NCCK hospital whose cost is way beyond the local capacity(not set)
239MUHUDUHealth CarePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Cheptech DispensaryCheptech Dispensary has been in existence for a long time, the general management and equiping has always been poor. It would add a lot of value to upgrade Cheptech Dispensary to a Health Centre, Hire a resident clinical Officer and have some nurses residing on the station.The main problem here is equiping and personnel,For example the Dispensary has a Maternity wing but has no running water and stand by generator nor a Clinical Officer.(not set)
240MUHUDUEnvironment Water EnergyPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Muhudu Primary School Water ProjectMuhudu water Projects was a community water projects in the 80s which used to do very well but got vandalized. The County would need to revive the water project as most of the infrustructure is still intact eg Piping and water tanksMuhudu Primary School is the highest point in Muhudu and Cheptech Sub Location. Having a water reservoir at the school will ensure availability of water to the sorrounding community, schools and Health Facilities through gravity.(not set)
241MUHUDUEnvironment Water EnergyPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Jivuye,Bumbo,Maganda piped water projectMulundu sublocation used to be served by piped water from Kaimosi Water Supply in the early 1990s. However, due to others factors beyond our control, the piped water system failed and has never been revivedThe cost, in terms of time and value for money,the community spends on search for water is tremendous nd negates the rural Economy. Further, the time wasted by pupils in Jivuye,Bumbo,kaimosi Demonstration,Jamulongoji and Ivumbu is tremendous beca euse of going to the down hill streams to fetch for waterc (not set)
242SHIRUEnvironment Water EnergyHesborn Lumwaji Ehaji 0725792093Water for sustainable life Piped water for domestic and commercial use Clean water for domestic usage will enhance the health of our people and boost hospitality sector. (not set)
243SHIRUTransport InfrastructureHesborn Lumwaji Ehaji 0725792093Road as an economic booster Accessibility enabled through road network. Faster interconnectivity to all sectors these are schools, hospital, market, agricultural area penetration. etc etc. (not set)
244SHIRUEducation ScienceHesborn Lumwaji Ehaji 0725792093Science a key economic backbone Science for innovation and growth Sponsored form 4 leavers who take science courses will be innovative hence become self employed (not set)
245SHIRUEducationHesborn Lumwaji Ehaji 0725792093Education as a key to prosperity Quality education We have primary schools which depend on ECDE centres . Well put ECDE infrastructure and human resources will improve the rate of admission to primary schools (not set)
246MUHUDUPublic Private PartnershipsPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Kaimosi Water and Hydropower ProjectThe Kaimosi water project is a multi faceted project that can encompass Hydro power Project, Tourism,Fishing, Water Supply and recreational activities along its banks.Ideally a number of Interventions have been tried in the past but because of one or two issues, the project has never picked up. With the fluctuating power supply within the County, a hydro power project can go a long way in alleviating the power black out in the region which impacts negatively on the Economic Sustainability of the sorrounding MArkets, University, Colleges and School.
The Kaimosi water Supply challenges can be sorted by enhancing the supply aspects of the project as well as earning revenue for the county
Tourism and Recreational facilities along the shores can also boast employment and reduce poverty.
(not set)
247MUHUDUPublic Private PartnershipsPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Kaimosi Farm Dairy/Horticultural ProjectThe Kaimosi Farm/Horticultural project if well managed can enhance dairy production as well as provide horticultural support to the community.This project was very successful in the early 80's but due to mismanagement, the project has collapsedIncreased MIlk productivity for the surrounding areas
Increased Horticulture produce to the Kaimosi Complex
Availability of a demonstration Farm for learning and coaching
Increased employment
(not set)
248MUHUDUICT and MediaPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Shamakhokho ICT/Media CentreThe Shamakhokho health Centre has been condemned to be available where its currently situated next to the Assistant County Offices. The building can be turned into a major media/ICT Centre for the benefit of youth in the region.Increased ICT facilities can open up the Market for Job Creation(not set)
249MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Ivumbu Youth PolytechnicThere is a large junk of land surrounding Ivumbu Primary that can be harnessed into a Youth Polytechnic. This would be ideal for all the Ward as there are many youth without formal qualification beyond class Eight.Impacting of Skills is paramount for Job Creation and Employment. (not set)
250MUHUDUEducationPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Wandaye/Shianda ECD SChoolThe Wandaye/Shianda EDC project will open up the interior of Muhudu for development since education is a basic right and there are no school in the vicinityThe ECD will solve the long distances travelled to access ecd education(not set)
251MUHUDUSecurity and SafetyPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873MUhudu AP POst There are a greater need of constructing an AP camp at Muhudu so as to limit the conflict of APs staying in private properties.Enhance security and coordination of the docket(not set)
252MUHUDUTransport InfrastructurePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Jivuye-Mulundu Bridge The Jivuye-Mulundu Road was constructed in the 80s but has not been fully operational due to lack of a connecting bridge at Mwipipa.The Need for abridge will fully open up the two markets and reduce the cost and time taken to commute between the two markets.
This bridge will also eliminate the frequent accidents happening at the river especial when flooded
(not set)
253MUHUDUTransport InfrastructurePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Maganda-Oyeri-Mahanga RoadThere is a village between Maganda and Mahanga that is totally inaccessible and land locked. A road here will go a long way in alleviating the transport challenges being experienced here(not set)
254MUHUDUEducationPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Maganyi ECD CEntreMaganyi is the only village without an ECD and a Primary School in the whole of Mulundu Sub LacationThe project will impact positively to educational development of this village(not set)
255MUHUDUTransport InfrastructurePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Maganyi-Maragoli BridgeThe Only missing link between Maganyi(Hamisi Sub County) and Maragoli(Sabatia Sub County) is a Bridge at Maganyi.Increased mobility of goods and services (not set)
256MUHUDUSecurity and SafetyPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Lighting Masts at MarketsEmerging Markets at Mulundu,Ivumbu,Cheptech,Muyere,Shianda,Muhudu,and siekuti are in need of Lighting masts famously called Mulika MwiziIncreased business Hours and Improved Security(not set)
257MUHUDUTrade and EnterpreneurshipPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Mulundu MarketRecognition and Opening of Mulundu MarketImproved Trade and Enterpreneurship(not set)
258MUHUDUTrade and EnterpreneurshipPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Cheptech MarketRecognition and Openning of Cheptech MarketIncreased Trade and Enterpreneuship(not set)
259LYADUYWA/IZAVANatural Resourcesmoses Akidadi0715082600Gold mining in Munugi Village.Lyaduywa/Izava is well endwed with natural resources such as gold in Munugi. However the residents of these areas still are at a disadvantage since the mining and selling of these resources is left in the hands of private individuals mainly from outside Vihiga county. To ensure this does not continue such 'investors' should be accrediotted by the county government and pay taxes. It is also a constitutional requirement that at least 10% of locally available resources benefit the locals. To ensure this happens the county government should come up with a well organised policy to thius effect.1. earn incomes.
2. create a vibrant economy from an active business accruing from sell of these resources.
3. growth of other industries such as hotels and other consumer industries.
(not set)
260LYADUYWA/IZAVATechnical Vocational Education Trainingmoses Akidadi0715082600creation of specialised polytechnics.most of the poloytechnics and TVET institutes offer general courses. For effective management and proper utilization of available resources, the county should restructure these programs. For instance have a special polytechnic for Plumbing, etc. 1. impact on skill creation.
2. growth of local industry.
3. develop a well structured human resource development.
(not set)
261MUHUDUIndustrial DevelopmentJohn Chakona Okumu0725161530BakerySupply bread to vihiga county institutions instead of importing from other countiesCreate employment. Generate income for the county to facilitate other projects.(not set)
262MUHUDUPhysical Planning Land and HousingJohn Chakona Okumu0725161530Real estate/office to letRental houses. Offices to let/business premisesEternal income to the county. Creation of employment(not set)
263LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationAndrew mwangi0702739829kmtckmtcit will improve health in our county(not set)
264CENTRAL BUNYORETransport InfrastructureObed0718572884Emmukunzi-Ematsuli roadThe road is so muddy when it rainstransport(not set)
265WEMILABITransport InfrastructureELIPHAS ONYINO0715668263ROAD TARMACINGRoads in wemilabi ward that link major shopping markets in vihiga county should be tarmaced to enhance good transportation of goods and services
i.e. roads linking khusikulu wemilabi-essongolo-magad-mbale
then from mwilonje-magada
It will facilitate good movement of goods and services from major towns to smaller towns thus reducing the amount of money incurred on transportation (not set)
266LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth CareVINCENT Milimu0726167418employment of clinical officers Clinical Officers Reduce flooded clinical officers (not set)
267CHAVAKALIIndustrial DevelopmentDOMINIC KIFUNWA ATSIAYA0727608014constructionbuilding some bakery'sby building a bakery per ward it will create job opportunity to our people, i.e distribution/and packing of either the breads or cake n mandazis at a whole sale price to bring profit(not set)
268WEMILABIEducationjoseph Omulando0703793455cdf learning fundsprovision cdf funds to learning studentsthe importance is that it will enable poor student's get access to learning and skills as education will enlighten youths hence job opportunity(not set)
269JEPKOYAINatural ResourcesSteven Igadwa0721604617Water Supply to people in Jepkoyai WardAdequate safe water supply to residents of Jepkoyai ward and facilitate roof catchment tanks to residentsReduction in water bone diseases,safe families resources in buying unsafe water from vendors(not set)
270BANJASecurity and SafetyCollins0706051390security lightslighting of our streetsthis is a project which help in enhancement of security and also help businesses to grow since trade can be done even at odd hours. (not set)
271LUGAGA-WAMULUMAIndustrial DevelopmentMuhalya Sandra K.0722113154Rabbit AbattoirThe common mwananchi can raise rabbits coz they are cheap to maintain, and do not occupy a large space, especially when considering that Vihiga is densely populated and people own very tiny parcels of land. Market can be sourced out of this country and also within.Since rabbits mature within 6 months, and give birth to many, I believe it is a good source of income for peasants. The factory will also employ people therefore empowering the lives of people economically.(not set)
272LYADUYWA/IZAVATransport InfrastructureBonface Mwanziki0704427468Road maintenanceRoad from mbale to tsimbalo,endeli,banda,all the way to lunyerere need to be in good conditionThis will facilitate easy transport for the residents and businessmen (not set)
273SOUTH MARAGOLISecurity and SafetyPHILIP AVUGO ASIGE0710972007Mounting of police posts in the areaThere has been rise of insecurity in this area many youths turning to crime. i wish many police posts should be mounted in this areaPeople will feel safe conducting their daily activities without fear.
Development will be felt.
Investors will feel safe to invest in this areas.
(not set)
274BUSALITransport InfrastructureBenedict Senekwa0720789762Bridge construction.There's dire need to complete a stalled bridge linking Busweta village in Busali and Lososi in Wodanga. This bridge was started when the former Governor was an mp and to this date no one has bothered to have it completed. It is a very important connection for students and locals.The bridge is a link between Busali and Wodanga. Enabling students going to Losengeli High school, Kapsambo high school, Lososi primary and Busweta primary plus locals from Busali ward who would want to rich the main road while traveling.(not set)
275LUANDA SOUTHEducationPatrick masika0710123516ComputerOct integration in teaching and learning,computer studiesEsiandumba sec school is strategically placed in Luanda south but has lagged behind in terms of computer studies ,this will impart computer skills in the learners leading to job creation.(not set)
276NORTH EAST BUNYORESecurity and SafetyJAPHETH ANYOLI0711847977usalama mashinanihaving a police post in echichibulu who can guard the residents and carry out patrolcriminal activities will be reduced, those who live in urban areas can alight safely at home when they come, free movement without fear of attack, easier movement of transport services and trade(not set)
277LUANDA TOWNSHIPICT and MediaMarende Oliver0711607151Internet ServicesProvide low bandwidth Internet to the people of LuandaThe Internet is now a basic need. Luanda is a fast growing ward and the internet will only speed up the rate of economic. The Internet will provide a marketing platform and a (not set)
278SOUTH MARAGOLIEducationAlex Adurah ahinga0725623143EcdeConstruction of ecd classrooms and renumeration of the ecd staffWould created good environment for learning (not set)
279SHAMAKHOKHOICT and MediaFelisters Asiji Anjeyo0708727233Information Technology programsThis project is to enable the youth in the above mentioned region to catch up with the wave and direction that the world is moving in through technology. With this the youth will know how to access loans through the internet, how to look up business ideas , how to mobile bank, and even more importantly how to bring development to our ward and this will be inspired by the many ideas they will be able to access in the internet.This project will enable the young and the old in our county to compete favourably with the rest of the population in the job market across the divide. It will also create temporary employment for many who will participate in the program.(not set)
280CHAVAKALIWomen and YouthGeorge Ngoda0708659913EmpowermentMost educated youths are lying idle despite attaining highest level of educationThey will engage in more productive activities this boosting our county economy(not set)
281BANJAEducationCatherine Musimbi0724078122Strategies of improving performance A project aimed at ensuring all schools in the county perform wellThe project will benefit learners in second(not set)
282SOUTH MARAGOLIEducationAdumah Festus0726319404ECDEEmployment of ECDE teacherWill make our children have good foundation in Learning(not set)
283CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyAMBEVA EVANS INDUMWA0722998244waterSupply of tap waterProper hygiene and good sanitation, improved livestock farming(not set)
284SHAMAKHOKHOEducationOtieno Omutondo0722801703Economic Stimulus Project administration block Shamakhokho SecondaryThis building is incomplete. It was to cost 42 million.deficit 12 million based on 2012 b/qIncreased enrolment now that we need 100%transition to secondary education.(not set)
285WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyEvans Kavai Vosena0723399329Kefinco water project. Construction of a water tower tank at the borehole dug by kefinco company some years back at Vokoli. This project will benefit the surrounding community ,Moi girls High school, Sabatia Hospital and Mudete Market. (not set)
286CENTRAL MARAGOLIEducationLena ondego0715691102water harvesting & tanksProvide tanks in ikumba primary & secondary to harvest rain water in the school Stop children being sent to the streams( kidaho) by teachers to fetch water hence maximizing learning hours & reduce exhaustion leading to inattentiveness(not set)
287WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyEvans Kavai Vosena0723399329Kefinco water project. Water tower tank Supply of sufficient water to the surrounding community, Schools, Market and Sabatia Hospital. (not set)
288SHAMAKHOKHOEnvironment Water EnergyMaureen j luvai0721677533WaterProvision of piped water to the residents The project will save women alot of time spent in collecting water from rivers which are far away.(not set)
289WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyEvans Kavai Vosena0723399329Kefinco water project. Construction of water tower tank This project will help the surrounding Community, Schools ie Moi Girl's High School, Sabatia Hospital, Mudete Market etc. (not set)
290WODANGAEducationCollins Azaboke Kayange0715095538Students empowerment.This project is about enabling needy students especially those from tertiary institutions raise funds for their basic needs and even payment of their school fees.I am suggesting that the county government should provide jobs to their students and even make internships readily available for them.The jobs should target mostly if not entirely the student's field of study. For instance, education students should be deployed in various schools to help out and some funds desbursed by the c.government to pay them.Also burseries and Cdf should be given out equally to those that miss jobs..I believe it will help enable needy students bear life at campass.many students fail to do their exams and some even quit because of such, hence it will help reduce number of drop outs and give hope to students..(not set)
291LUANDA SOUTHWomen and YouthPhoebe Abwao 0713130473Women and youth empowerment fundLoaning to Women and youths
Capacity building
Small businesses
Project management
The project will contribute to the improvement of people to the larger Vihiga County (not set)
292CENTRAL BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesndele philip0710509848improved crop production and crop securityintroduction of scientifically modified crops that withstands adverse and fluctuating weather conditions that are of high yields with short maturity span. watermelons, beans,tomatoes amongst other fruits which have ready market. The county can demonstrate this on small scale to motivate the residence.
poultry farming also to be embraced. The county to identify better breeds and supply them to farmers who will be educate educated on how to bring them up.
The county should identify the market market for the products on behalf of the residence.
Enough food supply, income generation. direct and indirect employment and keeping residence busy.(not set)
293LUANDA TOWNSHIPEnvironment Water EnergyDr Abwao Stephen Indieka+254719737140Clean piped waterLuanda town and the villages that constitute Luanda township ward lack access to clean treated piped water. Traders, food kiosks, lodgings, hotels, bars, even the new residential flats and household that live in the rural part of the ward rely on the natural springs dotted around the villages in the ward. Due to increased population we have build more pit latrines and buried many in our small pieces of lands that has led to contamination of our springs which are fed from rain water percolating to form ground water. There are some springs which have poor quality water not fit for consumptionIncreased investment in terms of apartment or flats in Luanda town with amenities similar those found in the city hance attract maseno university staff to boost Luanda economic profile.
Clean water is crucial for service industry such as hotels and lodgings this will increase Luanda profile as a stop over point for people on long transit.
Water is life clean water will improve quality of life for resident and spinoff benefits such as tacking water born disease.
(not set)
294WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyVincent Migaliza 0722724865Mudungu Water Project Revival of a collapsed project.
Some years back,we had a water project in the ward which collapsed due to poor management. Inquire more on these from the ward MCA.
There's a need for the area to have clean water due to outbreaks of cholera everywhere in this country.The residents of Mudungu to Wengondo to Nabwani had benefited from the project whereby,water was drawn from Mudungu borehole,piped to Wengondo water tanks which are still hanging there to date,there after supplied to residence in wengondo,gahumbwa,mudungu,Gaigedi,Nabwani and several others.(not set)
295WODANGASecurity and SafetyVincent Migaliza 0722724865Police Post at Wengondo MarketA need to have a policepost located in the market place due to insecurity in the area which has lead to several residents to have lost their loved ones.Due to high level of idleness of youth around the area,retailers of Changaa brews,the project will prohibit such acts.(not set)
296LUGAGA-WAMULUMASports and CultureKenneth Adolwa Jahonga0714010224vihiga county soccer tournamentProject Description A soccer tournament that draws teams from all the sub countiesBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County 1.cohesion 2.talent search & enhancement.3.rewards.(not set)
297NORTH EAST BUNYORESecurity and SafetyDAN ALIUBA ALPHONCE0725787215solar street lightssolar street lights for small market centers to enhance security at nightmore investors will be attracted to invest (not set)
298SOUTH MARAGOLIHealth CareOkoyo Moses0715675410Kigadahi Health CenterHealth center at Kigadahi primary school.To serve residents of Riavola, Inyanza, Kigadahi, Chandugunyi, Imguva, Gilwadzi etc.
It'll provide job opportunities
(not set)
299SHAMAKHOKHOFood SecurityEugene analo luseno0727735443small scale mixed farmingOur small scale farmers with their tiny shambas need to be enlighten on the kind of crops to grow and how to do it the better way, same to animal keeping, this will enable us feed ourselves n also hav some surplus to sell.Money for buying food will be taken to other uses, extra food will be sold to earn us money(not set)
300CENTRAL BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesMilemba joshua0713243089Traditional herchery for improved indigenous chickenImprove chicken for improved income per householdEstablishment of chicken butcheries and export to other counties(not set)
301GISAMBAISecurity and SafetyHerbert amunavi obeywa0712186049Fire tenders.
2.employment of personel
3.enforcement officers to be trained as firemen and i will offer the training having served in military for seven years under fire safety department
It is going to benefit the society at large ,schools,business people,county properties etc(not set)
302BANJATransport Infrastructuresamson magomere0728160081road constructionFeeder road openining up kipkiran village. The road to connect hamis road through kipkiran village to newly constructed road chebunaywa-madeya-banja roadFacilitate movement of people. Especially the sick to the hospitals using vehicles. (not set)
303GISAMBAIEducation ScienceHerbert Amunavi Obeywa0712186049Setting up examination printing and research centerTo have a central place where we can develop and print our exams for our schoolsThe project will reduce the cost spent on commercial exam papers hence the money channelled to other projects.
We shall also sell the exams to other counties hence earning revenue and creating employment
it will also benefit directly all learning institutions in the county and all those doing research as well
(not set)
304WEST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureSilvanos O. Induswe0717567375Bridge.Conecting Vihiga Kakamega Counties.Emmabwi - Khumusalaba.Business-Emusire,Ebukanga,Em'mabwi,Ebuyangu mwiyala to Khumusalaba.(not set)
305NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructurePeter okwemba omuga0723329589Emakakha -Ebulamba -Esirembela roadThe road should be completed in upgrading.Make accessibility to Ebbitsi,Ebulamba,and mwituha primary schools,Emakakha market and health facilities.(not set)
306NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducation SciencePeter okwemba omuga0723329589MMUST_Ebunangwe campus.The university should be build.Provide various courses to school leavers and open up opportunities to the community.(not set)
307EMABUNGOEnvironment Water EnergyBethuel Arasa0721846105.Provision of water Project Description We would like to have adequate clean water for domestic use and in public institutions.Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County.Remember that availability of clean water for everybody at the ward will reduce waterborne diseases hence improving peoples' health & this will cut cost of providing health services.A mother with food kiosk needs water,Well planned horticultural activities like tomato farming need water for drip Irritation. This will obviously enhance wealth Creation. The building industry requires water.Any invester will always enquire about the availability of water,power & reliable access roads...water is a priority here.(not set)
308WEST SABATIAIndustrial Developmentkidake brian0751784598industriestextileit will improve the living starnderds of the youth thus the will get imployment(not set)
309LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationTon0729590635Vihiga County HELB loanIn this project the county can set aside some money, create an online HELB portal so that students from Vihiga county can apply for the loans for school feesThis project will really enhance education in the county as you may find that many people may benefit from it(not set)
310LUGAGA-WAMULUMATransport InfrastructureNewton Odari0729590635Mbale Magada RoadThere is an increase in the motor vehicles on our roads thus if tarmac is put on thi road it will help reduce congestionIt will open up the areas arround the road thus increasing business, will reduce congestion on the roads thus cutting down on waste of economical time and wlli also reduce on the chances of road damage as the roads will be many (not set)
311WEMILABISecurity and SafetyIrene0721480760Police To Be Brought At Irumbi.Also Water Inatoka Kidogo,itengenezwa Hata Like Pumb Hivi. Many Youth Are Using Bhang,the Suplier 2b Cut Down.Men Waste Alot Of Money On That Bhang.About Water Tunaburn Na Jua Tukicew Line Ya Water Especialy Kaa Watoto Hawaendi Shule Hujaa.Badala Iwe Inamwagika Ikiteremka Imwagike Kwa Hole Hivi Then Its Pumbed.For Gud Security\pumb Water Wil Reduce Women Kucew Line Na Vitina\vita. (not set)
312CENTRAL BUNYOREFood Securityndele philip0710509848use of scientifically modified crops(conventional methodes)Modification of plants can be genetically modified or can be modified using convesional methods.
Conventional ones are safe for human consumption and raises no debet on human health.
These plants includes maize, fruits and vegetables. Modification makes plants to be resistant to diseases, extreme temperatures and reaches maturity quickly. C. Bunyore residents can be educated on how to farm by alternating maize farming with other crops. Given that lands are smaller in sizes, planting of fruits and vegetables requires smaller space and production is high. Crops also reaches maturity faster and resists pests, extreme environmental conditions, they also have long lifeshell and gives high yields.
This maximises land utilitisation and breaks pest cycle. Vegetables that can be grown includes kales, cabbages etc. Fruits includes majorly tomatoes, watermelones, production per unit area is high and requires less attention. Carrotes and sweetpepper. Maize that suits the conditions to be supplied. Beans of the best quality to be supplied also which should be grown during short rains.
Plants resists most of the adverse conditions. Seeds that are certified, fertilisers,pesticides to be offered by county scientific experts.
Education be offered first by the county brains to the people of C. Bunyore.
The county to carry out demonstration on various plots in the region to motivate the farmers who will learn from it. It is the role of county government to scout for the market and educate the farmers.
Enough food supply, high yields,maximum land utility, creation of employment directly and indirectly,generates income both to individual and the county once exported. Creates agricultutere based institutions that offers knowledge to farmers.
(not set)
313WEST BUNYOREEducationDaniel odhiambo obiero0726321112New primary schoool at musilili area.A new primary school has to e established at Itumbu sublocation, musirili area to adress the iliteracy levels and insecurity challenges. The area has no favourable proximity to a school and the ones they struggle to attend, they are marginalized and disenfranchised. A one streamed school just a prototype of Kenneth marende school in Emmuli can be set up. Improved access to education and empowerement of the inhabitants(not set)
314WEST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyDaniel odhiambo obiero0726321112Water supply to Malinda area in Tambua wardWater availabilty is major challenge to Malinda sec and pri schools , and the entire malinda fraternity. This has left the community at the mercy of brackish waters on the intermittent stream which is a health risk. A survey should be done on availabilty of underground water and the feasibility of damming waters and supplying it by pipeline to the people using water kiosks.Portable water is amongst the millenium development goals. The health and access to water will be a milestone to the development and productivity of the area.(not set)
315WEST SABATIAICT and MediaEnana Gaylord0711249961cyber cafe projectcyber cafe project at vokoli area. The cyber to accommodate 100 desktops, 5 modern printers and photocopier machines.The project is based at sabatia constituency level. It is majorly an initiative of university students within sabatia constituency. As the chairperson of the students council, i saw it wise to have the project because of the following reasons:
1. It will be a source of employment for continuing students and those through with their course awaiting further employment.
2.It will be a form of internships and attachment for students pursing ICT related courses
3.To provide affordable services to the community around and vihiga county at large
(not set)
316LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEnvironment Water EnergyGloriah Kamonya0701903163water supliespipeing of water from various sourcesThis project will help lots of people in my ward because they tend to fetch water from far and hence little water fetched is not suffient for domestic use where by lack of enough water is dangerous because animals dehydrate,washing is not done cleaning of houses and toilets may lead to various diseases like cholera...water is health water is life water is everything and hence it will really help the lugaga wamuluma residence.(not set)
317LUGAGA-WAMULUMAHealth CareKHADHUYUS MICHAEL0703285980health promotion and sensitisationThink including health promotion will be a better ideas,this will help people get wel conversene with various diseases and how to prevent them and also how control the spread incase of an outbreak.
Also the completion of the Kegoye health unit
This will help improve the health of people in our county at large(not set)
318NORTH EAST BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesFestus Nyadimu+254715642553Fishpond establishment and management The county has several streams emanating from the numerous springs in at least every village. This resource has not been exploited. If the young people of the area are provided with capital in form of a loan or grand and educated adequately on management of fish and fish ponds it could be very beneficial. The county can establish a fish collecting center to counter the challenge of market. It can even start a fish processing plant. Provide employment and a source of income for the numerous struggling young people in the county.
Reduce alcohol and substance abuse amount the youth that is a big menese in our county
Create employment in the county in form of labourers at the processing plant
Income to the county from sell of processed fish products or preserved fish collected from the ponds
Source of food to locals. That is affordable
(not set)
319CENTRAL BUNYOREWomen and YouthMuyansi Brian0716823913Developing talents of the YouthsThere are many youths in our county vihiga that totally lack support in production and marketing their items such as music,comedy,drama,spoken word, sakata dance to earn a living .I urge that this be laid down in your budget for the county.This will at large assist the youths to be self dependent and hence creating a larger market for the talented youths. through talents, lots of people will achieve there dreams and bring back to the society too(not set)
320CENTRAL BUNYOREEducationliboywa Walter Raphael720362493ECD classroomECD classroom at Mwitukho Primary schoolThis project will create a conducive environment for the learners in this school, right now they have nowhere to learn from except under a tree(not set)
321CENTRAL BUNYORECooperatives (SACCO)liboywa Walter Raphael720362493Creation of a ward SaccoThe creation of a ward Sacco will help the residents learn and inculcate a savings culture among themselves.It will help spur economic growth and development and eradicate poverty to some level,so long as a proper framework has been put in place(not set)
322CENTRAL BUNYOREEducation ScienceMuyansi Brian0716823913Vihiga County Bursary and county helbPrivately sponsered Education science students who come from humble background are having much problems in paying their fees.those who get bursaries are funded with little amount ie Ksh10,000 .our wish as science students of the county ;we ask you to increase the amount when disbursing and also ask you to have vihiga county helb for university and college students of at least 20-30 thousand shillings if possible. Most of the humbled background students will benefit as they are able to study without fee problems,and they will develop the county and improve the living standards of our people at large(not set)
323SOUTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesWASHINGTON MUNDIA0797148494MUHANDA FARMERSthrough this project farmers are able to get the employment that will enable them change their living standardto make profit and improve living standards(not set)
324NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512Emakakha Level 3 health centreAs per the WHO recommendation, a level 3 health centre covers a catchment population of 10000 or 3-5km distance whichever comes first. Emakakha center is a fast growing region,population wise, development wise and amenity wise with the passage of kima-kilingili tarmac road which provides for easy access of the area. unfortunately to access health, residents are forced to travel all way to ebusiratsi or esiarambatsi health centres which provides vast challenges anging from distance and poor state of the roads; in case of emergencies detrimental impact would be felt due to lateness in access of either a first aid or assurance from a qualified personnel. There is a need to speed up the activity, to which there is available land (coffee farmers land) which only requires consensus and change of so doing, our compliance to the set WHO requirements of health facilities will be met, residents from the surrounding catchment will find easy access to health with a significant reduction of mortality, ease of congestion of patients in existing centers thus promoting quality healthcare and furthermore reduce the cost of health demand.(not set)
325NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth Carekelle solomon0790023370mwituha health centerWe a in need of a health center within the cdf plot within mwituha behind mwimwituha secondary school.Our people move long distance to ematsuli , Ilungu ,ematsuli ,elukongo and esiarambatsi. With the location of a health center within nwituha , thiz with crest jobs to our youth rathan than a police post , security is with us we need a health center plz (not set)
326CHAVAKALITransport InfrastructurePatrick Alwiga Gallo+254726044034Chavakali-Bukulunya RoadRoad connecting Chavakali to Bukulunya Secondary SchoolThis road will open an easy way from the main Chavakali market to Bukulunya area.
It will also make it easy for dayscholar students from chavakali to Bukulunya secondary School
(not set)
327NORTH EAST BUNYOREWomen and YouthKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512MOTOR-BIKE REVOLVING LOAN/FUNDTo supplement and enrich the youths to promote in the development of the economy, I seek to move a fund which will help engage the youths and facilitate their welfare. Most of our youths suffer from a disease of unemployment, and few who try self employment are faced with wide range of challenges right from lack of capital and increased financial demands in their homes. Few of youths in our area who have ventured in the motorbike business, have made it to success thus employing some of fellow youths. There those youths who have the urge to invest in the motorbike industry, but have failed to secure a regular motorbike they would own by themselves. There exists merchants who provide asset loans to our youths but since the requirements for them to qualify are too demeaning, they end up being auctioned in the long run and stressing them further. To boost this venture,I seek the county to introduce a revolving fund for the youths to be run through supervision of their saccos to provide loans for purchase of motorbikes for these youths to run boda boda business. A motor bike cost average of kes 120,000. Every youth who would want to apply for the loan will be required to bring a down payment of only kes 3000 with particulars certified by a lawyer, a map to their home, local administration letter of recommendation and a proof of sacco membership with 2 guarantors who are motorbike owners. Once the loan is given, to recover it, a daily remission of kes 300 will be submitted to the administrator of the fund until completion when log book can be given to them. An interest of 3% per annum can be charged on the whole-sum amount.Youth entrepreneurship and employment, avoid idling, reduce crimes, contribute to the proposed kes 600 monthly tax for boda boda and enriching lives of our youths (not set)
328NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducationKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512CONSTRUCTION OF ECD IN EVERY SCHOOLSince time immemorial, ECD has become the past tense in our education structures. North east Bunyore has 13 primary schools non of them with a sound structure for a modern ECD class. Through the establishment of Ward Development Fund,there needs more emphasis on initiating construction of ECD classes in our schools. Worst to mention, is the Ebulamba primary ECD class which made of mud without a window and a door. There also arises need to absorb all qualified ECD teachers to the county payroll and also increase their salaries from Kes 4500 a month to 15000. To motivate a teacher, requires a good remuneration that would as well take care of their welfare Promote ECD education which acts as the backbone of education(not set)
329NORTH EAST BUNYORETrade and EnterpreneurshipKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512MODERNIZATION OF ESIBUYE/EBUSIRATSI OPEN MARKETWith the need to progress from ancient open air market structures to Modernized Open air markets which contains good stalls, sectoral division of goods, well lit market with supply of clean tap water, eco toilet, security lights, allocated dust bin points,fire assembly, with ease access paths will provide ample time for traders and their customers to health business. For long time, our market has had vast of challenges without hope to provide future solutions. Traders are forced to close their businesses as early as 6.00pm due to inadequate lights. The market is full of bad odors from poorly constructed toilets and decomposing litter with no dumpsite in place. The current slaughter house only holds one cow at time with no water, lights and drainage. Increased revenue collection(not set)
330NORTH EAST BUNYORETrade and EnterpreneurshipKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512UPGRADE OF KILINGILI OPEN AIR MARKETkilingili traders have felt isolated especially by the previous corrupt county govt. regardless of unfruitful revolt not to pay revenue for3 years, nothing was acted upon. it raises speculation as to how the county set up would not get concerned by failure of taxes by the people. this market serves at the boundary between Kakamega and Vihiga counties with short proxy to Vihiga county headquarters. there is a need to upgrade the market to a modern open air structure, provide water drainage facilities, security lights , parking for boda boda and vehicles accessing the market, regulations for private development, advertisement criteria and market planningIncreased revenue collection(not set)
331NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth Carekelle solomon0790023370mwituha health center Residence within emuhondo sub-location move longer distanced as far as Ilungu despensary, ematsuli health center, elukongo health center, esiarambansi , plz we need a health center within mwituha to the cdf plot behind mwituha secondary school .kindly consider usThis will created jobs to hundreds of youths and developed own up coming emakakha market, uplift our school mwituha to a boarding school , increase the county revenues(not set)
332CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth Carekelle solomon0790023370mwituha health centerOur people move longer distance to esiarambatsi , Ilungu, ematsuli, elukongo.Created jobs to hundreds of youth, imorove our health care, uplift the county revenue, uplift the growth of emakakha market(not set)
333NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512Completion of Ematsuli Maternity wingEmatsuli Dispensary serves a catchment of 10000 population from the surrounding.
There was established a 2 room maternity wing which stalled due to lack of funds .
If the wing is completed will see mothers of reproductive age get a relief of moving long distance in search of reproductive health services thus reduction of maternal-neonatal mortalities which currently stand at 28%
reduction of child/maternal mortalities(not set)
334NORTH EAST BUNYORESports and CultureKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512WARD BALL TOURNAMENTA program to be introduced to keep the sports dream moving and harness talents.
This can be done yearly in each ward.
Allocation of 1m per year is sufficient
talent promotion(not set)
335LUANDA SOUTHWomen and YouthOkila Mulwani Rex0710342972LoansProvision of low interest loans or intrerest free loans to the youths for them to be able to start or grow there businessThe county will be able to have money circulation in such a way that they will be able to collect licenses fee, regestration fees, the collection of funds. The county will be able to grow as most of the youths will have a form of employment who form a large part of the county. Our county will also get revenue from the payment of loans(not set)
336NORTH EAST BUNYORETrade and EnterpreneurshipAtolwa Luke Ngobolia0717311571installation of stallsI want to start the stalls at Mukhombe primary area to help the locals stock a variety of products for consumptionThe project will help the local government to raise revenue and also help the individuals get access to a variety of quality goods at affordable prices. (not set)
337LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth CareMaleya Wycliffe Kigame 0724 205690Equipping Itando mission hopeDonate facilities to the hospital....look for ways of how we can bring down the charges at the hospital although it a mission hospital....It will bring down the cost of health care thus easing the congestion at Mbale district hospital(not set)
338TAMBUAEducation ScienceJairus Muhemberi 0726741179Karandini Vocational Training CentreLand expansion and infrastructure development Technical skills to people, employment and security (not set)
339TAMBUAEducation ScienceJairus Muhemberi 0726741179Karandini Vocational Training Center Computer lab Ict skills and employment (not set)
340TAMBUAEducation ScienceJairus Muhemberi 0726741179Karandini Vocational Training CentreLand expansion and infrastructure Skills, employment and security provision (not set)
341NORTH EAST BUNYOREPhysical Planning Land and HousingPlanner Nelson Mandela Kote0708508362Development controlDevelopment control is the process of managing the carrying out of any works on land.Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County

Development control will rather is an integral part if the planning process that ensures that developments comply not only with approved spatial development plans but also with policy guidelines, regulations and standards.
(not set)
342NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducationalbert Okwemba nyangila 0725662398mwituha primary pupils' latrines The current latrines are in a poor state and also not enough for the growing number of the pupils.Due to their physical state, it is a health hazard to the pupils who most do not have shoes.It will benefit the pupils of the school who mostly residents of North East Bunyore.(not set)
343NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport Infrastructurealbert okwemba nyangila0725662398Mwituha- ilungu trail It is a road that connect emakakha shopping center and ilungu market through mwituha, ewaamwila and ebukwelo villages. It is one of the roads that were earmarked for expansion and murraming it failed to initiate. Currently it is in a poor state especially when it rains ti an extend that people using it are forced to remove shoes so as to pass. It is an important road since it is a short cut used by many going at either markets.It will benefit many people in the ward and the neighboring central Bunyore ward since it is a connecting road. It will also benefit people with auto-mobiles including bodaboda sector(currently they cannot deliver customers in the mentioned villages after it rains). It will also benefit the community in accessing ilungu Ap camp and the upcoming police post in mwituha village.(not set)
344EMABUNGONatural Resourcesgideon atino0717089920manufactoring of clay stovesThe projects deals with manufacturing of pure clay jikosClay stoves helps in conservaition of enviroment.they use less firewood,charcoal and sawdust compared to metal jikos and open fire place(three stones).They are 80percent egficient.(not set)
345CENTRAL BUNYORETransport InfrastructureJoram kube0711782436Mwichio - Ebukhaya road Road in apathetic stateEasy flow /communication of more than three communities living along the road (not set)
346EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureSICHENGA JACOB+254710974308Road-Brigde LinksA number of bridges have proved unpassable and insecure for community living and passing through this bridge: a bridge connecting Esiolasi and Ebulonga bridges, A bridge connecting Emmunwa and Ebuhando bridges... If upgraded they will help in smooth operation as far as movement of people and school pupils and secondary students from one place to another is conserned,movements of goods by motorcycle willl be highly enhanced.(not set)
347WEST SABATIAEnvironment Water EnergyAllan Luganji Mukisira0720384724Reovation of Water Springs,Reinstatement of water supply1.Renovation to improve on sanitation of the water springs
2.Reinstatement of piped water supply f

Improved sanitation and health to the local residents.(not set)
348NORTH EAST BUNYORETrade and EnterpreneurshipKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512ILLUNGU MARKET UPGRADEThis is one of the ancient open air markets in the ward with no development structure for a long time now. The market land is adequate for the purpose of renovations and upgrade. At moment the market does not have a toilet structure, with a stalled structure for a year. The market needs to be upgraded to a modern structure to accommodate all traders within the region. The market serves both Vihiga and Kakamega county residents with ability to raise the revenue collection from current kes 10000 to 50000 per ever market day. The program will include security lights, an enclosed green product area, modern stalls, a separate animal sale region, an eco-toilet, fire assembly, fence around the market and stage for collection and drop off pointsIncrease in revenue collection
enrichment of the ward residents financially
(not set)
349GISAMBAIEnvironment Water EnergyJOB MAIYO0728109891waterKindly provide water in majengo Town,we have been having no pipe water.this will improve peoples health and eliminate water borne deseases(not set)
350GISAMBAIEnvironment Water EnergyJOB MAIYO0728109891WATER SUPPLYKindly provide water at majengo town, piped waterwill eliminate water borne diseases(not set)
351BUSALIEnvironment Water EnergyPeter Bosse 0728961732Garbage collection Privatise garbage collection services. The current cleaners and collectors lack coordination.Our environment impacts directly on every other projects ie education, healthcareetv(not set)
352WEST SABATIAPhysical Planning Land and HousingKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM(P.D.P.)PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM(P.D.P.)All our people in the whole county will benefit. All our markets namely, Mbale, Majengo,Chavakali,Bendera,Mudete,Sabatia,Mago, Chamakhokho, Musasa, Tindinyo etc do not have PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM(P.D.P.) in all those markets which is to help them get the tittle deeds and that will help them access loans and credit in the banks and expand business.(not set)
353WEST SABATIAPhysical Planning Land and HousingKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM(P.D.P.)PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM(P.D.P.)All our people in the whole county will benefit. All our markets namely, Mbale, Majengo,Chavakali,Bendera,Mudete,Sabatia,Mago, Chamakhokho, Musasa, Tindinyo etc do not have PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM(P.D.P.) in all those markets which is to help them get the tittle deeds and that will help them access loans and credit in the banks and expand business.(not set)
354GISAMBAINatural ResourcesJOB MAIYO0728109891WATER SUPPLY MAJENGO TOWNKindly provide piped water to residence of majengo townwill eliminate waterborne diseases(not set)
355JEPKOYAIEnvironment Water EnergyVitalis Gavole0707113280Water Reservoir at Gambogi MarketTo build a high capacity reservoir for clean water to serve the increasing business at Gambogi and growing population in surrounding villages.
The old colonial period tank is no-longer in use.
- Provide fresh water and generate revenue for the county government.
- Lower chances of diseases outbreak due to fetching/transporting water using non-standard methods.
(not set)
356JEPKOYAIIndustrial Developmentpeter onamu okani0721298291water packagingmake Vihiga county self sufficient in safe and packaged drinking water.We have very many water springs in the ward which can be harnessed, processed and packaged for sale to the county and neighboring counties.This venture can create jobs to many youth direct through processing or indirect through sales.(not set)
357WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyAlvin Muhandale0700368100WATERsinking boreholes within the county and supplying the residents with water at subsidized costIt will help in controlling spread of cholera as people would be having plenty and clean water for their domestic use(not set)
358LYADUYWA/IZAVAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesVictor ombeye0703384505farming techniquesdeploy skilled tecnology of improving farming mechanism and assist farmers with important requirements such us fertilizers and information on favourable conditions for different crops in our ward this will help small scale farmers with enough will help curb food insecurities in our ward thus help our small scale farmers to rely on donors such us politicians(not set)
359LYADUYWA/IZAVANatural ResourcesVictor ombeye0703384505Gold miningGold mining is done in IZAVA south location the county government has decided to neglet mining and left in the hands of foreigners who benefit from the resourceAs a resident of lyaduywa izava have seen this mineral can help the local residents and the county at large if the county decides to work on is a valuable mineral tht can help generate income in our county(not set)
360MWIBONATransport InfrastructureDorcas Masatia0721809920Road construction and power outagesThis is not actually a project, I wanted to complain but you don't have a "contact us" tab.
1.The main road is currently under construction but we are unable to access our homes by car. We have been parking our cars at a neighbor's house. The reason being as they dug up the road they did away with the drainage. All the silt, because of the rain, is washed back to our feeder road rendering it impassable. The feeder road is in Ebwiranyi mwitubwi on the side of the Nursery school opposite the big Catholic church. They should have started with culvert construction. Hope the issue is sorted quickly.
2. We have been experiencing frequent blackouts. Hope this will improve with the new county government
Improved access to our homes(not set)
361GISAMBAIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesConsolata mwenesi0727298447FisheriesRenovation of fish ponds established in 2008/2009 that hav stalled since then due to lack of a number of activities that if put in place could bring som changedThis is a project that was started countrywide in most of the counties ,vihiga being inclusive hence its wards. Most of the ponds have been abundoned but if they are re-started they would help eradicate poverty among the people and also create employment among the women and youth. This would also help improve provision of proteins , a supplement to other sources at acheaper price(not set)
362LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationVictor ombeye0703384505ward bursaryincrease the amount of bursary allocation as per the size of the ward to enhance equity...allocation of bursary as per the size of the ward will help equitable among our lerners in the ward and county(not set)
363NORTH EAST BUNYORESecurity and SafetyKUTAI OBUSHURU0727039512SOLAR POWERED STREET LIGHT PROJECTTo enhance the security within our roads and streets in the ward there needs an establishment of solar powered street lights. Such project can be done at every shopping centre to facilitate security as well as business in the late night hours. With solar technology,there will be no challenges for unpaid electricity bills.improve security
increase in business hours
(not set)
364SOUTH MARAGOLIEducationSTANLEY0702927171RESOURCE CENTERproject where atleasst two centers with computers and Internet installed in the ward and post secondary school students are allowed to visit the centers for learning and research purposes .This project will reduce unemployment levels among post secondary students and professionals owing to (not set)
365LUANDA SOUTHSocial ServicesMARTIN KUYA0707349252County WorkStill Young GuyMoney(not set)
366SOUTH MARAGOLINatural ResourcesStanley otiende0702927171KIGADAHI PIPED WATER PROJECTthe project should tap into the available water spring at Kigadahi to pump piped water to the kigadahi Inyanza and Chandugunyi villages and its environs to local houses and public water points established at the nearest market centers The project will increase revenue for the county as well as ease burden on women and youths who walk long distances to collect water at one waterhole.(not set)
367NORTH EAST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyElizabeth Espirah0712784394Water supply for vihiga residentsUpgrade the existing water supply so that it can be generate more water for the residents of Vihiga and also it can be exported to the neighbouring countiesThis will have a great benefit to people of vihiga. For instance farmers can water their crops during dry season. Once the installation is complete, it will be a source of revenue for the county. It will ease water shortage during season since water can be stored(not set)
368EMABUNGONatural Resourcesgideon atino0717089920manufactoring of clay stovesThe project deals with manufacturing of pure clay stoves(jikos)Clay stoves helps alot in conservatio of enviroment.they use less fuei and are smokeless.It leads to reduction of cutting of trees.(not set)
369WEMILABIEducationBeatrice Ayieta0792693199education securityHow to improve and ensure all youths ,childrens and even old are educated The project will have agreat impact to all youths,children ,dropouts and old people to take gumbaru to get educated ,this will make everyone with optimistic minds about education to have desire to get back to school and be educated,this will help eradicate poverty,most youths will be employed hence reduced crimes ,theft and idleness .(not set)
370LUANDA TOWNSHIPEnvironment Water EnergyIsaac Otwoma Amokola0725813503Garbage Collection and DisposalIdentification of proper ways of collecting and disposing garbageCreation of jobs, clean environment, (not set)
371NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducation ScienceGregory Omondi+254720583627COUNTY MODEL SCHOOL LIBRARIESInvest to support the development of 30 model primary school libraries in Vihiga County.Over 30,000 pupils to gain access to brand new storybooks
Teachers and pupils from all the beneficiary schools to be trained on library management
Teachers, parents, board of management and community volunteers sensitized on the importance of prioritizing children education and reading with children
Improvement in academic performance of pupils in schools from Vihiga County
Empowered vision 2030 generation, comprising boys and girls in primary school today thus transforming Vihiga County into a knowledge driven economy.
(not set)
372WEST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureJULIUS LWAMBA0721771201Bridgesproper construction of bridges along streamsit will aid efficient of transport of vehicles, motorbikes, people during overflow especially during heavy rains.(not set)
373BUSALITechnical Vocational Education TrainingElias Gudah0725674864LOTEGO FRIENDS VTCRENOVATION OF ADMINISTRATION BLOCK The administration block is currently an accident in waiting. The settling structure is a threat to the occupants (students, instructors and visitors) because there are wide inclining cracks running from foundation through the walls to the ceiling. there are also horizontal cracks running along the joints between the floor level and the external walls while the ceiling appears to be caving in. the floors dampen and portray structural defects.(not set)
374WEST SABATIAEnvironment Water EnergyBUSISA DISHON 0725822144Safety of Residents and control of Erosion This is particularly in Itemele Village where there is no control of water running from Kilingili Market all the way to the Itemele water spring. A very large valley has been formed with no proper brigde connecting the two villages where the valley cuts across. So far we have lost some lives of both animals and people, and others rendered disabled courtesy of this dangerous valley. This problem became political in the recent 2017 elections where every MCA aspirant wanted to be identified as one to provide lasting solution but up to date the valley is still as it was some years back. we need urgent solution because people fetching water from the spring are also getting it difficult to cross to their homes.If this problem is fully solved; 1. we shall have controlled erosion and 2. safety of the Hamuyundi sublocation residents will have secured. (not set)
375GISAMBAIEducation SciencePaul Ososo0726523556Land, workshop, toilets, kitchen, computers, water tankacquisition of land, put up a twin workshop, two toilets, kitchen, computers, water tank for harvesting rain waterincrease in enrolment of trainees, enhance learning environment, produce more skilled youth(not set)
376NORTH EAST BUNYOREICT and MediaLawrence Inonda0717964404Emakakha ICT CentreThere's a need for ICT centre at Emakakha since we do not have any standard ICT centre a round that will enable youths to do their research and learn computer skills. Most of youths after they have completed secondary school they opt for boda boda,others remain in the Village to be idlers thus increasing the crime rate. Youths in North East Bunyore lack a place that can enable them share ideas and empower the community.This project will benifit youths of North East Bunyore by creating employment to those youths who are idle in the village.Having ICT centre it will be a resourceful to the community at large whereby most people who are computer illiterate will come and learn computer lessons for free thus reducing the mentality that after the secondary school education the only alternative remaining is to go and borrow a motorbike and start cycling boda boda for a living. There's life beyond boda boda. As a county we don't need to hire ICT experts from other counties when a problem a rises instead we need to nature our own experts for the progress of the county.(not set)
377NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareFestus Nyadimu254715642553Free medical check up As a medical student from Vihiga county I see it prudent to make regular medical check ups on residents of Vihiga. I have noted that many people succumb to diseases that if detected earlier could have been cured. Others present to health facilities with advanced disease rendering care almost useless. Conditions like hypertension are very prevalent but they go undetected for a long time. A group of students from Vihiga have a proposal towards the same and would gladly share with relevant county officials.
Reduce morbidity and mortality
Reduce health burden in the county
Save money otherwise used on health care
(not set)
378WEST SABATIATransport InfrastructureKennedy Akidiva Sagala +254721347086 Bridge There's no bridge on Muhorera/Keveye tarmac Road. The people pass through the water on Wandezwa/Irongo River. Makes it impassable during rainy season when the river is flooded. It will ease the long distances that the cross river avoiders use. Cars and other automotives will access it. (not set)
379WEST SABATIATransport InfrastructureKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086Bridge Uncomplete Bridge construction at Esererwe Road Muyundi village Residents are having problems in accessing the road (not set)
380WEST SABATIAEducationKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086Roofing Hombara primary school, the roof is leaking. Kids have problems learning during rainy seasons studying peacefully (not set)
381LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducation ScienceEbusiralo VTC0724102013Modern kitchen cum dining hallModern kitchen cum dining hall to accommodate a maximum of 300 traineesThe project will benefit trainees from Vihiga County and even other counties since it will motivate trainees and even increase the enrollment.(not set)
382WEST SABATIAEnvironment Water EnergyKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086Latrines Pit latrines are full at Hombara primary school and are out of order will prevent diseases like cholera etc(not set)
383WEST SABATIAEducationKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086Latrines Kisatiru primary school has no pit Latrines. The NEMA have infact written a letter to the school asking them to close down as a a result of lack of pit Latrines. (not set)
384LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducation ScienceEbuairalo VTC0724102013Fully equipped computer labA modern computer lab fully equippedThe project will help the learners get the basic computer knowledge which is vital in the modern society(not set)
385CENTRAL MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesMIQDAD ali0705357475cattle dipI suggest a castle dip tu buld in central maragoli The catale dip will influence people of vihiga to ceep more dary castle breeds..and where most fermers they fear keeping the dary breds such Friesian where it is septible to local tick borne diseases like ECF....and the dip will employed many resident in the county direct and direct...also the county will get revenue from several dip of they can be revoled(not set)
386LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducation ScienceEbuairalo VTC0724102013Modern tools and equipment Modern tools and equipment for six departments.It will benefit all trainees in the polytechnic for they will have safer storage of equipment(not set)
387SHAMAKHOKHOTransport InfrastructureDENNIS WALA0715513898Cheptulu-ErusuiRoadis a murrum road but was projected to be a tarmac roadthe road links serem-cheptul market via musutzu Market by now its in a very worse situation (not set)
388LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducation ScienceEbusiralo VTC0724102013Masonry and welding twin workshopA masonry and welding twin workshop for the two departments.It will benefit the trainees from the two departments who train under trees.(not set)
389LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducation ScienceEbusiralo VTC0724102013Land PurchaseLand purchase to facilitate expansionThe project will help the ever growing enrollment get much space for effective training(not set)
390LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducation ScienceEbusiralo VTC0724102013Boarding facilityBoarding facility for both male and femaleIt will increase the enrollment in the technical training(not set)
391CENTRAL MARAGOLITechnical Vocational Education Trainingstanley luhaso0728560453five year strategic plan for kegendirova vocational training centrebill of quantityit will benefit the entire community and vihiga county at large(not set)
392WEST SABATIAEducationKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086Latrines The teaching staff of Wangulu primary school have no toilets. Praying for help to build some. Teaching staff (not set)
393WEST SABATIAEnvironment Water EnergyKennedy Akidiva Sagala+254721347086Borehole The borehole was drilled by the country government of Vihiga at Wangulu secondary school years back but it's stale. We're praying for your assistance to finish it. Wangulu primary and secondary school(not set)
394EMABUNGOEducationDishon0721996021Construction of classroomsHobunaka PR. Sch, is one of the oldest schools in the larger Emuhaya, and has been neglected. Two blocks constructed in the 1950s have been condemned as unfit for learning.Since the school has been partially deserted by the community, if its renovated, it can benefit as many children ,precisely over 1000.(not set)
395NORTH MARAGOLISports and Culturekadenge mark0724603465talent exploitation exploit talent and build them into careers.many youth will earn a living through their talents(not set)
396CENTRAL MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAyiro Dominic0705903714AmadilargeN/A(not set)
397LYADUYWA/IZAVATrade and EnterpreneurshipGeoffrey Vukaya0716430164Chamber InputChamber CIDP InputWe've touched on almost all sectors affecting the business community(not set)
398EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureDishon0721996021Construction of bridges and crossing pointsBelow Hobunaka Sec.Sch, there is a river that originates from Emmatsi,with several crossing points on it that are impassable esp when it rains. A permanent bridge had been started but stalled,which connects Hobunaka and Eliang'oma. There is also another which is made of wood. Transportation BTW Hobunaka & Eliang'oma is difficult. Bodabodas can neither move. By completing the stalled one and building the other and constructing other crossing points,will enhance transportation esp beneficiaries to the Eliang'oma dispensary and Hobunaka S.S.(not set)
399NORTH EAST BUNYOREPhysical Planning Land and HousingMr Atola Francis Olumula0708584813Security and physical developmentMusutswi area I bet should be provided with street security lights for it is a large and well known junction and centre...
The light should run from the catholic church to the tea buying centre and again from musutswi to womuchillo....
The area should be provided with stalls again because many people are willing to venture in business at that junction due to high markets from travellers but they can't because they don't have space country government please consider that.
Security of the place will be improved In that place for it is ajunction to many places
The stalls will create jobs to many and reduce iddling in that stage
(not set)
400NORTH EAST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyMr Atola Francis Olumula0708584813Water supplyPeople from musutswi are suffering from water supply I wish to propose building of awater tank to supply water in this areaIt will help solve the problem of water supply to musutswi primary school and residents as well(not set)
401MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyBoaz Adegu 0721608514Amadzi AmagasuVihiga County is naturally a very well watered county with unimaginable springwater sources and resources.

This project aims at accessing Mung'oma residents - including schools and health centres - to clean water at their doorsteps.

Secondly, to develop economically viable bottled water for sale and export to other counties.
1. Residents to get clean water
2. Residents to make income from water related economic activities.
(not set)
402NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducationDawkins Mulama Erastus0721261103SCOOL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENTConstruction of storey building at Ebunangwe Boys High School to house twin Lab,computer lab, Library and four classroomsStudents will benefit by excelling in KCSE.Being on new grounds having paved a way for MMUST campus,we totally lack these facilities.(not set)
403NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducationDawkins Mulama Erastus0721261103Construction of Dining Hall and KitchenStudents are eating from outside as they lack DH having been relocated on new founds to pave room for MUST CampusProject will help students eat from a conducive environment particularly during rainy season and it will impact on them excelling in KCSE(not set)
404MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyBoaz Adegu 0721608514Tsingulu Kutwula IguluSolar energy projects for homesteads and connection of homesteads to the distribution grid.This is a two-pronged approach to have Mung'oma residents unleash their potential through easy access to electricity.

Among other things, the electric energy will also be utilised to pump clean water from springs and borehole to be sunk (to tap underground water).
(not set)
405LUGAGA-WAMULUMAFood SecurityELIZABETH LIMISI0716543519ONE ACRE FUNDEmpower the existing firm that has enabled people of vihiga have at least relief of food despite small farmsEnough production,follow ups to the farmers making sure farming principles are followed,Enough saving to pay school fees(not set)
406MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyJohn Omare0721283580Maragoli hill sustainable developmentDevelop a maragoli forest management committee to reclaim the former maragoli forest and revert it back to its past glory.The project will help the entire vihiga county by restoring the good micro climate of the area. The afforestaton programme will create employment to residents, increase land productivity, improve water resources in the area and resource soil firtility. The development will reverse the current environmental degradation situation and change in rainfall trends.(not set)
407LYADUYWA/IZAVACooperatives (SACCO)Sheila Buhasio0727591322Dairy FarmingProvision of subsidised AI services to farmers, recruitment of a field extension officers per ward to provide service delivery and enhance dairy farming techniques to farmers entry point through cooperative societies. This can be done by ensuring organised farmer groups through election of leaders to represent every subconty.susidized AI can be done at Kshs 700Benefit to farmers will be such that farmers will be put into organised groups, farmers will get to learn better farming techniques learning can also be done through exchange visits etc(not set)
408LYADUYWA/IZAVAFood SecuritySheila Buhasio0727591322Vegetable farmingIntroduce enhanced vegetable farming intensively and introduce traditional vegetable drying methods. Farmers can then be linked to export markets to sell their produceThis can benefit 500-1000 farmers (not set)
409MUNGOMAWomen and YouthJohn Omare0721283580EmpowermentProvision for women and youth empowerment fund to provide loans to youth and women groups in business. Fund inovative projects by youth and women. This will create employment opportunities and reduce unemployment rate and poverty levels.Reduce poverty.
Provide employment.
Empower youth and women
(not set)
410TAMBUAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesBob mulusa0717562631Papaya growing culture (PGC)Production of pawpaw seedlings to create supply for growing the trees.
without taking away from limited shamba space available we propose that within the paw paw forest vegetable farming to be instituted.
We can increase the supply of the fruit to our local markets especially those on the highways for direct sale. Additionally we lay the foundation for adequate production for processing industry.(not set)
411CENTRAL BUNYOREEducationTekah Joseph0707582402Education loans and scholarshipsprovide scholarships for higher education in university for the students. Set aside some money that can be borrowed by students who would wish the further their education. This money should be circulatory. When a student graduates and gets employed should pay back to the fund for it to benefit other needy students. Expansion of the bursary fund so that it reaches many students within the countyEducating the youth is a key investment in our county since we have no major resources that we can export to earn revenue. Maybe lets export the human resource empowered through education(not set)
412WEMILABIEnvironment Water EnergyMichael Achachi0720088821UpgradeClean,reliable and consistentI do understand that in our ward above we have a running water supply. I would like to urge our new county government if its possible to intervene n ensure the taps do not run dry unnecessary. Residents me included are paying bill where us the better part of the month there is no water. I blive this is a huge investment the county government can benefit if they seriously invest in. Thank u.(not set)
413WEMILABIEnvironment Water EnergyMichael Achachi0720088821Upgrade of piped waterUpgrade the existing piped waterThis will lead to new connections and will boost revenue collection for the county(not set)
416GISAMBAITechnical Vocational Education TrainingGIMOMOI VTC0725652827GIMOMOI VTC PROJECTS1. Land purchase
2. Renovation of existing workshops
3. Construction and equipping of modern workshops i.e.
a) One storey building Mechanical workshop (MVT, MPT, PLUMBING, FABRICATION, PLANT & PRODUCTION).
b) I.C.T Lab, Community Resource Centre
c) Fashion Design & Garment Making Workshop
d) Hair Dressing and beauty therapy Workshop
e) Dormitory/Hostels (Male & Female).
4. Construction of Library
5. Construction of Perimeter Wall
6. Water Harvesting
Enhanced provision of quality and modern technical skills to the natives of Gisambai ward and the entire citizens of Vihiga County for self sustainability and practical realization of Vision 2030. (not set)
417GISAMBAITechnical Vocational Education TrainingGimomoi VTC0725652827Land Purchase and General Infrastructural Development1. Land purchase
2. Renovation of existing workshops
3. Construction and equipping of modern workshops i.e.
a) One storey building Mechanical workshop (MVT, MPT, PLUMBING, FABRICATION, PLANT & PRODUCTION).
b) I.C.T Lab, Community Resource Centre
c) Fashion Design & Garment Making Workshop
d) Hair Dressing and beauty therapy Workshop
e) Dormitory/Hostels (Male & Female).
4. Construction of Library
5. Construction of Perimeter Wall
6. Water Harvesting
Enhanced provision of quality and modern technical skills to the natives of Gisambai ward and the entire citizens of Vihiga County for self sustainability and practical realization of Vision 2030. (not set)
418WEST SABATIAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesjoshua isigi mungafu+254721782445commercial local poultry productionCommercial local production project is about fully rearing of local poultry for commercial purposes.The concept will entail clustering of the farmers into production units:1. Producers of fertilized eggs,2.Chick producers AND BROODERS 3.Producers of pullets and cockerels.
These production are interlinked and have an mou to operate so that one depends on the other and money circulation is constant.Transfer of products from one unit to the other is cash on delivery. This group will end up forming a SACCO.
For the program to start we shall only need small capital to buy mature hens and cocks then we need trainings by experts.
Youths,women and men(not set)
419LYADUYWA/IZAVATransport Infrastructuremoses Akidadi0715082600Road maintainanceHamadira-Munugi road is usually impasable during rainy season making it hard for transportation .Easen transportation of commodities (not set)
420WODANGASocial ServicesNelson Nebert Lugania+254722921112Supply of potable waterRehabilitate and revive piped water supply systemThis will save lives by supplying safe drinking water and save women and girls time for fetching water(not set)
421LUGAGA-WAMULUMAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesJames Isinga0722617316French Beans Farming and MarketingAs per project title.1. Could benefit financially every farmer with any size of land.
2. Create Employment for Youth in collection, grading and marketing.
3. County input financially could be very limited; as Vihiga people already know how to grow the same.
4. Any rejected ones are a source of healthy feeding for families.
5. Could turn Vihiga people away from planting maize in small plots, that I think is the source of poverty.
6. Could bring a shilling into Vihiga and improve and introduce other short time cash crops.
7. Once the project takes off, everybody in the County will be impacted positively in one way or the other.
(not set)
422GISAMBAIEnvironment Water EnergyERICK ODEI-MCA GISAMBAI WARD0714692464COMPLETION OF GIDU WATER PROJECTGidu water project is located in Gidu village adjacent to Gidagadi areaThe project will supply the residence of Gidu,Gidagadi, Gisambai, Majengo and part of Jepkoyai ward. In doing so residence will invest more on agricultural activities through irrigation. Further clean water will reduce water borne diseases. Gidagadi primary and sec will benefit from the same not forgetting Gidagadi Dispensary(not set)
423EMABUNGOTrade and EnterpreneurshipPatrick Amboka0702602571Emuhaya Egerton University Students Association (EMUSA) Cyber Cafe'The project is to be established at coptic area Maseno in Emabungo ward.we came out with the project due to increased number of internet users in the area who are mainly Maseno university students and Emabungo residents, this was to optimise the profit.Profit raised from the project will be used to pay school fee for the needy students,create a source of employment and motivate young generation on importance of self employment.(not set)
424WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyFranklin Chunguli 0722616765Gavugogo water projectThis is in community based water project that was funded by National project through the irrigation Dept. The project was to supply the residents of Mambai sub location with clean safe drinking water and water for irrigation under the Maji safi CBO.

The Initial project implementation was done but was not completed as the funds were mismanaged. The community requests for revival of this project.
The project will reduce the amount of time our women take to fetch water if the project is complete and operational, more time will be devoted to other income generating activities such as farming and business. (not set)
425NORTH MARAGOLISecurity and Safetykelvin 0703552282securitysecurity enhancementhelp in business operational hours(not set)
426EMABUNGOTrade and EnterpreneurshipPatrick Amboka0702602571Emuhay Egerton University students Association Cyber Cafe'The project is to be started in Maseno to maximise profit due to the number of increased internet users in the region.Help needy students pay school fee.

Create employment.
Motivate young people to venture in business
(not set)
427BANJAEnvironment Water EnergyAnalo Victor0722417081 Development Needs of Small and Medium Sized Briquette BusinessesBiomass briquettes may offer an alternative fuel for many of these applications. Biomass briquettes are a form of solid fuel that can be burned for energy. They are created by compacting loose biomass residues into solid blocks that can replace fossil fuels, charcoal and natural firewood; for domestic and institutional cooking and industrial heating processes. Briquettes can be made from biomass residuals such as charcoal dust (which is waste from the production process), coffee husks, coconut husks, maize cobs and sawdust amongst others. Briquettes have the potential to be a source of renewable energy, if they are made from sustainably harvested biomass or agricultural residues.The project focuses on components of energy recovery from municipal solid waste, while providing income to the diffarent stakeholders involved, especially women and youth groups.(not set)
428LYADUYWA/IZAVAEnvironment Water EnergyJosephine mugusia0710343344WaterProject DescriptionBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County(not set)
429WEST BUNYORETrade and Enterpreneurshipjonah omuyoma0720221568Street LightingInstall street lights from Luanda/Siaya junction to Asikote shopping centre on the Luanda Busia road.It will improve security and enhance business hours(not set)
430CENTRAL MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAndrew Egala0722571322Pulses value chain enhancementFast maturing, 2 months, high yielding, 9 bags per acre, drought resistant, ready market.Utilization of the small, parcels effectively, source of protein( nutrition), better incomes.(not set)
431CENTRAL MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAndrew Egala0722571322Poultry value chainEnhancing poultry value chain, to women and youth groups.Maximum utilization of small land, source of empowerment, market readily available within the county, on upscaling neighbouring counties market available. Less labour intensive. Will eventually lead to established SMEs, in packaging, among others within the value chain actors/players.(not set)
432CENTRAL MARAGOLITrade and EnterpreneurshipAndrew Egala0722571322Entrepreneurship developmentEntrepreneurship is the medium or platform which, our county citizen, will reap maximum benefit, land size and population boom, inhibit agricultural activities. Unemployment rate in kenta and county at over 50 per cent, no more jib creations. Capacity building youths with entrepreneurship skills, organising them in managabe groups for business undertaking.Eradicate unemployment, better incomes, creation of viable and sustainable SMEs. Increase in county taxes. Reduce crime rate in the county.(not set)
433JEPKOYAIEducation ScienceGerishom Zemeri Aguma 0721335620 Gamande Vocational Training Center Land expansion, institution office, electrical workshop, building construction workshop, motor vehicle mechanic workshop and toiletsempowering youths with skills, employment and security (not set)
442CENTRAL MARAGOLIEducationNebert Inyangu Lugusa 0720566641 Refurbishment of matsigulu ECDE centre. Repair works, face lifting and construction of an additional class room. Fencing /securing the compound and construction of a kitchen and additional toilets. Will enhance provision of ECDE Education (not set)
443CENTRAL MARAGOLIEnvironment Water EnergyNebert Inyangu Lugusa 0720566641 Matsigulu community water projectRevival of the collapsed water project Will ensure the community gets clean water (not set)
444CENTRAL MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureNebert Inyangu Lugusa 0720566641 Rehabilitation of kegoye - imbinga - matsigulu road Rehabilitation of kegoye - imbinga - matsigulu road. Will ease transport (not set)
445TAMBUATechnical Vocational Education TrainingFlorence Ochola 0726921385 Givigoi Vocational Training Centre1.Renovation of existing classrooms /workshops. of modern latrines/urinal pit. 3.putting up twin workshop for motor vehicle technology of a food and beverage production unit. 5.putting up an equipped Ict lab. 6.installation of a poultry unit consisting of an incubator This will impact the youth with relevant skills hence create their own employment. Poultry unit will increase food production and eliminate malnutrition problems (not set)
446SHAMAKHOKHOSecurity and SafetyRonald Jemovo 0724617555Electricity Street lights (one giant street Light situated at a central and strategic place) Project Description Shamakhokho. Mago and Serem markets we do have 24hours county economy.... also will provide security to entrepreneur /business at market.... insecurity cases will be limited.... solar lights at shamakhokho market not functioning (not set)
447TAMBUANatural Resourcesmelvine kadenyi0707783933granite industry Granite industry is an industry that is best on the availability of granites rocks. The by product of this rocks are, cement, bullding stones, sand, tendereser and etcCreation of employment to the surrounding people thus improving the living standard. The revenue that will be obtain from this industry can be used to improve on the other sectors of economy. Ie, education sector, the prpduct of this granite can be used inthe constactions of infrastructures such as, roads and schools(not set)
448NORTH MARAGOLITechnical Vocational Education TrainingPatrick Ominde Amkoywa0715983037Mutambi PolytechinicDevelopment of Mutambi PolytechnicThese are the benefits of the project
1) vocational technical training to youth people in North Maragoli, Wodanga and Hamisi
2) Open up the general area of Mutambi Kivagala to infrastructural development
(not set)
449NORTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesPatrick Ominde Amkoywa0715983037Poultry Farming for economic development and LivelihoodThis project seeks to develop poultry farming beyond the hobby farming as presently practiced by the people of North maragoli. This project will involve animal husbandry, farmer training, hatching, cooperative formation for sales and value addition in North Maragoli and eventually in Vihiga country.1) Secure livelihoods for residents
2) A sustainable new income stream
3) Job creation along the value chain
(not set)
450NORTH MARAGOLIEnvironment Water EnergyPatrick Ominde Amkoywa0715983037wakikuyu intergrated Water and Electricity projectExpansion of the a water reserviour at the foot of Mudete tea factory, for piped water project in North maragoli and Wodanga Wards, construction of a mini hydro power plant for electricity generatio1) Mitigate the water supply issue in North maragoli to relieve women and girls the torturous water fetching tasks every day
2) Generation of Electricity to light up market centres in North maragoli for improved economic production
3) Increase fish production on the newly expanded water dam
4)Establishment of touristic activities in North maragoli specicically water sports and recreation
(not set)
451NORTH EAST BUNYORETechnical Vocational Education TrainingFred0722472394Vocational training centreConstruction of a new vocational centeCreation of skilled manpower.(not set)
452NORTH MARAGOLIICT and MediaPatrick Ominde Amkoywa0715983037One stop Youth centerThis is a proposed project to offer the public and in particular youth, opportunities to connect, train and acquire new skills in ICT and multimedia and ultimately self create employemnt through self employment or business start upThis project seeks to levearge on the ubiquity of internet and proliferation of Massive open courses (Moocs) and the Do it Your self concept. This is not geared towards academic profficiency but rather practical acquisition of critical skills in Video production, photgraphy, coding etc. The cross cutting benefit is the potentila to create societal coheshion for it will bring together youth from different back grounds for a common underatking. The other benefit is the creation of internet open spaces in the towns and market centres of Vihiga. This project has the potential of creating a silcon Valley eco system in Vihiga. (not set)
453NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructurePatrick Ominde Amkoywa0715983037Mulundu-Kegoye Road and BridgeThis is a connecting bridge between Wamuluma and North Maragoli wards. Its 1)This project will cut short the time taken on boda boda for residents of mulundu to access Mbale town for groceries and other services. It will also reduce travel costs since the short distance is charged less. It will make the road motorable
2) It will open up the interior for North Maragoli and Wamuluma to economic development eg rental housing etc
3) It will prevent accidents from high waters of women and children trying to cross the river to school and market
(not set)
454BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe 0772690766Ikobero-Jivuye BridgeBridgeConnecting Busali Muhudu Ward(not set)
455BUSALIEducationMugalo Fredrick 0721351151Lotego polytechnic Revamping of lotego polytechnic. The main tuition block poorly done. Cracked walls and sagging ceiling endangering learners safety The green house in the institution can be completed and a water source built.
Start a poultry project to augment income sent to the institution from the county and provide realia training for the Agricultural class. . . .
This will provide a condusive and safe learning environment for students from Busali and its environs (not set)
456WEST BUNYOREWomen and YouthSilvanos O. Induswe0717567375Jobs/Youth empowerment.1.Help youths create jobs.
2.Make youths aware of county opportunities for application.
Improve life standards,minimise criminal activities,improve food security.(not set)
. The purpose of this document is to facilitate potential investors in Vermicompost Production, Packaging & Marketing business by providing them a holistic as well as a micro view of business with the hope that such information as provided herein will help the potential investors in crucial investment decisions.

Vermicomposting is as a bio-oxidative process in which earthworms interact intensively with microorganisms and other fauna within the decomposer community, accelerating the stabilization of organic matter and modifying its physical and biochemical properties. The action of the earthworms in this process is physical or mechanical. Physical participation in degrading organic substrates results in fragmentation, thereby increasing the surface area of action, turnover and aeration. On the other hand, biochemical changes in the degradation of organic matter are carried out by microorganisms through enzymatic digestion, enrichment by nitrogen excrement and transport of inorganic and organic materials.

The selection of suitable earthworm species for Vermicomposting is an important step of the overall process. Out of the thousands of species of earthworms, only a few are suitable for vermicomposting of organic wastes. The epigeic species of earthworms are widely used for vermicomposting of different organic wastes. Eisenia fetida is the most widely used earthworm species for vermicomposting due to its well-established potential for the vermicomposting of compostable organic materials such as agricultural wastes and animal manures.

For all of these reasons, vermicomposting is attracting the attention of farmers, waste-generators, public officials, and environmentalists. When applied to cropland, compost adds organic matter, improves soil structure, reduces fertilizer requirements, and reduces the potential for soil erosion. One of the most attractive features of vermicomposting is that there is a market for the product. Potential buyers include home gardeners, landscapers, vegetable farmers, turf growers, operators of golf courses, and ornamental crop growers. The price of compost varies considerably because it is often viewed as a waste product.

The project of vermicompost production, processing, packaging and marketing envisages the farming of collection of raw material, composting followed by packaging and then distribution or supply directly to the farmers, commercial nursery growers market.

Organic solid waste management by employing earthworms has multifarious role to play in a developing COUNTRY LIKE KENYA and an Agricultural County like Vihiga.

Firstly, this waste can be converted into valuable compost by applying vermicomposting technology. This approach reduces pollution and provides a valuable substitute for chemical fertilizers. Secondly, the manure is produced in a shorter duration of time of 16 weeks and is fully matured, homogenous matter. Thirdly, the programme provides job opportunities for the unskilled labor force. Finally, it is the best way of guarding the environment. Vermicompost (compost produced by the activity of selected species of earthworms) has been adjudged as the best source of organic amendments to soil. Using vermicompost can fulfill the requirements for organically grown products.

This scheme gives details of making compost from bio-degradable organic waste using vermin-castings. It is assumed that the land and the waste material are free of cost to the entrepreneurs. This unit will be profitable even if the land is taken on lease.
Prospect for Vermicomposting to be used for soil amendment/ conditioner and potting material for commercial nurseries and horticultural crops (vegetables growing in tunnel farming). All processing facility will be at one place

Technology: Vermicomposting production and processing required tools and equipments/machinery for collection (loading & unloading), pre-decomposition, shredding, mixing, drying, sieving and packaging. The proposed unit requires basic composting equipments (list attached). Working hours per day 8 hours. Working days in a year 360 days.
Project components:
There are four key steps during the typical composting process. These include: feedstock pre-processing where the feedstock is treated and blended to achieve a mix with desired overall characteristics, the active composting important for pathogen kill, the curing necessary to obtain a mature and stable product, and the post-processing required to meet quality criteria for sale and distribution of the product.
(not set)
458BUSALIHealth CareARNOLD MAMADI+254729238516SABATIA SUBCOUNTY HOSPITAL UPGRADESABATIA SUBCOUNTY HOSPITAL UPGRADEHave a hospital which provide integrated curative and rehabilitative care and usually have the resources to provide wide-ranging medical and surgical services including caesarean section and blood transfusion.


(not set)
459BUSALIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesARNOLD MAMADI+254729238516PIG FARMING VALUE ADDITION PIG FARMING VALUE ADDITION PROJECT pig industry is differentiated into specialized business units consisting of feed
millers, producers, abattoirs, processors and retailers.

The major challenge they face is sourcing for quality pork.
Majority of small and medium scale processors are unable to meet quality and packaging
standards and therefore lose out on key markets including hotels, hospitals and schools. The
study established that these institutions prefer to source pork from Farmer’s Choice-Kenya’s
leading producer and processor-since it is the only firm with ISO certification.

(not set)
-Our kids at ECDC receive quality nutrition ensuring all their needs are met and they can grow up healthy.

-Every child deserves to play, to have a childhood.

-Extensive evidence exists regarding the benefits of using local expertise, leadership and community support to establish integrated early childhood development and parenting centres. Many early childhood programs and services exist, but are not well integrated. Integration may be achieved through a network of school-based early child development and parenting services which serve as an integrated hub of programs and supports for preschool children and their families.
(not set)
461WEST BUNYORESocial ServicesDavid Sangolo Mung'aya0729004952Engaging With Civil Society GroupsEmpowering And Partnership In Civic EngagementEmpowered And Informed Citizenry Through Civic Education(not set)
462MUNGOMATourism DevelopmentKENNEDY ADAGALA0713355899Mungoma cavesThis is a cultural/tourist site that is located in Mungoma ward which was used as a shrine by MulogoliIf the site is rehabilitated and or developed then the impact would be of great benefit not only to the people of this ward but to the entire County. Many tourist will be attracted to visit and hence from the proceeds the people would benefit from the trickle effect.(not set)
463NORTH MARAGOLICooperatives (SACCO)Fredrick kisambo Jamoza0714181113Revival of coffee sector in the county 1.Establishment of coffee nurseries
2.Renovation of coffee factories within the county
3.Issuance of title deeds to the existing coffee factories
4.sensitization of coffee farming in the county
5.Encouragement of youth to the sector
6.create kits for chemicals and coffee fertilisers to farmers to fully revive the sector
2.Strengthen the economy of vihiga county through Agriculture [coffee farming ]
3.Reduce poverty
4.create diversity within the agriculture sector through coffee farming
(not set)
464CENTRAL MARAGOLISecurity and Safetykarani chinzi0717030731securityHelp in construction of a police stationBring sanity and secure the residents(not set)
465EMABUNGOHealth CareDr. Joel Kalafa Edalia0722 217611upgrading of Emuhaya HospitalAcquisition of more land for expansion,construction of Hospital (200 bed capacity) , laboratory block, warehouse,blood bank and mortuary, construction of staff houses, sink bore hole, complete electrical works to enable utilization of three phase power suply ,once Emuhaya sub county hospital is upgraded, it will reduce referrals to the county hospital, reduce expenditure for residents of Emuhaya and Luanda incurred as they travel to visit their sick relatives far from home, it will promote the social economic status of the residents in the two subcounties,wil optimize on the utilization of the existing sophisticated equipments already available. (not set)
466WEMILABIHealth CareWycliffe Okaya0733919231Up Grade of Emuhaya Sub County HosipitalUpgrade of the Health service delivery system,Human Resources,Drugs and Medical supplies,Health Financing,health information management and enhanced leadership and coordination.As per Article 43 of the constitution the project seeks to enhance the right to highest attainable standard of health, which will include the right to reproductive health services for the people of Wemilabi ward and the surrounding areas as its cross cutting.
Specifically the project will
1. Give people equal access to effective, safe and quality health services that are standardized and follow accepted protocols and guidelines.
2.Health services are provided by trained and competent health work force who have an adequate mix of knowledge and skills to meet the health needs of the sub county.
3. People in the Sub County have access to a consistent supply of essential medicines and consumables.
4. People have access to free primary healthcare services .Its critical to mobilise financial resources for providing free health services at the point of delivery. Direct payment by beneficiaries impedes access to health care and result in poor and vulnerable people not always seeking appropriate health care when it is needed.
5. A proper design and delivery system that is guided by the collection, analysis, interpretation and utilization of relevant public health data.
6. People will have access to health services that are coordinated across the sectors to achieve maximum impact.
(not set)
467SOUTH MARAGOLITrade and EnterpreneurshipDr. Joel Edalia0722 217611ENERGY SAVING STOVESTo promote use of energy saving stoves in institutions and homesReduce expenditure on wood fuel at facility and household level, reduce the rate of environmental degradation, improve socio-economic status and encourage skills transfer(not set)
468WEST BUNYOREHealth CareMoses Apeli0726507740Ebuyangu Health centre A community health facility at At James ACK Mwiyaala The whole population of Embali rely on Yala, Mundoli or Ipali. All these are too far for any emergencies. We have lost too many people due to curable complications (not set)
469WEST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureMoses Apeli0726507740Ebuyangu -EbukangaCurrently murramed. Requires routine maintenance after rainsOpens up ebukanga, emmabwi and ebuyangu to yala and Luanda markets(not set)
470WEST BUNYOREPhysical Planning Land and HousingMoses Apeli0726507740Embali recreation center Include a facility that engages our youth. A playground for ballgames, indoor games,waste water reticulation and all that goes with it Remove roadside idleness from the community by encouraging sports, create market for subsistence farmers ignition of investment in housing around the facility. (not set)
471WEST BUNYORESecurity and SafetyMoses Apeli0726507740Ebuyangu power supply There's an area called Mwiyaala in ebuyangu that's most insecure due to luck of connection to power grid. KPLC recons a transformer is required. Security and economic. (not set)
474LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFRANCIS Buluku0702649133fencing of the compound & construction of main gateProject Description:modern gate and barbed wire fenceBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County:control students and for security(not set)
475LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFRANCIS Buluku0702649133fencing and construction of main gateProject Description:modern gate and barbed wire fence.Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County:control students and for security.(not set)
476LYADUYWA/IZAVATechnical Vocational Education TrainingMunugi V.T.C.0725730340MUNUGI vOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTREProposed Development Of Munugi Vocational Training Centre To The Convenient Level Of Training Students In National Industrial Training Authority (N.I.T.A.) Examinations. The following are required;
1. Purchase of land that provides enough space for the centre.
2. Providing perimeter walling around the centre and the gate.
3. Building and fully equipping two (2No) workshops for each of the following sections to enable efficient training, a total of 10No. workshops.
* Building Technology.
* Electrical Installation Technology.
* Hair Dressing And Beauty Therapy.
* Garment Making Technology.
* Motor Vehicle Technology.
4. Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.) Lab.
5. Entrepreneurship Skills Room.
6. Life Skills Room.
7. Communication Skills Room.
8. Three Sanitary Blocks with twin door pit latrines and urinary catering for staff, boys and girls each.
9. Rain water Harvesting Facilities.
10. Administration Block with the following;
* Principal's Office.
*D/Principal's Office.
* Typing Room.
* 6No. Section Heads Offices.
* 2No. Stores.
* Accounts Office.
* Guiding and Counseling Office.
To impart Technical Skills to Youths and the society at large which will enable them acquire a means of livelihood for their future lives.(not set)
477LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducation Scienceviolet mwaniga0722146351St Peters Hambale VTCProject Description. Dormitories , Worships , Tools &Equipment , Computer lab & Equipment , Sanitary facilities ,Dining hall ,Fencing & rebranding of the VTC ,Land expansionBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County. It will increase the enrollment of students who will be equipped with technical skills(not set)
478WEST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyWIDSON O. AMBAISI0728941450ESTABLISHMENT OF BOTANICAL GARDEN/PARKSetting land to establish a botanical garden to take care of the trending and threatening climatic issues.1,Taxonomic studies
2. Botanical research
3. Conservative of environment
4. Education
5. Public services
6. Aesthetic and Recreation
7. Employment
(not set)
479LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFRANCIS Buluku0702649133fencing and construction of modern gateProject Description;modern gate and barbed wire fence.Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County:control students and for security(not set)
480LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFRANCIS Buluku0702649133construction of administration block and computer labProject Description:administration block for staff and ICT labBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County:assist staff and ICT (not set)
481LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFRANCIS Buluku0702649133installation of electricityProject Description:assist school,ICT and hair dressing and beauty therapy students.Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County:income generation(not set)
482CHAVAKALITechnical Vocational Education TrainingRACE KAVAYA KIRUGU0705157799MUDETE VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTREA training center To equip our youth with skills to help them be self reliant(not set)
483TAMBUAICT and MediaTrevor Kaon+254727357946ICT HUBsThe objectives of the project is to support the people of tambua to access the global village(internet) in order to enhance awareness and uptake of on-line platforms for employment , education and business opportunities.Improved education levels as result of the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT as an academic library.
Job creation through adoption of online work by citizens.
(not set)
484GISAMBAIEnvironment Water EnergyERICK ODEI0714692464GIDU WATER PROJECTThe project is situated at Gidu village next to Gidagadi primary schoolEnhance supply of water to Gidu area, Gidagadi, Givogi, Buyangu, Gisambai market, Solian area and Majengo market.(not set)
used by a lot of farmers and other business men, evacuation of emergency cases of patients.(not set)
487GISAMBAIEnvironment Water EnergyERICK ODEI0714692464Gidu water projectThe water project is situated in Gidu village next to gidagadi primaryEnable supply of clean water to Gidu village, Gidagadi, Majengo, Solian and Buyangu hence reduce water-born diseases (not set)
488JEPKOYAIEnvironment Water EnergyNELSON OGETO0780304184WATER CONSERVATION & PRODUCTIONAttaining of at least half of clean water supply to half of homesteadsThis will reduce the strain people have in accessing water including the spread of water borne diseases like cholera.(not set)
489LYADUYWA/IZAVAIndustrial DevelopmentNdeda kelvin0712723556Bread baking/hides and skins At we need a baking or hides and skin industry there at lunyerere at that empty land where kesei was.Youth will be employed (not set)
490NORTH MARAGOLICooperatives (SACCO)Frederick Kisambo Jamoza0714181113REVIVAL OF COFFEE FACTORIES1.Renovation of coffee factories in the county
2 . Establishment of coffee nurseries to enhance coffee farming
3.provide incentives that will help farmers flourish in the coffee sector
4.sensitize the youth in the county to take part in coffee farming valued un energetic old game
5.Centralization of coffee cooperative societies in the county
1.Create employment to the youth and the general population in the county
2.Improve the economic growth of the county
3.Reduce poverty
4.Divasify the agricultural sector through coffee farming
5.Bring together coffee farmers for a common goal
(not set)
491JEPKOYAISecurity and SafetyVitalis Gavole0707113280Security LightsInstall street lights and flood lights at Gambogi marketWill improve security for business people, customers, travellers at Gambogi market(not set)
492JEPKOYAISecurity and SafetyVitalis Gavole0707113280CCTV CamerasInstall CCTV cameras at Gambogi marketThrough surveillance criminals can be identified. Also will identify men who notorious for sexually harrassing school girls at Gambogi market.(not set)
493JEPKOYAIPublic Private PartnershipsVitalis Gavole0707113280Sanitation FacilitiesPartner with private businesses to offer clean toilets at a fee at every market place e.g. Gambogi, Tigoi, BoyaniIt will inspire residents to embrace civilizations and earn Vihiga county a name as an organised and clean county.(not set)
494JEPKOYAITourism DevelopmentVitalis Gavole0707113280Tourism officesEstablsih a tourism office at Gambogi or Tigoi market to provide information to visitors on attractions and events they can do in the countyWill improve the experience of visitors from other counties/countries and will boost visitors through refferals.(not set)
495TAMBUAEnvironment Water EnergyLoice Asiko the 0726493458water supply provide clean piped water to the residents majority of Tambua people have no access to clean water, so these will help the people by reducing waterborne diseases and other communicable diseases (not set)
496GISAMBAITechnical Vocational Education TrainingPaul Ososo0726523556JEPKOSE VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE1. land acquisition 2. twine workshop construction 3. modern pit latrines 4. construction of kitchen 5. plastering of the existing building 6. three desk top computers 7. water harvesting goodsenhance a conducive learning environment, impacting skills to trainees, improve on enrolment, improve living standards in the community(not set)
497WODANGAEnvironment Water Energyomudi Emmanuel0725437926water and sanitationTo connect rural families to piped water.This will enhance health in the community. When all households can easily access clean water, the number of diseases spread due to dirty water will reduce for instance cholera.
We will also see an improvement in other sectors such as agriculture and education
(not set)
498EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureReuben Okila0724219541RoadsLiang'oma native road
Mustinyi ematsi Maseno road
Luanda wemilabi emakata make road
Ebwali emakata road
Liang'oma matope road serve Liang'oma dispensary and hobunaka secondary school (not set)
499EMABUNGOTrade and EnterpreneurshipReuben Okila0724219541Business loansBusiness loans to tradersWill motivate the community to carry out business and develop the county(not set)
500EMABUNGOCooperatives (SACCO)Reuben Okila0724219541Loans to SACCO , cooperative and regested group performing table bankingThe fund will help to reduce poverty in the areaWill reduce poverty and promote financial stability to the county(not set)
501EMABUNGOHealth CareReuben Okila0724219541Hospitals Reposes Maseno hospital It will serve the community within emabungo area(not set)
503EMABUNGOHealth CareReuben Okila0724219541Maseno school of nursingFor training our youths Promote employment and create jobs for the youths (not set)
504EMABUNGOHealth CareReuben Okila0724219541Start new nursing school Start a new nursing school at Emuhaya sub county hospital It will create jobs and student will serve patient at health center reducing time of not being attended to(not set)
506EMABUNGOSecurity and SafetyReuben Okila0724219541Construct police station at hobunaka cattle deep plotThere is no fully constructed police post in emabungo wardIt will reduce crime and enhance security to the community (not set)
507LYADUYWA/IZAVAWomen and YouthCharity Alividza chole0725579820Digital worldBuilding a premises where youth and women can be educated on matters pertaining to technologyMost women and youth will be computer literate(not set)
508EMABUNGOEducationReuben Okila0724219541Rehabilitation center To start rehabilitation center for children with needs care and protection It help the county to rehabilitate with domestic violence rehabilitate Luanda street boys (not set)
509LYADUYWA/IZAVAWomen and YouthPretorius Adenya Osotsi0703562271Tumaini CBO groupTumaini CBO group is a group of youth within lyaduywa/izava that would like to get sponsorship from vihiga county to enable us achieve our objectives.The main objective of theme group is to forge a head a business that will involve baking of mandazis and loafs and supplying it into available marketsThe project intends to help in creation of jobs to the people in the sector of baking and supplying of baked goods,also it intends to giving soft loans to youths and women with business ideas in the near future after it stabilizes(not set)
510BANJAICT and MediaHolman Lumbasio0715299726News coverage and information in the societyTo cover news and information accordance to the rules and regulations of journalism and mass communication without fear or favour both in broadcast and print media option.the project will be the watchdog of pure development without any corruption taking place,on the other hand there will be an upper hand of getting firsthand information concerning the project.(not set)
511LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationalianda james0716350016secondry,colleges and universitieshelping needy students achieve there goals by providing them with school fees and ensuring that cdf funds are equally distributed in the wardsit will raise the education standards in the county vihiga and provide competent graduates who will impact the county in terms of dvlopments(not set)
512NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducationKephaimbwenya@gmail.com0722860732EcdConstructionImprove on foundation of young learners(not set)
513NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureKephaimbwenya@gmail.com0722860732Ebunangwe-Emerembe road/mutsababridgeGrading and gravelling/construction of bridgesImprove on communication network(not set)
514NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareKephaimbwenya@gmail.com0722860732Ilungu ,Ebulamba ,Ikumu DispensaryConstructionImprove health and easy access to facilities(not set)
515NORTH EAST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyKepha simon Imbwenya 0722860732Ebunangwe water projectInstallation of 3face transformer at mutsaba and pipesProvision of clean water to the community(not set)
516WEST SABATIAEducationGeoffrey Enonda0707178168SOLONGO POLYTECHNICSolongo polytechnic is a major polytechnic found in west sabatia ward,Solongo sub location. The polytechnic has upto more than 10 acres of land which as per now hasnt been utilized. The polytechnic requires a face lift whereby more structures need to be set up. more training equipments need to be supplied to it so as to facilitate skills development through practical training. It needs to be uplifted to a boarding facility so as to accommodate the growing number of youth who are seeking technical skills. more trained staff needs to be deployed to the institution. Further more,an audit should be done so as to find out how resources which were being allocated to the institution were utilized. More technical courses should be introduced so as to grow it with time to a national polytechnic.The success of this project will see more youth who graduate from primary and secondary school and do not further their education get a chance to secure chances in technical training. They will be from the entire county. More business opportunities will be provided for the residents of the area if its made a boarding facility e.g food vending,cyber services,sale of school accessories,development of shops as well as improving the economy of Chavakali and Kegondi markets. more people will secure employment both casual and technical from the entire county.(not set)
517MUNGOMATransport InfrastructureGeoffrey Anyamba kago0722965910Expansion of Access Road from Lyanaginga-Buhani-InamezaThe project seeks to Make road access from Buhani village to Inameza accessibe and connect to roads in Kisumu county.This will open up the area to markets in Kisumu greatly the distance local travel to access quality markets,services and health facilities.
The road should be put to gravel standards with works on at least two bridges.
1.Improve accessibility of the area to Major road I.e kisumu-Busia road
2.Improve locals economic participation as it Will now be easy to get out building materials in the area which are abundant to markets
3.Accessibility to kisingilu Primary school to improve
4.Empowerment of locals
(not set)
518MUNGOMAHealth CareGeoffrey Anyamba kago0722965910Buhani health centreConstruction of a health centre in Buhani village which will make easy for residents to access health care .currently they have to travel either to Lynaginga or Inameza which is challenge due to poor access road1.Improvement in health care access to over 1000 residents
2.Greater participation of residents in county economic development
3.Improvement in county health facilities in general
(not set)
519MUNGOMAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesGeoffrey Anyamba kago0722965910One cow initiative per householdDistribute 30 grade cows to peasant farmers in each sub location of Mungoma ward annually .The beneficiaries then issue the 1st and 2nd female calves to other farmers as the county does yearly increase of 30.This is intended to help farmers to start rearing exotic cattle breeds which have high milk production compared to traditional animals1.Greater employment opportunities for locals especially the youth
2.Increase in milk production which has high underutilized potential
(not set)
520LYADUYWA/IZAVAPublic Private PartnershipsMakova Kevin0724284291Vihiga County Stock Exchange MarketThere should be established a Vihiga County Stock Exchange Market. Through an act of the county assembly let there be established a county Stock exchange Market to spur investment by the public in existing business enterprises such as Mudete tea factory.
The public should be encouraged to invest in listed companies/businesses only to curb economic fraud and check the increasing mushrooming of pyramid schemes.
1. Encourage investment among the public.
2. Curb business fraud.
3. Earn the county revenue.
4. Nurturing of new investors.
5. Growth of capital base for existing businesses while encouraging establishment of new ones.
(not set)
521LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationfrancis buluku0702649133fencing and gsProject Description...cedar post and barbed wireBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga and controlling students(not set)
522LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFrancis Buluku0702649133fencing and main gateProject Description........Barbed wire and posts
Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County......Control students and security .
(not set)
523MWIBONAEducationMonde sila0724206540Construction of ECD Classroom Khusiututu area3 Nunber ECD classroomImproved literacy in the area(not set)
524MWIBONAHealth CareMonde sila0724206540Completion of maternity wing and construction of male wardEbusyubi health centreProject will help end maternal deaths during delivery in the area

(not set)
525WEST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureNOAH KWAKHA0700565615security light for ebuyanguwe need a powerful security lightthis will make traders to cash in from late customers(not set)
526WEST BUNYORESports and CultureNOAH KWAKHA0700565615STADIUM FOR EMBALIwe need a stadium for our youth to play in gamesyouth will benefit from the sports and also the surrounding community will get jobs(not set)
527LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFrancis Buluku0702649133Fencing and Contsruction of main gateBarbed wire fence and main gateFor Security purposes and controlling students(not set)
528WEST BUNYORESecurity and SafetyNOAH KWAKHA0700565615EMBALI POLICE STATIONWe need embali patrol base to be elevated to a full police station.the base is unable to man the whole of embali region(not set)
529LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFrancis Buluku0702649133Construction of Administration block and Computer LaboratoryConstruction of Administration block and Computer LaboratoryBenefits the Institution and the staff(not set)
530LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFrancis Buluku0702649133Electricity installationElectricity installationICT, electrical students and the institution(not set)
531LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFrancis Buluku0702649133construction of two twin workshopsconstruction of two twin workshopsstudents and the staff(not set)
532LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFrancis Buluku0702649133Acquiring tools & EquipmentsAcquiring tools & Equipmentsstudents pursuing electrical, motor vehicle, carpentry, fashion design and building and construction to benefit(not set)
533LUGAGA-WAMULUMAEducationFrancis Buluku0702649133Staff toiletsStaff toiletsMale/Female staff to benefit(not set)
534LYADUYWA/IZAVAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesMoses Akidadi0715082600Water for farmingThere is high need to invest in irrigation farming to help in addressing food shortage.If farmers can have piped water, it will be earsy for them to do farming even in dry season , when most vegetables and other food staffs come from neghbouring counties.
Farmers should also be taught on seasonal plantation not to rely on maize plantation as a means of servival.
We need to venture heavilyin vegetable plantation and the county government help in searching for market.
The project will help in curbing food security.(not set)
535LYADUYWA/IZAVAIndustrial DevelopmentVictor ombeye0703384505water packagingpurification of water and packing in bottles....vigina water spring has one of clean waters..vigina water spring has clean water.....if the county can facilitate the project and build a small industry for this it can provide employment to our young youths and also income generation to our county. ..(not set)
536JEPKOYAITransport InfrastructureKEBOYI FREDRICK ABDONYA0728168456Road constructionRepair of Jebrock -Musiri-Gisambai roadThis will enable the ease of transportation of peoples goods from one market to another, also movement of our people from one area to another hence this will improve the marketing of farmers outputs.(not set)
537JEPKOYAIEducationKEBOYI FREDRICK ABDONYA0728168456Improvement of the education standards Create education opportunities for the less advantaged who scores c+ and above but due to fee problem end up being useless in the county including me.This will empower our county where it will depend on its own experts without hiring from outside the county hence making the county a powerhouse of academic excellence.(not set)
538MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607completion of Construction of Administration block/workshop projectAdministration Block/Workshopadministrative issues, training, job opportunities.(not set)
539MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607computer lab/ict centreconstruction of a modern ict/computer laboratoryserve as a learning resource center to the ward and counties at large, create employment opportunities,ict training center,merge the trending needs in education.(not set)
540MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607renovation & construction of workshopsrenovation of the existing two workshops and construction of new workshops i.e. tailoring & dressmaking, hairdressing & beauty therapy, electrical & electronics, masonry, mvm, carpentry & joinery and etctraining, teaching, practical centers/rooms,create job opportunities, enlighten the community.(not set)
541MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607construction of staff/students' toiletsconstruction of toiletssanitation & health issues(not set)
542MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607construction of the institutes gate and fencing of the compoundfencing & gate constructionsecurity issues, demarcation, job opportunities.(not set)
543MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION & COMPLETION OF THE ADMINISTRATION BLOCK/WORKSHOP PROJECT.Administrative issues, training, create job opportunities(not set)
544MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF A MODERN ICT/COMPUTER LABserve as an ict/learning resource center, training,increase in enrollment, create job opportunities, help merge with the trending needs in education and training.(not set)
545MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF MODERN WORKSHOPS i.e. fashion design, hairdressing & beauty therapy, electrical & electronics,masonry,mvm,carpentry & joinery and etchelp increase in enrolment, create job opportunities, enlighten the community, train (provide skills), it is a requirement for TVET accreditation & licensing.(not set)
546MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF STAFF/STUDENTS TOILETSHelp in sanitation and health issues.(not set)
547MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF FENCE & GATEsecurity issues, help in demarcation of the institutes compound(not set)
548MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRERENOVATION OF WORKSHOPShelp have an improved enrolment,(not set)
549MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECOMPLETE CONSTRUCTION OF AN ADMINISTRATION BLOCK/ WORKSHOP PROJECTHelp in administrative issues, increase in enrolment(not set)
550MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF A MODERN ICT/COMPUTER LABHelp in training, increase enrolment, serve as a learning resource center,help merge with the trending needs in education.(not set)
551MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF WORKSHOPS Ii.e. fashion design, hair-dressing & beauty therapy, masonry, electrical & electronics, mvm, carpentry & joineryhelp in increased enrolment, enlighten the community, create job opportunities(not set)
552MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF STAFF/STUDENTS' TOILETSSanitation & health issues(not set)
553MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRECONSTRUCTION OF THE GATE AND FENCESecurity issues, demarcation of the institutes compound(not set)
554MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607MUHUDU VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRERENOVATION OF THE WORKSHOPSHelp have an improved enrolment.(not set)
555MUHUDUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingANNE ADISA MALOBA0723543607muhudu vocational training centreland expansion projecthelp in space expansion to impart skills to trainees(not set)
556CENTRAL MARAGOLITechnical Vocational Education TrainingNixon Zavani0721806077Aotomotive Engineering Training EquipmentComplete set of Equipment for the training of automotive engineering for Trade test, artisan and craft certificates. This set of equipment include:
- brake, steering and suspension system
- drive and power system
- engine component and accessories
- petrol and diesel engines
- fuel system and
- workshop equipment
Most vehicle owners both at individual and institutional level repair and maintain their vehicles in Kisumu. TVET training will provide of market driven and relevant skills to the youth for the repair and maintenance of vehicles. This will reduce unemployment among the youth and reduce lost man hours spend in repairing vehicles from Kisumu.(not set)
558NORTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesSolomon Madoya0725211094Bananas Banana PlantationExporting to other parts of Kenya it will increase income to individuals/in the county hence increasing living standards. (not set)
559NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareCATHERINE TETE0720230028CONSRUCTION OF INCINERATORSConstruction of modern incinerator at Ebusiratsi Health Centre and Esiarambatsi Health centreThis will benefit the health care facilities in ensuring proper disposal of infections health care waste(not set)
560MUHUDUHealth CarePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Nandwa Scheme Mortuary ProjectNandwa Scheme Mortuary project will help bring down the cost of preserving bodies as the nearest Mortuary is at Kaimosi but its very expensiveLow cost of Services to the local residents(not set)
561MUHUDUHealth CarePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Nandwa Scheme KMTC ProjectThere is a need to establish a KMTC college at Nandwa Scheme Cheap and accessible medicat training where students from Shiru/Muhudu ward can be dayscholars(not set)
562MUHUDUIndustrial DevelopmentPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Banja QuarryBanja Quarry is ideal for construction of Quarry stones,concrete,Concrete products and murram generation for ease of Infrustructure developmentLow coast of Infrastructure projects like roads and Buildings due to cheaply available Materials(not set)
563MUHUDUHealth CarePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Kaimosi KMTC CollegeKaimosi is globally known for its initial steps in training of nurses in 80s. Since the training has collapsed in recent years, the coming in of Jumuiya Hospital Kaimosi offers a golden opprtunity to establish a KMTC campus sister to Mbale KMTC.Increase medical Training leading to quality health care (not set)
564MUHUDUNatural ResourcesPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Kamulembe Gold mines Kamulembe Gold mines projects can help eliminate the middle men who are shortchanging our brothers in the Gold minesIncreased effective and efficient Gold processing venture which can earn the county revenue as well as increased incomes for miners(not set)
565NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareCATHERINE TETE0720230028Upgrading Ebusiratsi health Centre and Expansion of Ematsuli DispensaryUpgrading and expansionUpgrading will provide better working environment and give better services(not set)
566WEST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureDavid Sangolo Mung'aya0729004952Construction Of Culverts On Rural Access Roads Linking The Main Roads With Our Rural Roads Where Contractors Should Be Compelled To Put Culverts To Control Storm WaterImprove Access And Minimize Accidents(not set)
567MUHUDUHealth CareWycliffe Manyulu Clement0722623107 Ikamulembe Dispensary construction To construction of a dispensary at Ikamulembe market1. To improve immunization for infants in Muhudu
2. To increase maternal delivery by skilled health workers
3. To improve on access to treatment to common diseases
4. To improve access to Non Communicable Diseases (NCD's) eg Diabetes mellitus
(not set)
568MUHUDUHealth CareWycliffe Manyulu Clement0722623107Improve Jivuye dispensary 1. To employ 2 more nurses, one Clinical officer, one medical lab, 2 health information records for the health facility
2. Construct laboratory for the health facility
1. To improve immunization for infants in Muhudu
2. To increase maternal delivery by skilled health workers
3. To improve on access to treatment to common diseases
4. To improve access to Non Communicable Diseases (NCD's) eg Diabetes mellitus
(not set)
569MUHUDUHealth CareWycliffe Manyulu Clement0722623107Kaptechi dispensary renovation1. Construction of 4 staff houses
2. Employment of 6 nurses, 2 medical lab, 2 health records officers, 2 Community Health Extension Workers
1. To improve immunization for infants in Muhudu
2. To increase maternal delivery by skilled health workers
3. To improve on access to treatment to common diseases
4. To improve access to Non Communicable Diseases (NCD's) eg Diabetes mellitus
5. Improved community health services
(not set)
570MUHUDUHealth CareWycliffe Manyulu Clement0722623107 Ikamulembe Dispensary construction 1. Construction of Ikamulembe Dispensary
2. Employment if health workers for Ikamulembe dispensary
1. To improve immunization for infants in Muhudu and part of Shiru wards
2. To increase maternal delivery by skilled health workers
3. To improve on access to treatment to common diseases
4. To improve access to Non Communicable Diseases (NCD's) eg Diabetes mellitus treatment and management health services
(not set)
571BANJAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesPhilip Jumba0725239060Green HousesThis county is a net importer of tomatoes.The green house will produce tomatoes using pitmoss as the growth medium.This will eliminate the effects of bacterial wilt.Provide income.Provide revenue to the county.Provide food.Create employment.(not set)
572TAMBUAHealth CareErastas M.Katende0720450798Five Years planHealth care Improve easy communication of health care treatment(not set)
573BANJAIndustrial DevelopmentPhilip Jumba0725239060bottling drinking water.Bottle clean water for selling.Create employment.Provide income and revenue.(not set)
574CHAVAKALIIndustrial DevelopmentHarrison Matevwa0720901412Granite harvesting and rehabilitation of land for settlement or other purposesThis will entail getting an investor to harvest the stones then rehabilitate the land from funds generated and have families resettled there or alternatively get the families alternative land and reposes the rehabilitated land forpublic useThis will create jobs, improve infrastructure, rehabilitated land will be used for productive purposes etc(not set)
575TAMBUASocial ServicesLeakey Igambi Ombiri0710453937Libraries and Information centresEstablish modern libraries and information centres in each sub location. The libraries will be used by students and those taking research. The information centres will be a one stop shop where the residents will get proper information on variety of areas mostly agriculture and public health. The libraries and information centres to be manned by professionals from the locality and within the county. A citizen thatThe students will get a place to study peaceful and in a conducive environment while the residents will get various information needed hence more informed society.(not set)
576SOUTH MARAGOLIPublic Private PartnershipsAbabu D. N0720578921Restoration and operationalization of Enzaro library and resource centre The library was started by a private entity with an aim of increasing literacy levels. It is not working adequately well despite availability of learning and or reading material. The project would enhance literacy levels, offer job opportunities, reduce social related vices in the area by occupying youth when free. Develop reading culture in the young. Discourage access to local video rooms by providing educational computer programs (not set)
577SOUTH MARAGOLIICT and MediaAbabu D. N0720578921Establishment of ICT driven resource centresEstablish such centres each in a sublocation(Masna,Chagenda, Lusiola and Ideleri) . This should be in collaboration with selected schools to have a computer centre equipped with educational programs for access by ages 3- 15 or beyond. (Kindergarten, pre school and other age graded programs) -To expose our children to ICT at early age
-Provide better learning environment for our learners with an aim of developing them cognitively
-Enhancing communication
-Enhancing critical thinking and problem solving
-Learning through inquiry and play
(not set)
578SOUTH MARAGOLIHealth CareAbabu D. N0720578921Renovation Equipment and Supply of drugs at Enzaro Health Centre Renovation equipment and supply of drugs in Enzaro health Centre. The project was initialized by JICA and later handed over to GoK. It is needful to regain its initial status for provision of medicare for the ward and especially Masana, Chagenda and Ideleri sublocations.-Move medicare closer to people
-Ease the influx in the other facilities especially Vihiga Referral which should work on majorly referral cases
-Educate the society (on lifestyle ,communicable diseases etc
-Provide Comprehensive Care Centre facility due to increased and or high HIV rates
-Reduce mortality rates by provision of maternal healthcare etc
(not set)
579SOUTH MARAGOLISecurity and SafetyAbabu D. N 0720578921Masana AP Post Collaboration with the concerned state agencies(national or otherwise) to restore the Masana AP Post that once existed but died naturally. Taking cognizance of insecurity rampant in the border areas that it is vital to enhance security.-Provide in an area that is pretty fast creeping to insecurity
-Curb the groups that are rampantly growing with tendencies heightening insecurity.
(not set)
580NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAbabu D. N 0720578921Angoya Box Culvert Expansion of Angoya Box Culvert which is small, degraded, a black spot and now a security hazard since thugs prey around especially at night since motorists and cyclists must slow down significantly to manouvre .Equally when rains are massive the culvert is submerged Open up the place to allow acces and thus transportation of the farm produce majorly fruits
Enhance security
(not set)
581SOUTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAbabu D. N0720578921Angoya Box Culvert The box culvert is small thus allowing only one motorist at a time. It is also dangerously located and incoming traffic can't be seen. Because a motorist has to significantly slow down to manouvre, criminals prey on unsuspecting citizens. When rains are massive the culvert is submerged. Ensure ease of access especially when transporting farm produce especially fruits
Enhancement of security situation
(not set)
582SOUTH MARAGOLITrade and EnterpreneurshipAbabu D. N0720578921Angoya & Lusiola markets Restoration and opening up of Angoya and Lusiola markets. Initializing it and creating incentives for the place to open up and for members to sell their produce there instead of taking our revenue to other county jurisdictions especially Kiboswa market which is in Kisumu county. Retain and or improve revenue collection in our county which will in turn enhance service delivery
Ensure ease of distance to other markets
Provide job opportunities
(not set)
583SOUTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAbabu D. N0720578921Inyanza -Iriavoza Road/Box Culvert Expansion of Inyanza -Iriavora road would ensure access of important amenities like hospitals and markets. Iriavoza is the far flanked area of S. Maragoli .No road access.
The available makeshift bridge is a risk to the health of people of this area moreso children.
Access by these countizens to amenities like schools,hospitals, market centres etc
Reduce deaths caused by lack of access to health facilities
(not set)
584NORTH EAST BUNYORESecurity and SafetyOkang'a0707498057disaster emergency response centerThe center will reduce if not mitigate impacts of possible disasters through a comprehensive system that revolves around disaster cycle: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. This will deal with identification of all possible hazards within Vihiga, try to mitigate while preparing against their impacts The project will enhance the safety of the inhabitants. More life's and property will be saved incase of hazards like fire. A well informed population in response to disasters(not set)
585BANJAEducationjohn ayugu0725764875 vocational training centreconstruction of vtc at kabinjari and banja markets for trainining training of youth to impart them with skills for self employment(not set)
586BANJATechnical Vocational Education Trainingpauline mwashi0718107219vocational training centreconstruction of vtc and equipping them with modern learning materials equip learners with knowledge and skill that will enable them to be self reliance
reduce unemployment in the community
(not set)
587BANJAEnvironment Water Energypauline mwashi0718107219waterprovision of water to the people of banja and its environmentreduction of water related infections
provision of clean water to the people
(not set)
588TAMBUAHealth CareErastas M. Katende0720450798Givigoi health centerProject Description 1. cmplete phase1 structure contractor 3.fencing/ gate doctors hses incomplete 4 children/maternaty wing not yet structured 5 sewerage/sanitation buildings finally expantion of the plotBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County 1.people around will find it easy for treatment 2.creat employment/buissines 3.improve the access of roads (not set)
589MUHUDUICT and MediaEric Makabuti +254724003300 Centres of excellence Utilizing the existing facilities as well as developing new ones for the development of such community enhancement programs The community to benefit through provision of materials and ICT infrastructure to enable school going children to study in their spare times after school. Community to be updated with current happenings through provision of internet WiFi.(not set)
590MUHUDUEnvironment Water EnergyEric Makabuti +254724003300 Streams Rehabilitation To rehabilitate communal streams to acceptable standards as a preamble to provision of tap water. This short /mid term goal is to enable the community access clean and safe water as we work towards the ultimate goal of water availability to every homestead Healthy community will be productive in all spheres of the local economy (not set)
591WEST SABATIAEducationBUSISA DISHON0725822144EQUIPING THE SOLONGO POLYTECHNICthe Solongo youth polytechnic needs urgent attention in term of equipment and staffing. The polytechnic is the only one in the ward but does not merit the status of a polytechnic. in fact many people do not know that it exist. funding should be done in order to attract students.competitive and marketable courses should be introduced to make the institution worth attending.many people in the ward to gain skills that will help shape their future, and the rate at which the secondary schools are coming up and releasing and form four graduates is alarming. Most of our youth will benefit (not set)
592WEST SABATIACooperatives (SACCO)joshua isigi mungafu0721782445agro based saccosthere is need to encourage our people to come up with agro-based saccos instead of mushrooming of self help,youth and women groups.People first should embrass farming as abusiness so that we are to form several saccos which will help to improve our economic wellbeingsimprove econmic well being of our people(not set)
593WEST SABATIAEducation ScienceBUSISA DISHON0725822144RESOURCE CENTRE AT HAMUYUNDIWest Sabatia is one of the most populated wards in Sabatia. It has more than 15 secondary school and a number of primary schools. its in urgent need of a resource centre to house both library and ICT centreResource centre will encourage not reading habits but also research (not set)
594SHAMAKHOKHOHealth Carejoshua litsululu amutavi0725166887kaimosi mission hospitalhospital up to standard way expensive to locals could the county govt harmonise for the locals by subsidising pay like eliminating consultant fee making it afordable for localsaccessibility to better medical care within provision(not set)
595SHAMAKHOKHOAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesjoshua litsululu amutavi0725166887soil phlevelising soil ph for years our people have being using fertiliser thus changing soil ph for better harvest soil ph need to the checked (not set)
596SHAMAKHOKHOCooperatives (SACCO)joshua litsululu amutavi0725166887loansempowering our peoplegrasping available opportunity for instant kaimosi shopping mall.with resource people will compete for viable opportunity arising in the area(not set)
597NORTH MARAGOLIHealth CareAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380Inyali Dispensary- Doctors quartersSelf contained bedsitter to be constructedTo provide 24 hour health services to , especially, emergencies, and maternity cases that occur at night. Since there is electricity it will save patience the expensive need to travel to Mbale or Sabatia.(not set)
598NORTH MARAGOLISports and CultureAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380North Maragoli Sports StadiumA football-cum-rugby field with a 400 meter race track, volleyball & basket ball courts complete with spectator stands, changing rooms and ablutions. The facility should incorporate a talent center.that can host indoor games such as pool, darts, table tennis e.t.c.1. To develop talent and sport among the youth for competitive training to secure opportunities nationally and internationally.
2. To move away from school compounds during county or ward tournaments.
3. To generate skills & talents that will be marketable and potential for income generation.
4. A suitable venue for trade fairs, cultural events, Ward, County or National celebrations / rallies.
(not set)
599NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380KIRITU - IGADA - DIGULA RD.Opening, Grading, Mar rum, Bridging & Drainage . 2.5km , 1.Access to a growing IGADA PRIMARY & PRE - PRIMARY SCHOOL.
2. A very densely populated village with TEA growers who have difficulty getting to tea buying centers & to hospital during wet weather.
3. Worship centers for P.A.G. and Holy Spirit faiths along the route.
(not set)
600NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380Kisahi - Kisangula - Loyenze RdOpening, Grading, Mar rum, Drainage.- 2 kmsAccess to :
1. Kisangula Secondary Mixed Day School,
2. Kisangula Primary & ECDE School
3. Kisangula Friends Church Quarterly Meeting HQs
4. Densly populated village with business potential
(not set)
601NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380Gagilemba - Eluanda - Mutambi Rd.Opening , Grading, mar rum, drainage 1.5 kms1. The village is landlocked and neglected but with high potential for quarrying & timber industry .
2. Access by children from the village to surrounding schools
(not set)
602NORTH MARAGOLISecurity and SafetyAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380Street LightingInstallment of 'solar street lights' at :
1. Kiritu / Vuyiya Market
2. Kivagala Market
3. Digula & Mulundu Schools
1.To enhance security and thereby instill confidence in business entrepreneurship.
2. Increase working hours for posho mills and traders
(not set)
603NORTH MARAGOLISocial ServicesAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380N. Maragoli DisabledTents & Chairs for hire + catering fascilities for hire1. To provide income & employment for the disabled persons in the community (not set)
604NORTH MARAGOLIEducationAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380Mulundu Pri. ECDE classconstruction of one E.C.D.E. classroom1. To de congest the already existing space.
2. to allow for the separate streams of pre primary i.e. baby, nursery & pre unit.
(not set)
605NORTH MARAGOLIEducationAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380Chugi Pri. ECDE classConstruction of one E.C.D.E. classroom 1. To de congest the already existing space
2. To allow for the separate streams of pre primary i.e. baby, nursery, & pre unit
(not set)
1.1 Background Information
EMUSA CYBER CAFÉ will built a reputation on offering the most quality internet services to the residents of Emabungo ward-Maseno -Coptic.The idea of coming up with a business of a cyber café originated from the concept of increased number of internet users in the region and the limited number of cyber café in the region , as the existing cyber café offers low quality services.
1.2 Project Brief
The objective of this project is to provide information regarding investment opportunity for setting up an cyber Café, with focus on product differentiation i.e., providing some unique services (Video/Audio Chat, Web Developing) which are not offered by a typical Internet Café. The business will be established in Emabungo sub-county-Maseno –Coptic area.
1.3 Opportunity Rationale
In a short period of one decade, computer has become a household item all around the world. With the introduction of Internet, in the 90s, computers became a significant medium to communicate with people around the world. It became a source of information and now there is an increasing number of businesses shifting toward e-Commerce, which means doing business on the Internet.
Internet was introduced in early 90’s in Kenya , and since then, it has been on a tremendous growth because of incentives provided by Government of Kenya to promote Computer related fields, such as computer education, Internet Service Providers, etc. The demand of Internet in the country has been growing since its introduction.
Given the increased number of Emabung o residents and Maseno university students who uses internet for various reasons , both educational and non- educational reasons, opening a cyber café to cater to this segment is a viable project.
1.4 Proposed Capacity
The proposed project is based on 10 computer systems.

1.5 Total Project Cost
The pre operational cost of the project is approximately Ksh. 381,000
1.6 Proposed Location
The following was considered for the proposed project.
Proximity to the majority of people living in the area from middle income group. This are mostly the students from Maseno university and other residents of Emabungo ward.
Low cost rent Ksh 5000/- per month
1.7 Services
Proposed cyber café will provide full access to the resources of internet and other online services, printing, composing, scanning, HELB loan application etc . However for the sake of innovation and differentiation there would be a unique services of Video/Audio Chat. Just being a net café will not serve the purpose as business need to be more than a value addition process rather than a traditional net café, that is why after being operational for first two years there will be a facility added to the cart i.e. Web developing. It will not only be the value addition but also a business expansion tool.

1.8 Current industry structure
According to an estimate, Internet subscribers are more than 300 million on the globe and Internet growth is 100 percent per year. Internet took only five years to reach 50 million users. The Intern et market in is moving in positive direction. Internet usage has shown a tremendous growth, since its introduction in Kenya. There are over 10,000 internet users in Emabungo ward who are mostly students from Maseno university and other residents.
From few Internet providers, now the entire region has quit a number of Internet providers to cater to the increasing demand of Internet services. According to EMUSA, the number of internet users have increased and have out done the number of internet cafes available in the region. Hence a need to provide internet services to the clients.
Because of the economic conditions of Emabungo residents , very few can afford a personal computer at their houses and this has been the primary reason for the success of internet cafés all over the region.
Looking at the existing cyber cafés operating in different regions around Emabungo ward , it can be inferred that all of them are providing very traditional services. Most of the customers use internet for chat purpose. The hardware being employed by majority of the cafés is usually not the latest one. Naturally, the quality of the service is not of the required standards and can be improved substantially.

1.9 Key Success Factors
The common viability of this Internet café depends on the following factors:
1. Location of the project: Location of the project is of prime importance. If the Project is set up in a location with high income group, the amount of traffic on the café will be less because majority of the people will have personal computers at their home. A project like this can really do well in places, where the majority of people living are from middle income group, who cannot afford a personal computer.

2. Unique Services: Majority of the internet cafes are operating on a similar kind of services. If the proposed setup is opened with a strategy of differentiation, it can be more successful i.e. video/Audio chat facility, for value addition, web development should also be started in the upcoming years. In this feasibility web development services are initiated after two years of operations of net café.

2. Quality of Service: The most important factor for the success of the project is the quality of service provided to the customer, which includes customer’s privacy, speed of internet and the atmosphere in the café.
1.21 Opportunities
Growing population of daily Internet users. The importance of the Internet almost equals that of the telephone. As the population of daily Internet users increases, so will the need for the services of internet café.
1.22 Target Customers
The proposed project intends to cater to students and middle income group people.
Furthermore will be a magnet for local and traveling professionals who desire to work or
check their e-mail messages in friendly environment.
1. Students
2. Business people
3. Middle Income Groups
4. Lecturers
The large student population will become an important part of the Net Café customer base.

1.2.3 Internet connection
The major cost of an Internet café is the Internet connection. For providing better service, the proposed project will use a High Band width connection for better speed as the project is going to provide service of video chat. It is recommended that the Internet connection should be taken from the best Internet service provider.

1.2.4. Recommended connection
If the project is set up in an area, where DSL Internet connection is available, it is recommended to use DSL Internet connection instead of a any other Internet connection.
This will improve the speed of Internet, which will improve the performance of video chat and will also reduce the telephone expense.

1.2.5 Personnel Requirements
Operators of the cyber café will be members of the association and alumni members of the association. Other personnel will be acquired based on potential ability, task orientation , experience and merit.

1.2.6 Source of capital
The initial / starting capita required for the start and sustainability of the cyber cafe will come from the following sources:
Particulars Amount ksh Percentage
Capital from other projects 105,000 27.6%
Members contributions 100,000 26.2%
Contributions from friends and fund raising
Total 381,000 100%

1.2.7 Business goals
1. To create employment
2. To motivate young developer to venture in self employment.
3. Assist paying fee for the needy students in the larger Emuhaya District.


Marketing will play an important role in success of the project, as majority of the players in the industry are following the strategy of low price with no differentiation, i.e., they are providing similar services and competing with each other on the basis of lower prices.
It is recommended to follow a different strategy for the proposed project, which is the product differentiation. For this purpose, a special service of video chat facility is going to be offered by the proposed project. To build an image of a reliable and excellent Internet service, extensive promotion in the locality near the project will be done by use of print media and billboards.

2.1 Market Need
As the popularity of internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy and affordable
access is quickly becoming a necessity of life. Public wants access to the methods of communication and volumes of information now available on the internet, and access at a cost they can afford and in such a way that they are not socially, economically and politically isolated.
2.2 Market Trends
More than 90 percent of visitors of these cafes are youngsters and their sole objective to get to these is to get enjoyment and /or satisfy their educational needs.
2.3 Knowledgeable and friendly staff
Internet café is a service business. The success of the business depends upon the quality of the service offer and delivering the service consistently. So a knowledgeable friendly and eager to please staff, state-of-art computer hardware and a clear vision of the market need will help it succeed.

2.4. Potential customers
These are customers willing and able to buy goods and services at a given price. The business will have to cope with three classes of potential customers:
Institutional customers
These groups institutions such as schools which chich print examination papers to students
Individual customers
These are customers who buy services individually.

2.5 market share
The average customers per day will be 200 people. They are about 30% of the market share as compared to other competitors.
Below is a pie chart of the competitors

The following will be the major competitors of the business
-G LINK cyber cafe
-FIRST ACCESS cyber cafe
-EDUCATION cyber cafe

2.6 Advertising and sales promotion
The cyber café will use the following advertisement methods.

1. Use of posters

Attractive and convincing posters will be printed and hanged in strategic positions so as customers to see them easily. E.g. on public notices, on trees and building walls.

2.7 pricing strategy
The prices of the products in the company will be determined by the following factors;
i. Competitors price
The business will analyze and come up with most relevant prices of services by basing on the prices of competitors.
ii. Quality of goods
As for the quality products and quality services their prices of goods as services by basing on the price of competitors
iii. Demand
Since the higher the demand the higher the prices, therefore the owner will also watch on demand.
iv. Labor cost-The cost of labor will affect the price of the commodities and services offered

2.8 Sales tactics
Trade discounts will be given to whoever comes for the services regularly
Credit facilities
The cyber cafe will offer credit facilities to the regular customers who normally come for the services frequently.
3.1 key management personnel and other staff
The cybers’ management philosophy will be based on responsibility and mutual respect. The management style reflects the participation of the owners and will have a very strong organizational structure which believes in teamwork. The main goal of the management team, will be to manage the organization effectively and efficiently to enhance the cyber’s prosperity.

The proposed project is going to be of 10 computer systems and the details of the
equipment required for the project is given below:

Description number Cost per unit(ksh) Total cost
Computer system 10 20000 200,000
Hub 1 6000 6,000
Computer camera 10 1000 10,000
UPS 1 60,000 60,000
printer 2 14,000 28,000
scanner 1 4000 4,000
Modem DSL 1 8,000 8,000
Other equipment
Networking cable 500 ft 30 per feet 15,000
Total equipment cost 331,000

4.2 Furniture & Fixture Details
Description number Rate in ksh Total costs
Computer tables and cabins 11 2,000 22,000
Computer chairs 11 500 5,500
Air conditioner 1 2000 2,000
Fax machine 1 5000 5,000
Total furniture and expenditure 34,500

The project is based on Pentium-4 computer systems. Second hand systems are also available in the market at much lower prices. The reason for using the latest system is the new software coming in the market that requires more powerful systems which will provide better service to the customer. The prices of computer systems vary with the introduction of new technology in the market.

4.3 Human resource requirement
The details of human resource requirement for the project are given in the following table
Description Number Monthly salary
Network administrator 1 15,000
Security guard 1 5,000
Totall costs 20,000

4.4 Land & building requirement
The details of the area required for the proposed project is given in the below table:

Covered Area Requirement Details
Description Area required in sq ft
Computer cabins 600
Sitting area 100
Administrator office 100
Free space 90
Total area required 990

4.5 Recommended Mode
It is recommended that this project should be started in a rented building, as this will reduce the initial capital cost. The approximate area required is almost 4-marla space. The details of monthly rent are given below.
Description Monthly rent (ksh) Annual rent (ksh)
Approximate Rent @ ksh 3,000 per month 3000 36,000

4.6 Utilities Requirements
1. Electricity

For the purpose of this pre-feasibility study, it has been assumed that all the funding
required for this project would be provided :
1. contribution from the members
2. contribution from well wishers

5.1 Project Returns

5.2 pre-operational cost
The initial costs to be incurred will be as follows:
Description Cost(kshs)
Furniture and tables
license and permit from county government
Advertisement costs
Equipment requirements 34,500
Total 381,000

5.3 Cash flow
Table 2 : Cash Flow
Pro Forma Cash Flow
2016 2017 2018
Cash Received
Cash from Operations
Cash Sales KSh. 500,000 KSh. 700,000 KSh. 700,000
Subtotal Cash from Operations KSh. 500,000 KSh. ,700,000 KSh. 700,000

Additional Cash Received
Borrowing KSh. 300,000 200,000 200,000
Short Liabilities KSh. 20,000 KSh. 30,000 KSh. 30,000
Long-term Liabilities KSh. 37,000 KSh. 36,000 KSh. 35,000
Sales of Other Current Assets KSh. 10,000 KSh. 15,000 KSh. 30,000
Sales of Long-term Assets KSh. 50,000 KSh. 50,000 KSh. 50,000
Subtotal Cash Received KSh. 917,000 KSh. 1,031,000 KSh. 1,045,000

Expenditures from Operations
Cash Spending KSh. 200,000 KSh. 200,000 KSh. 250,000
Bill Payments KSh. 250,000 KSh. 200,000 KSh. 250,000
Subtotal Spent on Operations KSh.450,000 KSh. 400,000 KSh. 500,000

Additional Cash Spent
Principal Repayment of Current Borrowing KSh. 20,000 KSh. 24,000 KSh. 25,000
Other Liabilities Principal Repayment KSh. 10,000 KSh. 10,000 KSh. 10,000
Long-term Liabilities Principal Repayment KSh. 18,000 KSh. 18,000 KSh. 18,000
Purchase Other Current Assets KSh. 26,000 KSh. 32,000 KSh. 41,000
Purchase Long-term Assets KSh. 25,000 KSh. 36,000 KSh. 34,000
Dividends KSh. 26,000 KSh. 21,000 KSh. 24,000
Subtotal Cash Spent KSh. 125,000 KSh. 141,000 KSh. 152,000

Total expenditure KSh. 575,000 KSh. 541,000 KSh. 652000
Cash Balance KSh. 342,000 KSh. 490,000 KSh. 393000

5.4 pro-forma income statement
Table 3: Balance Sheet

2015 2016 2017
Current Assets
Cash at hand KSh. 200,000 KSh. 300,000 KSh. 300,000
Cash received KSh. 500,000 KSh.200,000 KSh. 300,000
Inventory KSh. 20,000 KSh. 30,000 KSh. 30,000
Other Current Assets KSh. 10,000 KSh. 45,000 KSh. 30,000
Total Current Assets KSh. 730,000 KSh. 575,000 KSh. 660,000
Long-term Assets
Long-term Assets KSh. 70,000 KSh. 50,000 KSh. 100,000
Accumulated Depreciation KSh. 20,000 KSh. 25,000 KSh. 30,000
Total Long-term Assets KSh. 90,000 KSh. 50,000 KSh. 130,000
Total Assets KSh. 820,000 KSh. KSh.700,000 KSh. 790,000
Liabilities and Capital 2015 2016 2017
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable KSh. 50,000 KSh. 70,000 KSh. 40,000
Current Borrowing KSh. 80,000 KSh. 65,000 KSh. 40,000
Other Current Liabilities KSh. 20,000 KSh. 70,000 KSh. 80,000
Subtotal Current Liabilities KSh. 150,000 KSh. 205,OOO KSh. 160,000

Long-term Liabilities KSh. 70,000 KSh. 125,,000 KSh. 90,000
Total Liabilities KSh. 370,000 KSh. 280,000 KSh. 300,000

Paid-in Capital KSh. 500,000 KSh. 100,000 KSh. 20,000
Retained Earnings KSh. 80,000 KSh. 112,000 KSh. 70,000
Earnings KSh. 150,000 KSh. 150,000 KSh. 150,000
Total Capital KSh. 730,000 KSh. 362,000 KSh. 240,000
Total Liabilities and Capital KSh. 820,000 KSh.700,000 KSh.790,000

5.5 Breakeven level
This is the point where the business makes neither profit nor loss. At this point equal total cost expenditure.
Determine the sales and total variable cost calculate the total contribution
Repair and maintenance
Wages and salaries

276,000 Cash purchase
Furniture and fixtures





1. Rapidly falling cost of Internet access. The cost of access to the Internet for most students is dropping rapidly due to the emergence of smart phones. Internet access may become so cheap and affordable that nobody will be willing to pay for access to it.
2. Emerging local competitors. Additional competitors are on the horizon, and we need to be prepared for their entry into the market.
3. A dependence on quickly changing technology. Internet Café is a place for people to experience the technology of the Internet. The technology i.e the Internet changes rapidly.
4. Cost factor associated with keeping state-of-the-art hardware. Keeping up with the technology of the Internet is an expensive undertaking. Internet café needs to balance technology needs with the other needs of the business. One aspect of the business can't be sacrificed for the other

Plans to alleviate the risks
1. Offering quality services at affordable price to meet the customers needs.

The business is anticipated to accrue enough money for the association so as to be able to help needy students from the larger Vihiga county pay their school fee and meet their daily needs . The business plan shows that the profit which will be accumulated within a span of one year will be adequate to start helping the needy students .This is based on the assumption that, the business will run smoothly as expected and that the competitors will practice fair competition.
Will help students pay school fee
will create employment
(not set)
607NORTH MARAGOLIEnvironment Water EnergyAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380Vokoli, Mang'alia, Lusambwa, Vohovole, Keseve, Piped water Laying of pipes and pumping water to homesteads from Vokoli water supply.1. Relief from long treks to water springs in steep terrain.
2. Relief from contaminated amoebic spring water. i.e treatment possible
(not set)
608NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380BRIDGES1. MULUNDU - KEGOYE ROAD BRIDGE
The importance of the ability to cross rivers on busy roads cannot be over justified.(not set)
609NORTH MARAGOLIEnvironment Water EnergyAndrew Ahuga Mwenesi0722952380KIVAGALA WATER PROJECTPumping water from a donated borehole at Kivagala Secondary School to a raised tank at Kivagala market center.
Laying of water pipes from the tank to flow by gravity to VUKUVERA, GIVUNJI, MINYIKA, MARRUM, MAKOMO / MULUNDU / CHUGI
1. Relief from long treks to water springs sometimes located at the bottom of dangerous terrain.
2. Relief from contaminated amoebic spring water. Possibility for treatment.
(not set)
610MWIBONAHealth CareAmbrose Nandi Oyungu0720750894ESIANDUMBA HEALTH CENTREInitiate and built a health Center at Esiandumba This come in handy to assist the entire population of Esiandumba Sub-location and the neighboring sub-locations on health care services, as the residents in this area lack a government health facility and they are forced to walk longer distances in search of health services, they have to either go to Ipali, Emuhaya sub district hospitals or even the neighboring Yala Sub district hospital in Siaya County , that is a burden to the locals as you compare the distances covered in pursuit for health services from a government health facility.(not set)
611GISAMBAIPublic Private PartnershipsAlbert Kenyani Inima0718977257Gisambai Livestock Auction RingGisambai is one of the major townships in Vihiga County, yet Gisambai does not have a farmers market because the land allocated for this purpose was grabbed way back in the 1970's. Before the Gisambai had a very active livestock auction market that used to open on Tuesdays. Now the people of Gisambai have to trek long distances to Mbale to auction their livestock.

Now Albert Kenyani Inima proposes to establish a livestock auction market on his land at Jegereni which is along the Gisambai-Mudete Road, which will be called Millennium Cattlelands Auction Ring. This project should be done using the public private partnership [PPP] model in which the county government provides license and shares the levy for selling animals with the investor.
The Millennium Cattlelands Auction Ring will help the residents of the Gisambai Ward and beyond achieve the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] which are:

1) End poverty in all its forms everywhere
2) End hunger, achieve food security and adequate nutrition for all, and promote sustainable agriculture
3) Attain healthy life for all at all ages
4) Provide equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all
5) Attain gender equality, empower women and girls everywhere
6) Secure water and sanitation for all for a sustainable world
7) Ensure access to affordable, sustainable, and reliable modern energy services for all
8) Promote strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for all
9) Promote sustainable industrialization
10) Reduce inequality within and among countries
11) Build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and human settlements
12) Promote sustainable consumption and production patterns
13) Promote actions at all levels to address climate change
14) Attain conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas
15) Protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems and halt all biodiversity loss
16) Achieve peaceful and inclusive societies, rule of law, effective and capable institutions
17) Strengthen and enhance the means of implementation and global partnership for sustainable development
(not set)
612GISAMBAIPublic Private PartnershipsAlbert Kenyani Inima0718977257Vihiga Sustainable Development Goals ProgramThe proponent ran a training and mobilization of 33 village leaders to implement the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs, 2016-2017] program in Vihiga County. The training was undertaken at Jegereni . These leaders come from all the 5 districts of Vihiga county and have prepared their village SDG plans , and are ready to implement them. The proponent proposes the establishment of Vihiga SDG Center at Jegereni that will coordinate this program.The program will help to achieve to achieve the SDGs within the entire Vihiga County.(not set)
613LUGAGA-WAMULUMASecurity and Safetypeter imbusi muyeshi0701087110security and safetyTo enhance proper and secured places in our wardTo bring peace,love and harmony in our communty(not set)
614JEPKOYAIPublic Private PartnershipsAlbert Kenyani Inima0718977257Vihiga County Street Naming ProjectThe purpose of this project is to name all public streets and pathways within Vihiga County and put all this information online Google map so that anyone can use their mobile phone or google car navigation system to locate points of interest anyway in Vehicle.Major impacts will be raising self esteem of the people, reduction of crime and provision of essential information for research and development.(not set)
615CENTRAL MARAGOLITrade and EnterpreneurshipJoram Omega0710225589Jua Kali ShedsRenovation and reviving of the Jua Kali Sheds in the following areas:-
Manyatta in Vihiga Sub county
Walodeya in Sabatia Sub county
Hamisi in Hamisi Sub County
Mwibona in Lunda/Emuhaya Sub County.
Give small scale traders an opportunity to earn a decent living
give them a structured place of operation
(not set)
616CENTRAL BUNYOREEducationANGELICA OUYA0733452910CAPACITY BUILDING OF BOMsHaving all school managers being taken through their roles in order to understand what is expected of them.Children in schools would benefit as well as teachers.When people understand what their roles are, much is achieved. There would less friction with people wanting only their relatives to manage schools whether they are performers or not. School finances would be managed prudently and the standard of education would improve. (not set)
617WODANGATransport Infrastructurepeter lubale0721334014kiritu-givudimbuli road kiritu-givudimbuli road to be repairedconnect people to the helath centre and agricultural commodities to reach the market in goood time(not set)
618NORTH EAST BUNYORESports and CultureALFRED ONYINO0717245440Junior TournamentsIn November$decemberMake Juniours To Make Their Talents(not set)
619LYADUYWA/IZAVAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesNewton Aluda Mwavali254724837085Mfagro The project is aimed at the production, value addition and marketing of soya beans and soya products.
Currently we do produce soya and also supply our farmers (who are scattered in the entire County) with farm inputs.
We aim to do a total value addition on soya beans and this means we will produce products ranging from soya to soya meat and soya oil.
The benefits include but not limited to:
-Increased income to soya farmers
-Job creation as more people will get into the chain i.e farmers, those in the factory, marketers, etc
-Soya plants are known to destroy a notorious weed called striger thus the farmers will be rid of that weed.
-A healthy community.
(not set)
620NORTH EAST BUNYOREEducationINGOLO NESMUS MADAGA0702748311A National polytechnique/ college in the countyan all round college in the county that will offer tertiary courses to the people of vihiga county at the expense of building another secondary school at Ebusiratsi C.o.G primary. it will cut off large expensenses of travelling to towns from the village in search of good national colleges or universities in North East Bunyore ward and Vihiga county at large.
it will create employement opportunities to the people around in Emuhaya and Vihiga county as a whole hence economic improvement in the living standards of people of vihiga county.
(not set)
621SOUTH MARAGOLIHealth CareNicholas Vutiti0711545171Health facility at Masana with atleast a laboratoryHealth facilitydue to increased population of over 1000> in masana and Mwoki and the existing facilities are beyond the range of the locality(not set)
622WEST SABATIASecurity and SafetyCollins Salasya0714325216police postI would like the police post be built at Hombbala area for maximum security reasons that the area has. Then being like a centre point of many boundaries, we would like it to cordinate the area towards Masinde, Charusi, Iluya and larger Esererwegood security(not set)
623WEST SABATIAEducationCollins Salasya0714325216Vihiga County Libarybuilding a library to serve our community along all ages, mostly our schools lack enough books, so by building a library will help and boost our education levelimprove education sector(not set)
624SHIRUSports and Culturekhanza rodgers0708689562builiding of stadiasports stadia
because of having vihiga utd fc as our. team the county will earn income from visting teams and fans from different places(not set)
625WEST SABATIAEducationBusisa Dishon0725822144Technical Training Institute at MadegwaSkills and talents are the major employers in the contemporary society. Technical training institute in west sabatia if it will be provided will help many residents acquire skills that will help them start their own employment. This will be a big step in alleviating poverty and reducing rural urban migration.many graduates dreaming to get employed in industries will be absorbed at the ward level.(not set)
626WEST SABATIAEnvironment Water EnergyBusisa Dishon0725822144Provide subsidized solar panels Solar have proved to be environmentally friendly and cost effective source of energy. Solar energy is the best substitute for an electric energy which has become too costly to common mwananchi. Harmless lighting system to the residents
conservation of environment
cost effective energy to the residents
(not set)
627JEPKOYAINatural ResourcesSammy Aswani0723997837Jepsang Water ProjectProposed building of a water reservoir at the lower end of Jepsang river to provide treated piped water to the entire of Jepkoyai ward and beyond. You can access the location through Buyangu or Musiri.1. Reduced strain of water even as far as Tigoi
2. Attract infrastructural development
3. serve as a recreation place
4. The rocky and forested environment would attract tourism
5. Easy rural electrification in the area
6. Create jobs
7. Reduce water related diseases
(not set)
628JEPKOYAITransport InfrastructureSammy Aswani0723997837Jimarani-Jepsang-Musiri roadGrading of the Jimarani-Jepsang-Musiri road. Though well marked its ignorance has kept the area in darkness.This will easy access of Kapchemugung sub-location and open the said area to other developments eg electrification. (not set)
629NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureDominic Baraka0720333840Road an bridge sRoadsKivagala minyika inyali road is very essencial coz to go to the only dispensary in the ward the bridge that links inyali minyika kivagala road. (not set)
630SHIRUCooperatives (SACCO)Vincent Mugunda Kaduki0720890064SaccoFormation of two main units of cooperatives that target both the youth and women.This will benefit the bodaboda operatives and mama mboga. One way of alleviating poverty and becoming self reliant/independent.(not set)
631SHIRUNatural ResourcesVincent Mugunda Kaduki0720890064Bore HoleBore hole is a long term solution that will assist during the dry spell. Always ways of water harvesting need to be identified.This will benefit over 500 residents. Target per location. This will save both women and children from walking for long distances.(not set)
632WEST BUNYOREEducationokwako josiah0704265160nzalwa vocational training centreimprove the infrastructure of the institution
employ trained and competent tutors
change the institution's management
equipping the youths with skills to curb unemployment problems
ensure utilization of already purchased machines that have kept in a store
creation of employment to trained tutors
improve the livelihoods of residents from within or around institution
ensure insecurity problem is dealt with
(not set)
633SOUTH MARAGOLITechnical Vocational Education TrainingAbigael Muhambe0720242630polytechnic polytechnic empowering the youths in skill development. (not set)
634SOUTH MARAGOLITrade and EnterpreneurshipVincent gavuna0718848732resource centrecommunity resource centre
job creation (not set)
635SOUTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesVincent gavuna0718848732agribusinessproposing livestock and fisheries agricultrejob creation(not set)
636SOUTH MARAGOLITechnical Vocational Education Trainingvincent gavuna0718848732ecd/primary schooleducation
impaction of knowledge(not set)
637SOUTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesVincent gavuna0718848732cattle diprenovation of diplivestock health (not set)
638SOUTH MARAGOLISocial ServicesVincent gavuna0718848732market/ward administrator/police postsocial services
job creation(not set)
639SOUTH MARAGOLICooperatives (SACCO)vincent gavuna0718848732south maragoli cbocommunity based organisationfacilitation of loans and project startups(not set)
640WEST BUNYOREEnvironment Water Energyfredrick Lutsia0729756509waterSource behind ipali HSP & esalwa HGH schl bore holeFor agriculture, industry & domestic use(not set)
641GISAMBAIPublic Private PartnershipsAlbert Kenyani Inima0718977257Millennium Agro-Industrial Park [MAP]Millennium Agro-Industrial Park [MAP] will be a group of farmers and traders working together along the entire livestock value chain--fodder producers, livestock breeders, livestock fatteners, livestock transporters, livestock auctioneers, livestock slaughterhouse owners, meat packers, meat distributors, butchers and steakhouse owners.

The overall purpose will be to create synergy along the value chain in order to increase productivity and profitability.

End poverty in all its forms everywhere
End hunger, achieve food security and adequate nutrition for all, and promote sustainable agriculture
Attain healthy life for all at all ages
Provide equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all
Attain gender equality, empower women and girls everywhere
Secure water and sanitation for all for a sustainable world
Ensure access to affordable, sustainable, and reliable modern energy services for all
Promote strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for all
Promote sustainable industrialization
Reduce inequality within and among countries
Build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and human settlements
Promote sustainable consumption and production patterns
Promote actions at all levels to address climate change
Attain conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas
Protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems and halt all biodiversity loss
Achieve peaceful and inclusive societies, rule of law, effective and capable institutions
Strengthen and enhance the means of implementation and global partnership for sustainable development
(not set)
642TAMBUAHealth CarePeter Goren Chelemai0722959049Kimwenge Health CentreA health facility(centre) to provide basic health care to the residents. This project was initially initiated by the Constituency Development Fund (Hamisi) but stopped funding because the information relaid from the CDF was that Health Services had been devolved and therefore the County Government should take it ovhis project when complete will serve the residents of the following villages; Kimwenge, Simbi, Kapsaoi, Tiengere and even beyond. The nearest health facility is Tigoi Health Centre in Jepkoyai Ward and Likundu Health Centre which are quite some distance from the mentioned Basic health care will be nearer and accessible to the residents as opposed to the current situation where residents have to walk for a distance.
2. Improved health of the residents as it will be easy to get both medical and hygiene advice from the professionals deployed in the facility.
3. Maternal care for both baby/mother will be improved and thus mortality rate will reduce.
4. This project will also lead to improvement of the road network in the area.
5. Employment creation for the locals i.e cleaners, guards
(not set)
643WEST SABATIAEducationGeoffrey Magudu Enonda0707178168Technical Training Institute at Solongo sublocationAt Solongo sublocation in Madegwa village,around 500m from Chavakali market along Chavakali-Musembe-Kisangula road, there is an idle government land which was proposed for a stadium by the former government but never got effected,i find necessary to set up a TTI on the land other than a stadium. This is basically due to economical impact of a TTI than a stadium. This TTI should be of standard to allow for several technical courses. Having this TTI in place will increase the transition between secondary and tertiary education. This will see more secondary graduates who do not secure chances to university securing a place to get technical skills. Students both from Vihiga county as well as outside Vihiga will benefit from the same. This will also boost the economy of the area as the high demand for commodities by students will trigger the development of shops and other small scale businesses. Demand for both casual and technical staff will also provide employment to the residents. Rental houses will also be set up by residents to house the students in case of high admission rate. This will also ensure the doing of roads enhancing access to the center.(not set)
644BANJAICT and MediaAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710online servicesservices offered at the office of mca to be availabe onlinethis will make the residents at banja to monitor the development that have commenced and the ones that are to take place (not set)
645BANJAEducationoliver karani 0727976343improving educational standardsvocational institutions should be introduced so that youth who are unemployed can improve their skills by joining this institutions for training in given fields .improve education standards
after this youth gain skills from the vocational training's this will ease cases of employment
(not set)
646BANJAWomen and YouthAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710Mobi LoanCounty Loans for Women Youth and People with disabilities so that these people can engage in profitable business to sustain their livingself employment
reducess theft, drug and cases of insecurity
(not set)
647BANJAWomen and YouthENDOVO WYCLIFE 0722231135EMPOWERMENTthe county government should ensure clear disbersment of youth funds and should ensure its properly distributed and used in a proper way create employment
reduces cases of drug addiction, theft cases
improve economical scale
(not set)
648BANJAWomen and YouthPHANICE OBEGE0797043488recreational centers the counrty government should support local talents and and start sport academies and come up with tournament for every sporting activities.
introduce inter ward tournaments
promote talent growth
source of income
(not set)
649BANJAHealth CareKEITH MMAITSI0717118265REFURBISHMENT AND UPGRADE OF THE BANJA HEALTH CENTERBanja Health Center is in a very deplorable state,it has no enough drugs,nurses are few and demoralized,no equipment..its building is very oldimproved health
reduce number of death cases
(not set)
650BANJAHealth CareVICTOR MUDAVADI0725400052JEMOJEJI DispensaryIncomplete and unequipped
Electrification, fencing, equipping, finishing and provision of clean water and sanitation facilties
improved health services
provision of better health care
(not set)
651BANJAHealth CareNICKSON MUGODO0700339276MUTIVA DISPENSARY Luck of power,fence and doctors house
equipping, finishing and provision of clean water and sanitation facilities
construction of lab and maternity
improved healthcare (not set)
652BANJAHealth CareJOSEPH BULIMO0715706774CONSTRUCTION OF HEALTH DISPENSARYBuild a dispensary at kapsotik
We walk over 20 km to access health care at home
reduce distance to access health facilities(not set)
653BANJAHealth CareISMAEL ABDALLAH0718425745BANJA HEALTH CENTER Erection of a modern storey building for a model hospital to house maternity and theater wings, and well equipped laboratoryTheatre machines lying idle would be operational and save lives reducing cost of seeking surgery from facilities away from our county,patients will be managed well through improved lab facility and wards(not set)
654BANJAHealth CareABDALLA MUSA0710188287AMBULANCE buy an ambulance for banja health center which can deal with emergency health issues in banja ward.
with this ambulance we can easily access and deal with emergency health issues all over banja and also connect with other dispensaries in the ward i.e mutiva and jemojeji
help in transportation
employment opportunities
(not set)
655BANJAHealth CareDAN AMBANI0703313690STAFFING AND EQUIPPING HEALTH CENTERS AND DISPENSARIES We have a health centers and dispensaries fully built up but without staffing and equipment. most of this facilities are under staffed and luck of proper management.improved service delivery (not set)
656BANJAHealth CareDAN AMBANI0703313690SUPPLY OF MEDICINE create frequent supply of drugs into our hospitalsimproved health care(not set)
657BANJAHealth CareEDGAH MWERESA0719720846REHABILITATION CENTERS Start counseling and rehab schemes for many of our people who have been addicted to alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugsShall make our people to be more productive
Shall help many who are addicted and wish to change.
Shall conduct seminars that shall assist in preventing more addicts from being made
reduce crime
(not set)
658BANJATourism DevelopmentDONBOSCO LIYALE0720738073TOURISM HILLS AND CAVES in banja ward can be a major tourist attraction If the sites is rehabilitated and or developed then the impact would be of great benefit not only to the people of this ward but to the entire County. Many tourist will be attracted to visit and hence from the proceeds the people would benefit from the trickle effect.(not set)
659BANJATourism DevelopmentDONBOSCO LIYALE0720738073TOURISM introduction of mr and mrs banja tourism this will help in nature and discovering talents in the ward and intern the discovered talents participate in Mrs vihiga tourism competition(not set)
660TAMBUAPublic Private PartnershipsIsaac Kelemba Okoni+254 722375215Vihiga County AgriBusiness, Trade & Investment Advisory BoardThe AgriBusiness, Trade & Investment Advisory Board (NOT A VIHIGA INVESTMENT COMPANY) will be a Partnership established between the Vihiga Government and Senior Experts & Proponents/Practictioners in the areas of Value Chain Dynamics; Agricultural Product Processing, Packaging, Logistics & Marketing; encourage shift from uneconomic Smallholder Farming Practices to High Value Productive Methods for inclusive Social SustenanceProject will have a holistic impact on entire Vihiga County by improving the well-being of those currently described as living below poverty line, making it easier to govern a healthy and economically empowered Countizenry, where everyone has a high happiness index(not set)
661TAMBUAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesIsaac Kelemba Okoni+254 722375215VIHIGA COUNTY AVOCADO OIL PROCESSING Coordination of Harvesting Avocado Fruits from Vihiga Homesteads, Grading for Processing at designated Market Centres (e.g. Gambogi) using affordable ColdPress Oil Extraction Machines; Market high value Avocado Oil (Current Retail Price KSh 72,000/= per 20L Jerrican) to Cosmetic & Beauty Industry locally & globally); The Project needs to educate and engage Farmers on the real value of Avocado; the need to populate the Vihiga Landscape with both economically & environmentally viable Fruit Trees This Project is sustainable for generations; improves the People's economic well-being; will afford the Political Leadership to celebrate visible Flagship Projects which avail low hanging fruits(not set)
662WEST SABATIATransport InfrastructureGeoffrey Magudu Enonda0707178168Tarmac Chavakali-Solongo-Kegondi roadThis road connects Chavakali,Solongo where the current main polytechnic for west Sabatia is up to Kegondi market. its current state is very wanting and impassable despite connecting major centers in the ward. The road needs tarmacking with proper drainage to reduce the increased erosion of lands along the road.This road will promote trade between the named centers as access will be easy in any weather. This will also promote access to Solongo polytechnic thus enhancing its development. It will also enhance the growth of Kegondi buying centre to a better market as its the main one in West Sabatia. (not set)
663MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergyDOUGLAS ERNEST OTEYO0710732858MWIBONA HOUSEHOLD WATER,SEWERAGE,AND SANITATION PROGRAMME.water pipes will be connected from Khwiliba water reservior to the primary storage tank at Ebwiranyi primary school.From these storage tank, households will be connected to these supply at a monthly fee which will be affordable to cater for the maintainace cost and keep the programme self sustaining. 1) connection of households to treated,purified clean water through pipes for domestic use. 2)prevention and control of waterborne diseases. 3)time wasted to fetch water is utilized for other more worthy economic activities. 4)pupils who waste time to fetch water do instead concentrate more time on studies. 5)the incidences of early marriages will be reduced when the girl child is not burdened to fetch water for their families. 6)it will promote local investment from both the homegrown and international investors. 7)it will encourage irrigation on farms thus bolster agricultural production. 8) uplift living standards of the community 9)create employment opportunities for skilled,semi-skilled and manual laborers. (not set)
664MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergyDOUGLAS ERNEST OTEYO0710732858MWIBONA HOUSEHOLD WATER,SEWERAGE,AND SANITATION PROGRAMME.water pipes will be connected from Khwiliba water reservior to the primary storage tank at Ebwiranyi primary school.From these storage tank, households will be connected to these supply at a monthly fee which will be affordable to cater for the maintainace cost and keep the programme self sustaining. 1) connection of households to treated,purified clean water through pipes for domestic use. 2)prevention and control of waterborne diseases. 3)time wasted to fetch water is utilized for other more worthy economic activities. 4)pupils who waste time to fetch water do instead concentrate more time on studies. 5)the incidences of early marriages will be reduced when the girl child is not burdened to fetch water for their families. 6)it will promote local investment from both the homegrown and international investors. 7)it will encourage irrigation on farms thus bolster agricultural production. 8) uplift living standards of the community 9)create employment opportunities for skilled,semi-skilled and manual laborers. (not set)
665MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergyDOUGLAS ERNEST OTEYO0710732858MWIBONA HOUSEHOLD WATER,SEWERAGE,AND SANITATION PROGRAMME.water pipes will be connected from Khwiliba water reservior to the primary storage tank at Ebwiranyi primary school.From these storage tank, households will be connected to these supply at a monthly fee which will be affordable to cater for the maintainace cost and keep the programme self sustaining. 1) connection of households to treated,purified clean water through pipes for domestic use. 2)prevention and control of waterborne diseases. 3)time wasted to fetch water is utilized for other more worthy economic activities. 4)pupils who waste time to fetch water do instead concentrate more time on studies. 5)the incidences of early marriages will be reduced when the girl child is not burdened to fetch water for their families. 6)it will promote local investment from both the homegrown and international investors. 7)it will encourage irrigation on farms thus bolster agricultural production. 8) uplift living standards of the community 9)create employment opportunities for skilled,semi-skilled and manual laborers. (not set)
666MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergyDOUGLAS ERNEST OTEYO0710732858MWIBONA HOUSEHOLD WATER,SEWERAGE,AND SANITATION PROGRAMME.water pipes will be connected from Khwiliba water reservior to the primary storage tank at Ebwiranyi primary school.From these storage tank, households will be connected to these supply at a monthly fee which will be affordable to cater for the maintainace cost and keep the programme self sustaining. 1) connection of households to treated,purified clean water through pipes for domestic use. 2)prevention and control of waterborne diseases. 3)time wasted to fetch water is utilized for other more worthy economic activities. 4)pupils who waste time to fetch water do instead concentrate more time on studies. 5)the incidences of early marriages will be reduced when the girl child is not burdened to fetch water for their families. 6)it will promote local investment from both the homegrown and international investors. 7)it will encourage irrigation on farms thus bolster agricultural production. 8) uplift living standards of the community 9)create employment opportunities for skilled,semi-skilled and manual laborers. (not set)
667MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergyDOUGLAS ERNEST OTEYO0710732858MWIBONA HOUSEHOLD WATER,SEWERAGE,AND SANITATION PROGRAMME.water pipes will be connected from Khwiliba water reservior to the primary storage tank at Ebwiranyi primary school.From these storage tank, households will be connected to these supply at a monthly fee which will be affordable to cater for the maintainace cost and keep the programme self sustaining. 1) connection of households to treated,purified clean water through pipes for domestic use. 2)prevention and control of waterborne diseases. 3)time wasted to fetch water is utilized for other more worthy economic activities. 4)pupils who waste time to fetch water do instead concentrate more time on studies. 5)the incidences of early marriages will be reduced when the girl child is not burdened to fetch water for their families. 6)it will promote local investment from both the homegrown and international investors. 7)it will encourage irrigation on farms thus bolster agricultural production. 8) uplift living standards of the community 9)create employment opportunities for skilled,semi-skilled and manual laborers. (not set)
668MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergyDOUGLAS ERNEST OTEYO0710732858MWIBONA HOUSEHOLD WATER,SEWERAGE,AND SANITATION PROGRAMME.water pipes will be connected from Khwiliba water reservior to the primary storage tank at Ebwiranyi primary school.From these storage tank, households will be connected to these supply at a monthly fee which will be affordable to cater for the maintainace cost and keep the programme self sustaining. 1) connection of households to treated,purified clean water through pipes for domestic use. 2)prevention and control of waterborne diseases. 3)time wasted to fetch water is utilized for other more worthy economic activities. 4)pupils who waste time to fetch water do instead concentrate more time on studies. 5)the incidences of early marriages will be reduced when the girl child is not burdened to fetch water for their families. 6)it will promote local investment from both the homegrown and international investors. 7)it will encourage irrigation on farms thus bolster agricultural production. 8) uplift living standards of the community 9)create employment opportunities for skilled,semi-skilled and manual laborers. (not set)
669MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergyDOUGLAS ERNEST OTEYO0710732858MWIBONA HOUSEHOLD WATER,SEWERAGE,AND SANITATION PROGRAMME.water pipes will be connected from Khwiliba water reservior to the primary storage tank at Ebwiranyi primary school.From these storage tank, households will be connected to these supply at a monthly fee which will be affordable to cater for the maintainace cost and keep the programme self sustaining. 1) connection of households to treated,purified clean water through pipes for domestic use. 2)prevention and control of waterborne diseases. 3)time wasted to fetch water is utilized for other more worthy economic activities. 4)pupils who waste time to fetch water do instead concentrate more time on studies. 5)the incidences of early marriages will be reduced when the girl child is not burdened to fetch water for their families. 6)it will promote local investment from both the homegrown and international investors. 7)it will encourage irrigation on farms thus bolster agricultural production. 8) uplift living standards of the community 9)create employment opportunities for skilled,semi-skilled and manual laborers. (not set)
670SHAMAKHOKHOEnvironment Water EnergyFrancis mwashi0720489798Kaimosi power siteStart a power generating project at kaimosi and revive water suply project Am sure people will buy power and bring income to the vihiga county. 2. Water suply project will bring alot of income (not set)
671SHAMAKHOKHOTourism DevelopmentFrancis mwashi0720489798Kaimosi game reserve/parkFence kaimosi forest. Bring in wildlife animals. Build some good hotels around the forest . revive the water site of kaimosi into a small man made lake then we are ready to goCreate employement, bring investors, then bring in income from the local and external touris(not set)
672LYADUYWA/IZAVATrade and EnterpreneurshipMoses Akidadi0715082600Nadanya MarketThe people of Nadanya and surrounding find it hard to transact business due to lack of a market centre.This forces them to travel to Mbale which is tiresome,costly due to distance.There is need for them , to have established market centre to reduce the burden.There is aready availlability of land near the dispensery.Provide aready made market for business transaction . (not set)
673BANJAEconomic PlanningBONFACE MALONGO0720682429LIGHTING OF BANJA MARKET we need banja market to be light up for the purpose of security and more working time.banja market its located at the border of two counties vihiga and nandi. lighting this market will improve security and more revenue collection to our county (not set)
674BANJAEconomic PlanningBONFACE MALONGO0720682429LIGHTING OF SEREM MARKETwith this lighting of serem market it can turn into 24hrs business center reduce cases of insecurity (not set)
675BANJAEconomic PlanningBONFACE MALONGO0720682429LIGHTING OF HAMISI MARKET hamisi being the sub county headquarters needs proper lighting because many activities are to be carried at sub county headquarters and this will help it grow intern attracting big investors attraction of more investors (not set)
676BANJAEconomic PlanningBONFACE MALONGO0720682429CONSTRUCTION OF PIT LATRINES AT MARKET CENTERSbanja ward has 3 market centers namely banja serem and hamisi all this market areas luck pit-latrines and proper dump sites improve health and preservation of environment
create employment
generate revenue
(not set)
677BANJAEconomic PlanningBONFACE MALONGO0720682429DRILLING OF BOREHOLES AT EVERY MARKET PLACEbanja serm and hamisi markets experience water shortages with the drilling of bore holes can reduce water shortages in this market places reduce water borne diseases
source of employment
source of revenue
(not set)
678BANJAEnvironment Water EnergyBONFACE MALONGO0720682429DUMPING SITES introduction of proper dumping sites in this market places will help in conservation of environmentbeautifying of the environment
reduces diseases
(not set)
679BANJAPhysical Planning Land and HousingNICHOLAS MARTINI 0718886907TITLE DEED ISSUINGmost residents in banja luck title deeds for their inherited lands due high cost and corruption in the department of landsthey will be fully owners of the land
title deed can also work as security to the access of micro finance loans
reduce high rate rate of land grabbing
reduce family wrangles over land
(not set)
680BANJAPhysical Planning Land and HousingNICHOLAS MARTINI 0718886907PROPER HOUSING introduction of real estates in our small towns such as hamisi banja and serem for letting
building of offices and business premises to let
source of revenue
high development rate
expansion of our small towns
attraction of big investors
(not set)
681BANJAPhysical Planning Land and HousingNICHOLAS MARTINI 0718886907PROPER PLANING AND DESIGN OF OUR MARKETS INTRODUCTION OF PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMAll our markets in banja ward namely, hamisi serem and banja do not have PLANNERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM
This will help easily get the market tittle deeds and this will act as security to access of loans and credit in the banks and expand business
(not set)
682BANJACooperatives (SACCO)KELVIN AYUGU0720881561BANJA MICRO-FINANCE FUNDThis is a fund that can be initiated by the county through the establishment of a micro loan scheme to empower the local citizen entrepreneurs through provision of micro loans which will attract a minimum amount of interest, this fund should have fund managers who will be in charge of disbursement and recovery.the residence will be empowered
self employment
(not set)
683BANJACooperatives (SACCO)KELVIN AYUGU0720881561LOANS TO SACCO cooperative and registered group performing table bankingThe fund will help to reduce poverty in the area
Will reduce poverty and promote financial stability to the county
(not set)
684BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710MTIVA MUSEYWA ROADthis road connects mtiva musengeli museywa to gambogi hamisi road
the road pass on a steep hill and it does not have marum
easy accessibility to mtiva dispensary
trasportation of tea leaves to museywa tea buying center
(not set)
685BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710MTIVA GIVOGI ROAD this road connects mtiva to givogi.
this road its in a very poor condition and luck of drainage
easy accesible to banja health centre
aesy access to schools and banja market
(not set)
686BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710GAMBARAGAI BRIDGEgambaragai bridge its located on madeya gambaragai road. itwas started but no construction took place.
its vital for the transportation of tea leaves and students to school(not set)
687BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710IC AND BRIDGEivona bridge its located on mtiva-ivona road. itwas started but no construction took place.its vital for the transportation of tea leaves and students to school(not set)
688BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710BANJA-JIVIRIRI ROADthis road connects jiviriri to banja market
this road its in a very poor condition and luck of drainage
easy accessible to the administration, banja health center and market
(not set)
689BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710SENENDE-ITUMBI-GIVOGI ROADthis road connects senende-itumbi-givogi
this road its in a very poor condition and luck of drainage
easy accessibility to senende market

(not set)
690BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710ROAD TARMACKING there is need urgent need for tarmacking of banja-kinu-hamisi road good transport system
attraction of investors
(not set)
the road its in a poor condition and needs urgent repair
improved trasport system
attraction of investors
(not set)
692BANJAEducationGETRUDE MMBOGA0790926560WARD BURSARIES ward bursaries should be distributed equally to all scholars without corruption and favoritism improved standards of education
the society will be enlightened through education
(not set)
693BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343BEE-KEEPING introduction of bee-keeping in banja ward to farmers can be of much benefits to farmersfarmers will earn a living
reduce theft cases source of revenue
(not set)
694BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343INTRODUCTION OF HIGH BREED COWSelimination of zebu cows and introducing of high breed cows
the county government should partner with farmers to introduce breeds through cbo and sacco
high animal production
high rate of income
(not set)
695BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343FISH KEEPING fish of our own production will be available in the markets
banja having a lot of water catchment areas this project will be easy to implement
source of food and living
high rate of income
(not set)
696BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343PIG-KEEPINGthe county government should introduce pig keeping in banja by investing in high breeds pigs income
source of food and living
(not set)
697BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR OF CATTLE DIPSconstruction of new cattle dips and improving to modern standard the existing ones eg kapsotik and musengeli cattle dipsreduce of parasites and animal diseases
(not set)
698BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343SLAUGHTER HOUSES construction of improvised slaughter houses ata banja hamisi and seremreduce diseases to to consumers
(not set)
699BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343EDUCATION TO FARMERSintroduction of extension officers who can provide education to farmers about agriculture will help farmers with knowledge on know-how in the field of agriculture
improve agriculture sector in our ward
(not set)
700BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343CHICKEN REARINGA ND PIGGERY introduction of large scale chicken rearing and piggery income
source of food and living
(not set)
701BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343MARKETINGthe county government to try and provide a stable market for farmers products income
(not set)
702BANJAAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesoliver karani 0727976343CERTIFIED SEEDS AND FERTILIZERS county government to try and provide farmers with high quality seeds and fertilizershigh yields
availability of farm products
a stable food security program
(not set)
703BANJAICT and MediaAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710RESOURCE CENTERS schools and other unoccupied government building should be put into use where by they are connected to internet access
they can be be used for research and library centers
improve education and enhance ict skills among residents (not set)
704BANJATrade and Enterpreneurshipoliver karani 0727976343STALLS CONSTRUCTION stalls to be constructed so that traders can store there goods without carrying them on daily basis and for safety purposessafety of of goods
good storage
(not set)
705NORTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesPatrick Ominde Amkoywa0715983037North Maragoli Fish Farming; Ponds exapansion and rehabilaition.The proposed project is for Rehabiltation and expansion of Fish Ponds at Wakikuyu and Chugi Village ( Mukivanda wa chiruka), training for husbandry and marketing. being on the border of Izava and North maragoli, expansion of the fish ponds on either side will create community cohesion and good neighborilines.Rehabilitation of the swamp/ Creation of new income generation stream/ create self employment(not set)
706NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureNaphtali Iganza0707427907Expansion, graveling, Drainage and bridge construction on Kivagala- mulundu RoadExpansion, graveling, Drainage and bridge construction on Kivagala- Mulundu Road is of great importance given the poor workmanship. The road serves people from both izava and Mulundu and needs to be motaorableIt will improve intra and Inter Ward connection, make motoring easy for reduced costs on repairs for both bike and motor operators resulting in cheap fares for the people. It will also make acces to markets in Mbale and chavakali easier for farm produce supply by farners(not set)
707NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureNaphtali Iganza0707427907Wasoloveya -Kegoye road and BridegRaised bridge construction and murraming of the roadWill reduce travel costs/ time/ and accidents from possible drowing in the flood waters specifically women, school children and senior citizens.(not set)
708JEPKOYAINatural ResourcesAndrew Indeche0710855081sossiani water supplySupplying water to residents of tigoi sublocation..gamalenga sublocation and kitagwa sublocation..currently managed by amatsi water companyThe project has benefited the people of the mentioned sub locations by supplying clean treated water to the residents although currently it is poorly managed...especially when it comes to payment of electriciity bills....the area has plenty of water and can supply water to places beyond this sublocations if fully maximized(not set)
709JEPKOYAIIndustrial DevelopmentAndrew Indeche0710855081Gambogi pawpaw factoryThe factory premises are located at gambogi shopping centre.although the factory closed its doors back in the 90'sThe project can revive the plantations of pawpaw trees.....which can boost the economic capabilities of the residents of vihiga(not set)
710LUANDA SOUTHEnvironment Water EnergyWilliam Oluoch0712856096Construction of boreholes and supply of electricitySupply electricity to Homesteads with no connection. Construction of boreholes to prevent long distance move by people looking for water.Increase business operations, eg chicken rearing(not set)
711JEPKOYAIIndustrial DevelopmentAndrew Indeche0710855081revival of jebrock coffee factoryThe factory will provide market to small scale coffee farmers in the county whom have fallen victim of middlemen who buy their coffee beans at throw away market..1)provide a stable markett for locally planted coffee
2 creation of employment for the youth
3)revenue collection
(not set)
712JEPKOYAIHealth CareAndrew Indeche0710855081upgrading of tigoi health center to a subcounty hospitalThe centre is providing health services not only to residents of tigoi sublocation bt to the entire community botth leaving in kitagwa.gamalenga..masana.gilwazi boyani even pple from outside the county seek health services from the facility1)provide employment to our newly trained doctors ,COs,nurses.cleaners
2)will reduce congestion at mbale refferal hospital
3)qualitybof medical services will also improve
4)a healthy society will automatically lead to increased production due to a healthy workforce
(not set)
This project aims at improving psychological assistance to people infected, affected and those yet to with skills necessary to control and reduce the spread of HIV and aids, as well as offer counselling services to hospitalised people, students in school and those traumatized by various issues of life like bereavement. in addition, family planning will help set up manageable size of families and contribute to economic growth.
Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County:
this project targets the people of entire vihiga County. we shall help fight problem through school counselling, clinical counselling, psychological assistance to various challenged groups, public barazas,churches among others through which activities like curbing abortions, prostitution, anti-jiggers campaigns, HIV aids arvs are distributed and reach out to the marginalised groups. Through it we shall see poverty index go down and increase on human resource production.
(not set)
714JEPKOYAITransport InfrastructureBenard Avaga0722582529Tigoi girls,sosian rd and bridgeGravel and murraming of the roadThis road once done and completed can boost and enhance transport network,from tigoi girls gate to sosian river springs upto intersection joining Gambogi mamboleo border rd.The challenges faced by students when water pump breakdown occurs can be solved,hence students from gamalenga, Tigoi and Nyangori high schools can have access to water springs during breakdown.the rd also links Tambua and Jepkoyai via tigoi sublocation.(not set)
715CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyAlukwe Loyce0722353740Waterclean and accesibble water.This should be on a daily basis given that it is a basic need.Students and the community at large will save on time used to go to the river to fetch water In rivers.
It will reduce the number of people suffering from typhoid and even cholera.
It will attract many people to live comfortably in Chavakali as a town.
(not set)
716CHAVAKALITrade and EnterpreneurshipAlukwe Loyce0722353740Job creationCement factoryJob creation for the youth and women.
Security in the region.
(not set)
717CHAVAKALISports and CultureAlukwe Loyce0722353740Rugby county teamVihiga county has produced the best rugby players in the country. There is need for a Vihiga rugby teamEnsure youths are employed.
Promote tourism.
Increase trade activities.
reduce crime rates
(not set)
718CHAVAKALIHealth CareAlukwe Loyce0722353740Girl child support programmesProvision of sanitary towels and school fees.Reduce rate of school dropout.
Reduce pregnancy rates.
Reduction of prostitution.
(not set)
719CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water Energymartin njite chitwa0727311605clean piped water and lightiningWe need clean piped water done.Could you consider sinking a borehole at khusionga church of God and entire ward.Consider also erecting LED bulbs on electrical poles.Accessing clean water reduces water borne diseases etc.Lightning improves security. (not set)
720NORTH MARAGOLIEducationjohn Lwangu 0720813992IGADA PrimarySchoolStruggling to start School to cater for children traveling far and crossing insecure river valleys surrounding area onnearly all sides. (not set)
721WEMILABITransport InfrastructureBenjamin Akaba0723157883Road upgradingProject Description
Up grading of Mahanga_Itabalia_ Magada Road.
It's in a pathetic state.... Let resources be availed for the project as soon as possible
This road will link farmers quickly to the market
It will also open itabalia, Ebubayi and Magada for investments..... Investors find it difficult to to invest in an area that has poor road network.
(not set)
722CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyMICHAEL AMBENGE +254 706 370777Energy Saving Stoves and Brequettes Making The Project Upon implementationn aims at Environmental conservation as the main goal.Women in organized groups will be taught how to make energy saving stoves from locally available materials as well as Briquettes from locally available materials as well.-Reduction on tree cutting hence conserving the environment
-Source of Employment to women hence improved livelihoods
-Taxes to the County Government raised from the stove making economic activity.
-Reduced crime activities as the youth will be incorporated in the project.
(not set)
723NORTH EAST BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesZablon Olwali0721829860Pure Breed AnimalProposal for one pure breed Animal per farmer in Vihiga Countythe Project will provide the people of vihiga county with Milk and money(not set)
724CHAVAKALIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesStanley Lavaza0725812023Livestock ImprovementIntroduce subsidized AI and Veterinary services to small scale farmers. The AI services are expensive making unaffordable to many farmers who end up relying on local bulls.
These has led to poor breeds that produce little milk .Make AI SERVICES FREE OR AFFORDABLE.
Introduce subsidized veterinary services by employing field officers to treat and give advises to farmers.
(not set)
725SOUTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureHUMPHREYS AMBURA0728484345ROADSRoad maintenanceTo trigger development and promote business along the road marked Tigoi-Chamluchi(Got-Kabindi)(not set)
726CENTRAL BUNYORESecurity and SafetyWesley0724031107Housing of government officersDue to reallocation of new subcounty in Emuhaya_Emusire. The place still lacks the houses for it's officers. To Administration police the houses that were built is not enough to accomodate a good number The premises will enable the wananchi to access the officers easily since they will live within the office.(not set)
727MUNGOMAWomen and Youthbenson ambaka esendi0716023607youthyouthhow will youth benefit(not set)
729EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureAndrew Olukoye0720666869Hobunaka- Eliangoma bridgethe road connecting Hobunaka sec school playground and Eliangoma lacks two important bridges. the ones currently there are made of wood n more often are carried away when there is too much rain or due to soil degradation as a result of sand miningthe two bridges will help people from hobunaka all the way from stendi matope to access Eliangoma health centre. it will also help students of Hobunaka Boys, Hobunaka Girls and Hobunaka primary who come from Waluka. it will also help local residents to there way to or from kima to Eliangoma(not set)
730EMABUNGOEnvironment Water EnergyAndrew Olukoye0720666869Mwigono Water ProjectMwigono caves have lots of water which flow down stream. this waters can be tapped then pumped to huge tanks in Emateya or waluka hills, then allowed to flow to homes through pipes via gravity. 10-15 yrs ago, the residents tried to solicit funds to fund it but they lacked leadership and enough resources. a huge dam can be made at the source, then water pumped into the tanks by solar power or electricity.the project if well executed will provide water to residents of Eliangoma, Waluka, Esiambale, Esikangu, Emakakha and parts of hobunaka, Eliangoma Health centre, waluka primary (not set)
731LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth Carezakia E Jumba0728539972Improve health at Nadanya dispensaryTo ensure everyone in the community Can enjoy the right to good health and healthcare and provide working together in astrong health systemThe lasting change to the health centre will make the community have knowledge skills and means to maintain their good health and break thecycle of poor health(not set)
732WEST SABATIASports and CultureFRANCIS AMBOYE GAFULE0722450067ATHLETICSTo organize a an athletics team which will train professional runners. This is only for Vihiga County Athletics. We can train short and distance runners.It can help young men not be idle and young ladies not to engage in earlier marriages.
It will make our young people to know the meaning of life.
(not set)
733WEST SABATIASports and CultureFRANCIS AMBOYE GAFULE0722450067ATHLETICSTo have an athletic team to train train long and distance runners as professionals.1. To train our girls not to engage in early marriages
2. Athletics will make them know the meaning of life
3. To be self discipline
(not set)
734SHIRUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingZADOCK M. MUNALA0724851302kaimosi Friends Vocational Training centreREHABILITATION OF THE EXISTING ADMINISTRATION BLOCK AND THEORY CLASSESThis is the only existing vocational training institution within the ward and the population of the students has been on asteady rise leading to the available infrastructure not able to cater the students needs.The existing structure is old and hence needs refurbishment with regard to re-roofing,electrical installation and partioning.(not set)
735SHIRUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingZADOCK M. MUNALA0724851302FEMALE HOSTELThe institution lacks boarding facilities for the female gender yet the catchment area has a very high potential for the female gender who would need to be accommodated in order to attract more enrollment and ooffer the ample time to carry out there studies.It will offer the institution a chance to the students within the locality an opportunity to concentrate in the studies without the interference of the external forces in the neighborhood.(not set)
736SHIRUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingZADOCK M. MUNALA07248513022 BLOCKS OF SANITARY FACILITIESOne block of latrines which includes urinal and 3 doors toilet for male and one block of latrines for females with 2 doors bathroomsThis facilities will improve the hygienic and health of the people in the institution.(not set)
737SHIRUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingZADOCK M. MUNALA0724851302THREE STOREY BUILDINGThere is need to put up a 3storey building to house the following departments,admnistration block,ict workshop,and lecture halls.The existing structure is not in a position to house all those facilities hence need to put up the structure since there is an increase in population.(not set)
738SHIRUTechnical Vocational Education TrainingZADOCK M. MUNALA0724851302CONSTRUCTION OF DINING HALL AT KAIMOSI VOCATION TRAINING CETREThe institution requires a complete dining hall and kitchen enjoined so as to enable the students clean environment as they take there meals.Improve the feeding aerogramme in the institution(not set)
739WEST BUNYORETechnical Vocational Education TrainingZADOCK M. MUNALA0724851302BUILD MODERN VOCATIONAL TRAINING AT ILONJE VILLAGEBuild vocational training college at ilonje since there is no training institution within the locality.most youths are engaged in alcohol abuse since they believe in white collar jobs that are not providing them skills will deter the idleness that leads them engaging in such activities.(not set)
740WEST BUNYORESecurity and SafetyZADOCK M. MUNALA0724851302PROVISION OF SECURITY LIGHTS FROM FROM KHUSIKULU TO ILONJE CHURCH OF GODInsecurity has been a major concern to the residents within the radius of this stretch of road.It will adress insecurity concerns within this area hence prospering development.(not set)
741EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureNewton Obbuyi0710874907rehabilitation of roadsOpen up roads and murram the existing ones. Help control drainage use of culverts and proper drainage tunnels. some of the roads were never opened up due to politics across the area .To be specific ebusakami ebukame feeder roadsOpen up room for business expansion/growth.Help improve/increase mobility and accessibility to essential facilities (not set)
742WEMILABIEnvironment Water EnergyDouglas Efedha0722312471clean water and sanitationSinking of a borehole at IrumbiThis project will provide clean water for the residents and reduce cases of water borne diseases arising from ingestion of contaminated water. Zero grazing and irrigation will become a reality thus providing income for the jobless.(not set)
743WEMILABIEnvironment Water Energybarnabas ndeche 0729564938piped waterEvery house hold to get water in their house coz most of the time we are depending on springs. It will reduce time for parents and child to get water and do other things(not set)
744WEMILABISports and Culturebarnabas ndeche 0729564938 sports facilitiesTrainning kits/materialsYouths wi be busy and avoid drugs(not set)
745LUANDA SOUTHHealth CareVincent Ambwaya0791188081Hospital Construction at MwilalaThere is no hospital around this locality and residents walk to far to receive medical services. It Will improve the health and living standards of the residents (not set)
746TAMBUATechnical Vocational Education TrainingFlorence Ochola 0726921385Givigoi Vocational Training Centre 1.Funding of the institution 2.Completing the renovation of classrooms /Workshops 3.Construction of latrines and urinal pit 4.Putting up a twin workshop for motorvehicle technology and equipping with modern tools 5.Putting up an equipped ICT lab 6.Construction of food and beverage production unit 7.Installation of poultry production demonstration unit. Impact the youth with relevant skills thus create employment. Increase food production through poultry farming thus reduced malnutrition cases and food insecurity.(not set)
747MUNGOMAIndustrial DevelopmentBen Mwange0721496015Afri-Beauty-CareAfri-Beauty-Care is an idea that was conceived way back in 2016 by a group of highly trained, ambitious and experienced young men who have always nursed a passion for producing high quality, affordable and available soap and beauty products to our unsatisfied market in our society.

Creating job opportunities and reduce high crime rate.
Prevent & combat communicable diseases and
keep our environment clean
(not set)
748LUGAGA-WAMULUMATransport InfrastructureDr Muronga Kadurenge Benard0722 354 756Improvement of Kitulu-Erosoma-Vurudi RoadImprovement of Kitulu-Erosoma-Vurudi Road1. Better transport by motor vehicles.
2. Ease of doing business will be realized.
(not set)
749LUGAGA-WAMULUMATrade and EnterpreneurshipDr Muronga Kadurenge Benard0722 354 756Entrepreneurship and Small Business CenterEstablish an entrepreneurship and small business development center within the Lugaga-Wamuluma Ward. This will facilitate the dissemination of relevant knowldge and skills as well as supporting the establishment of small businesses with a focus on youth, women, persons with disabilities and vulnerable other groups.1. Relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes for the target groups.
2. Establishment of small businesses across the Lugaga-Wamuluma Ward.
(not set)
750LUGAGA-WAMULUMACooperatives (SACCO)Dr Muronga Kadurenge Benard0722 354 756Boda Boda Operators SACCOFormation of a Lugaga-Wamuluma Boda Boda Operators SACCO as an affiliate of an umbrella Vihiga Boda Boda Operators SACCO. 1. Introduce a culture of saving for the Boda Boda operators.
2. Avail a loan scheme for the Boda Boda operators to start income other generating ventures.
3. Improve standards of living for Boda Boda Operators and their families.
4. Instill discipline among some of the Boda Boda Operators.
(not set)
751WEST BUNYORETechnical Vocational Education TrainingAngela Musimbi Amola0725501740Infrastructural DevelopmentModern Kitchen with a Dining Hall
Workshops (Electrical, Hair Dressing and Beauty, Garment making and Carpentry and Joinery, Theory Rooms (19) Library)
Enhanced provision of quality and modern technical skills to the natives of West Bunyore ward and the entire citizens of Vihiga County for self sustainability and practical realization of Vision 2030. (not set)
752WEMILABIEconomic PlanningAiti Nyahera0720251910Monkeys Eradicationfarming terminated due to monkey population growthNone(not set)
753BUSALIEducation ScienceAginga Allan0724708315ICT Training institute In most parts of vihiga county we do not have training center where people can be taught on how to use computer so people go to train in Kisumu, Nairobi etc and what is offered in our polytechnics is just basic knowledge ,if you take this person for real practical it's a challenge. the general management and maintenance of computers ,photocopiers ,printers etc is done by people from far due to lack of skills.We tend to believe that our people are trained in computer packages but this is not the case,if the training centres are set up we shall have many people train and vision 2022 will be achieved..If this project roles out the benefits are many but i mention a few 1Create awareness in use of technology 2 Create employment to those who will teach 3 Offer training at an affordable price 4 Earn revenue as through training people will pay.5 . Services like photocopy, printing cyber services will easily be accessible(not set)
754BUSALIEducationAginga Allan0724708315Ward Library and resource centerThe county's main population depends on education, we need a center where people can come and read and do research as they develop on their intellectual ability.During long holiday the youth are idle and there is no place they can be kept busy.1Create employment, 2 earn revenue, students will use their time well and we shall avoid irresponsible behavior among the youth,3 there will be great intellectual pool.(not set)
755BUSALISocial ServicesAginga Allan0724708315Child protection unitWe have many cases of neglected children, orphaned ,lost abandoned and destitute This will help to care for the under privileged children in the society. Create employment to the youth .Support the needy to access basic needs k(not set)
756NORTH EAST BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesRev. Zablon Olwali0721829860Pure Breed AnimalProposal for one pure- breed Animal per farmer in Vihiga CountyTo improve in agricultural products and also milk production (not set)
757LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducation ScienceCaroline Anyienda0729736232ecde centres1.Complete the stalled Ecde classes at Nadanya primary, Isitsi primary and Ellongo primary.
2. contruct Ecde classes in other primary schools and equip them.i.e kibara primary,munoywa primary,bukulunya primary,boyusuf primary,lyaduywa primary,munugi primary,hammadira primary,demesi primary, davanga primary,enderi primary, mutsulyu primary, mukingi primary, mbale primary.
3.Employ quallified Ecde teachers on permanent basis.
4.Introduce lunch program to Ecde children.
1.This will provide a conducive learning environment to the learners.
2.Motivate the teachers.
3.Improve the enrollment of Ecde children.
(not set)
758LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationCaroline Anyienda0729736232Munugi vocational training.Purchase of land ,construction of the Vocational training equipping and staffing of the institution.

1. provide skills to the youth who will become self employed and create jobs to the locals.
2.curb idleness,drug use and abuse.

(not set)
759LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth CareCaroline Anyienda0729736232Munoywa dispensaryand Nadanya dispensaryCompletion of maternity wing,equipping and staffing of the facilities . Improve on maternal and child health care
2.Reduce mother and child mortality during delivery
3.Stop home deliveries that result into complications and finally death.
(not set)
760LYADUYWA/IZAVAEnvironment Water EnergyCaroline Anyienda0729736232WaterProtection of water springs and maintenance.Ensure safe water is provided to the people for consumption.(not set)
761LYADUYWA/IZAVAEnvironment Water EnergyCaroline Anyienda0729736232Water harvesting1.All schools to be provided with water tanks for storage of rain water
2.A regulation be put in place for all house holds to tap rain water and store in tanks to be used in dry seasons.
1.Ensure rain water is not wasted.
2.Tapping/harvesting reduces surface runoff hence preventing soil erosion.
(not set)
762LYADUYWA/IZAVAEnvironment Water EnergyCaroline Anyienda0729736232Piped water1.Ikuvu water project to be completed and commissioned to ensure enough water is provided to the residents.
2.lunyerere water project be stepped up.
3.Metres should be provided to the water users and the management to ensure that all bills are cleared on time
4.Treatment of water before its released to the consumers.
Ensure clean and safe water is provided to the people all the time.(not set)
763LYADUYWA/IZAVANatural ResourcesCaroline Anyienda0729736232Gold mining at kichutu.The gold miners be trained on safe methods of mining and be provided with necessary working tools and equipments.
The county to assist in finding market for the gold miners to avoid brokers harassing them wit low prices. lives of people
2.ensure use of modern technology
3.provide ready market.
(not set)
764LYADUYWA/IZAVAEnvironment Water EnergyCaroline Anyienda0729736232Electricity Installation of transformers in all villages to ensure all households access electricity.
Installation of street lights in all market centres.
1.Reduce the use of kerosene for lighting in homes.
2.Reduce crimes /theft in market centers.
(not set)
765MUNGOMAIndustrial DevelopmentBen Mwange0721496015AFRI-BEAUTY CAREAfri-Beauty-Care is an idea that was conceived way back in 2016 by a group of highly trained, ambitious and experienced young men who have always nursed a passion for producing high quality, affordable and available soap and beauty products to our unsatisfied market in our society.Creating job opportunities and reduce high crime rate. Prevent & combat communicable diseases and keep our environment clean.(not set)
766CHAVAKALIAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesrrg0721496015sfssdsdvfgregfrertfgfe(not set)
767LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationJuma0715878487This is a testThis is a test DescriptionThis is a test DescriptionThis is a test DescriptionThis is a test Description(not set)
768LUGAGA-WAMULUMAWomen and YouthRobert+254701123456Amar IcchaAmar project ar description.Oank benefit pawa jaibo ai project thake.(not set)
769LUGAGA-WAMULUMAFood SecurityRobert+254701123456dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfg(not set)
770SHAMAKHOKHOAgriculture Livestock FisheriesBenard0733784019Farmers portalPortal to supply farmers with information on best farming methodsHigh yield(not set)
771MUHUDUEducationJohn Lelei+254720254220ECDEECDE training centrewill benefit the young leaders of the villege(not set)
772MUNGOMATechnical Vocational Education TrainingLilian Vuhunji Mmbwanga0702 604 357PRIORITY PROJECTS OR CHANZEYWE VTC STRATEGIC PLANINFRASTRUCTURE,TOOLS & EQUIPMENTTo equip youth from Mungoma Ward and its environment with relevant theoretical and practical, entrepreneurial skills and nurture them into all round citizens(not set)
773MUNGOMATechnical Vocational Education TrainingLilian Vuhunji Mmbwanga0702 604 357PRIORITY PROJECTS FOR CHANZEYWE VTC STRATEGIC PLANINFRASTRUCTURE,TOOLS & EQUIPMENTTo equip youths from Mungoma ward and its environment with relevant theoretical and practical, entrepreneurial skills and nurture them into all round citizens(not set)
775GISAMBAIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAllan Inyanya0723596179Dairy farmingProvide training and financing(loans) to interested dairy farmers. To unlock this giant industry in our county. County extensin and vertinary officers to be available.Generate positive impact in the lives of farmers and community as a whole. Food, Income and employment to both farmers and the community. (not set)
776MUNGOMAEducationchristine owuor0715455672purchase of land and construction of perimeter wallpurchase of 3 acres of land for expansion and a demonstration farm for Agribusiness.Quality training and services in technics and vocational skills(not set)
777MUNGOMAEducationchristine owuor0715454672construction of Administration blockconstruction of a storey building to accommodate offices, I.C.T lab, a modern library ,sanitation facilities with a septic tanker and rain water goods( gutters, droppers,two plastic tanks with a capacity of 10,000 litres each) enhanced services in technical and vocational training.(not set)
778MUNGOMAEducationchristine owuor0715454672construction and equipping of four workshopsconstruction of storey building to accommodate four fully equippedd workshops;
i) Motor Vehicle Mechanics(complete with a service bay and panel beating section)
ii) Electrical
iii) Food and Beverage(with a modern kitchen and service room)
iv) Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy and
sanitation facilities for boys and girls.
Quality training and services in the ward and entire county.(not set)
779MUNGOMAEducationchristine owuor0715455672construction of four classroomsconstruction of four theory classrooms for four departments;
i) Motor vehicle Mechanics
ii) Garment Making
iii) Food and beverage
iv) Food and Beverage
Quality training and services in the ward.(not set)
780MUNGOMAEducationchristine owuor0715455672construction and equipping of a dinning hall and modern kitchenconstruction and equipping of a dining hall(with a seating capacity of 1000 people)and a modern kitchen.Quality assurance standards in technical and vocational education.(not set)
781MUNGOMAEducationchristine owuor0715455672 construction of two hostels (for boys and girls) and sanitation faciltiesconstruction and furnishing of two hostels for boys and gilrs complete with sanitation facilities (with a septic tank),and fully installed water systems and electricity.enhanced training in technical and vocational training(not set)
782MUNGOMAEducationchristine owuor0715455672 purchase of school buspurchase of a school bus with a carrying capacity of 51passengers.enhanced transport system for trainees and the community in mungoma ward . (not set)
783NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureMoses keya0796736509The road from Ebunangwe university/ ebunangwe secondary to kilingili marketThe road is in a bad situation, resident cannot travel during rainy seasonThe construction of the project will enable resident to travel safely and moreso the road will provide access to educational institution centres(not set)
784WEMILABICooperatives (SACCO)MELKIZEDECK ONGALA0707517848vihiga county employees saccoall employess to be membersto improve welfare payment& loans 4 economic growth(not set)
785JEPKOYAITransport InfrastructureEmmanuel Handel Munzatsi0708465562kwa ochwade-mudindi roadThe road should be repaired. Opened up at some section and a good drainage system installedIt will help people who make gravel(kokoto) get customers. We also hàve people mining sand in this area but due to lack of a road(not set)
786WODANGASports and CultureIgnatius Isigi0712822122Music and dramaMusic
Recording our cultural music and uploading on you tube.
Acting our drama and uploading on you tube. The drama cast can also perform during functions in the county and be paid. They can also perform in the hotels within vihiga and outside.
It will help people appreciate their culture.
The performers will be able to earn.
It will create employment.
It will be a form of entertainment for County workers after a long week.
(not set)
787CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyANGOSE SIHULI PHILIP+254700038479Public park and botanical gardens A public park that is well land scaped with space for botany preservation and botany science projectsThe park will be a social place
For beautification and carbon sequestration
Preservations of new tree species and a space for other tree uses like medicinal trees and perfume tree species
Will be a botany lab for learning institutions within the region
It will have a lawn for social events to be hired and generate income to county
Environmental conservation; control flooding by setting an artificial dam
(not set)
788CENTRAL BUNYOREPhysical Planning Land and HousingANGOSE SIHULI PHILIP+254700038479PDPs and LAND USE MAPSPart development plans and land use maps for development controlA tool to direct development according to plan and attràct investors who want to invest in same projects.
A tool for healthy environment, order and stimulate residence to land registration..
Digitizing of land records through proper survey.
(not set)
789WEMILABIEducationJared luvaha+254722353732Liberal education Both make and female To impart broad and general knowledge to male and females of vihiga.
To impart intellectual knowledge thus reducing idleness
Induces creativity and craft among people hence source of income
(not set)
790WEST BUNYOREEducationRev. Moses Siboi Okonda0725206664Esibakala Junior and Technical SchoolSecondary School with a bias for technical skill educationWill ensure rapid human resource development for gainful self employment and human capital export. Increased remittance and decrease dependence. Job & market creation and appreciation of land value.(not set)
791LYADUYWA/IZAVAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesJames Last Keyombe Atalitsa0723303373ApicultureBee keepingThe project’s mission is to empower the youth/women/orphans with skills in
beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues in Vihiga County. The high demand of honey in the region and availability of resources have triggered our organization to venture into this activity. Community members interested in bee keeping as a business venture will also be encouraged to join the project.
(not set)
792BUSALIIndustrial DevelopmentHoward sindani0702 051 957quarryquarry set upThis will be a source of employment to many people increasing their per-capita income and also land reclaimation for farming puporces(not set)
793GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureHarrison Mulema0718045715Gisambai - Shamakhokho RoadTarmac Gisambai - Shamakhokho road- Open the region to economic growth
- Ease access to markets/agricultural inputs
- Increased business opportunities
- Ease communication to health facilities thus improve health benefits to locals
(not set)
794CENTRAL MARAGOLIHealth CareMartin Njite chitwa0727311605Building of health centres across the ward.Essaba sub location in need of a fully functional health centre.People across the ward will benefit a lot instead of going far for medication.(not set)
795CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth CareMartin Njite chitwa0727311605Building of health centres across the ward.Build afully functional health centre at Essaba sub location.People within the ward will access nearer health services.(not set)
796MUHUDUTransport InfrastructureBrendan Musungu0702745644Road ConstrucionShaviringa- Mpaka roadThis will open up the area in terms of developement, business and even transportation of goods(not set)
797NORTH EAST BUNYOREICT and Mediabcvb0721365478fjksfjsdsfsdajhfd(not set)
798LUANDA SOUTHTransport InfrastructureKweya Ayanga0724561275Transport infrastructure - Eseere VillageRoad construction For any meaning development to happen,road communication is vital(not set)
800TAMBUAAgriculture Livestock FisheriesZena Lyaga0721628573Agriculture as an economic activityFruit processing plantEmployment creation(not set)
802MWIBONAHealth CareStephen Samo0732448377Esiandumba Health CentreEsiandumba Health CentreIt will greatly reduce pressure on Emuhaya sub-county hospital.
Reduce exploitation by private clinics
(not set)
803NORTH EAST BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock Fisheriescharles olubayo osala0700755914fish farmingWe have two ponds for EKAITA B CU which need to be restocked with fingerlings monosex, one catfish another tilapia
It will help other people from the surrounding community to practice fish farming.
It is a source of protein.
Source of income.
Need to expand and have a hutchery to increase fish production in the county.
Train schools, farmers and community as a whole to know why fish farming and practicals to students around who do agriculture as a subject.
(not set)
804CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyNICKSON AMAYA0721983210water supplyWater supplywill help reduce water borne illness(not set)
805BANJAHealth CareFrank Adiga0706654035Commissioning of services to target the elderlyVihiga Health Network for the elderlyElderly people have unique health needs that are not currently addressed adequately by the healthcare sector. A service involving establishment of a network of community health workers, nutritionists and peer counsellors can help to mitigate the negative impact of old age upon health and improve quality of life.(not set)
806CHAVAKALIEducationKuboka Kenneth0723861582Inclusion of Class Eight leavers Short coursesTo give vital skills and training to pupils who had no chance to join high school by providing short term courses in cookery, enterprise dev, horticulture, agriculture, etc(not set)
808BANJAICT and MediaGodfrey Golova0716119283ICT Lab/ Media CenterOpening of an ICT Lab/Media Center at Serem Market.There is a need for an ICT Lab at Serem Market to benefit the youth in accessing online services. Currently, there is no cyber cafe at Serem with affordable internet and fast computer which the residents can use, essentially this cyber cafe will be of benefit to both residents of Banja and Shamakhokho Wards. (not set)
809WEMILABIEducationGEORGE IMANYE0719528462construction of ECDE classesIn IRUMBI PRIMARY SCHOOL there's no even asingle class for ECDE.we have 103 pupils in one room THE CHAIRS ARE LESS OTHER CHILDREN SIT ON THE FLOOR.SO we beg the county to remember usit will help the people of ebukhubi,emusila and the people of wemilabi ward(not set)