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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
181EMABUNGOWomen and Youthjethron Ayumba sabula0712255959empowerment of women and youthYouths and women should be empowered through microfinance schemes or monitored fund that can create developmentGreat self employment,will facilitate grassroot development,self dependence, reduce crime,improve food security and employemet creation(not set)
182SOUTH MARAGOLIICT and MediaJeremy Amagoye+254729452645Services AutomationParking, market fees and other levies including hospital charges etcThis will honestly double if not tripple the revenue collection in Vihiga, I have seen places like Majengo chavakali and even the county not being organized when it comes to parking fees collections and other fees if all this was properly automated and monitored then revenue collection would go up(not set)
183SOUTH MARAGOLIIndustrial Developmentnicholus vutiti omamo0711545171packaging of Man'ong'o waterpackaging of watercreation of employment(not set)
184LUANDA TOWNSHIPEnvironment Water Energyzephania mwando0712724949water supplyImproving water supply in the area. Piped water facilitated to as many villages as possible given the challenging factor of fetching from rivers Which are far. Upgrading the water supply to support as many places better than its possible Many will access the water services easily
Improved agriculture since water brought nearer to villages
Improved general hygiene to the residents
(not set)
185MWIBONASocial Servicescalvine Oredi0720803668Rural Electrification in Emmuli EsiandumbaElectricity connection through last mile project in Emmuli Ebutuku along Esiandumba-Uranga/Akala road has been neglected despite residents applying for last 3 years!1. Improve economic activity of the residents of Emmuli Ebutuku
2. Security-Well lit areas have low risk to criminal activity
(not set)
186LUGAGA-WAMULUMAHealth CareNixon Mboku0724780504Kisiru DispensaryThe project was started by CDF in 2012/2013 fy the building are thereMedical care for Vunandi sublocatoon(not set)
187LUGAGA-WAMULUMAHealth CareDavid Alumasa0718 342881Upgrading of mulele health centerMulele health center is known for offering essential services to redidence of Lugaga Location.It also offers services to the nearby learning institutions e.g Madira girls,Vihiga Ttc Ebubayi sec muhanda and madira primaryThe general population of lugaga and Mungoma locations(not set)
188LUGAGA-WAMULUMATrade and EnterpreneurshipJedidiah Yakerah+254727945862Social-Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Development To set structure that will bring about collaboretive community empowerment towads sustainable development as an avenue to enhace resource mobilization and wealth creationThis project will enable the community to build capacity for sustainable wealth creation visions. Collaborate and set up Saccos, pull resources as platforms to attract venture capitalists and in the long run remain committed to creating jobs and wealth in the county at large.(not set)
189SHAMAKHOKHONatural ResourcesBruce Lumumba0720663561WaterDrill boreholes in Serem This has been used in Nakuru county and it's working, the water from the borehole will supply the entire Serem market.(not set)
190BANJATransport InfrastructureBruce Lumumba0720663561Kapsotik-Senende-Hamisi-majengo RoadThe road is in pathetic mode, please considerImprove market supply from Serem market to majengo and enviro.(not set)
191NORTH EAST BUNYOREPhysical Planning Land and HousingELIKANA ESIKUMO OCHEMBE0727 304863Acceleration of Title deed processingMost people in this ward have inherited land and they find it add to go for title deeds because the process is not transparent due to corruption.This project will enable people access credit facilities using their title deeds as security and those who have enough land can sell in order for them to get working capital for other viable economic ventures.(not set)
192BANJAEducationMunyeti Alex0725124683ECD class and officeProject Description setting of new ECD classroom and administration blockBriefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga Countyhelp in learning of children(not set)
193CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyAMBEVA EVANS INDUMWA0722998244Water supplySupply of fresh tap waterGood hygiene,Less water bone diseases, good sanitation in schools and homes,watering domestic animals. etc(not set)
194CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyAMBEVA EVANS INDUMWA0722998244WaterWater supply to homes and schoolsImproved hygiene and sanitation, watering domestic animals hence good income from milk and animal products.(not set)
195SHAMAKHOKHOEnvironment Water EnergyCastro Khabongo0721598996Provision of safe clean piped drinking waterProvision of piped clean waterClean piped water will reduce both Human and animal diseases, Ensure improved Hygienic conditions, Improve livelihoods through small scale farming and livestock keeping. Will make reduce cost of construction and othe infrastructure developments, Support learners in school and enhance school enrollment.(not set)
196MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyLUDISI0724033769Mungoma water projectPiped Water Project Mungoma WardThe residents will access clean drinking water.
Boost agriculture.
creation of employment opportunities.

(not set)
197MUNGOMATransport InfrastructureLUDISI0724033769Mahanga - Kerongo -Musunguti RoadRepair of Mahanga Kerongo Musunguti Marrum Road
supply of goods to market places will be faster.
creation of jobs.
increase security.
Access to schools, health centers will be quickly.
(not set)
198GISAMBAITransport Infrastructureerick kipsoi0728574521gisambai-jebrock roadA road connecting gisambai and jepkoyai wards that needs ro be tarmacked. Also offers a connection between vihiga and kisumu countiesIt will help ease business between gisambai and jebrock markets and within vihiga at large. Also offers an alternative link between vihiga and kisumu counties(not set)
199SHIRUSecurity and SafetyAsumu Dominic Blytone0706855363electricityelectricty supply,kaptis villagethe kaptis dispensary will have better servicess,light at night will reduce crime,employment by opening vinyozi,cybers etc,open area for investments(not set)
200SHIRUAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAsumu Dominic Blytone0706855363Fish farmingconstruction of fish ponds along river yala,kaptis areaemployment creation,food security,reduction on forest distruction by encouraging fish farming from charcoal burning in the community around the forest,cheaper fish in the county(not set)