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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
41LUANDA SOUTHPublic Private PartnershipsWilliam Oluoch0712856096Crafts and fast moving goods industryUnutilized Craftsmen have ended up poor due to no avenue for practiceConstruction of at least one craft center and an industry where fast moving goods such as bread, biscuits, soft drinks among others can be manufactured and sold locallyNone.
42LUANDA SOUTHEnvironment Water EnergyWilliam Oluoch0712856096Tree PlantingDeforestation may at later stages impact on our county, let's plant treesIssue tree seedlings and tree Planting day in schools, carry out public teaching on the importance of conservation of trees. Establish KEFRI center to help this out.No KEFRI within. No high quality seedlings
43LUANDA SOUTHNatural ResourcesWilliam Oluoch0712856096Water SupplyStill having problems with distances covered to get waterConstruction of one borehole like the one at Esalwa Secondary School can help serve not only a polling station but a whole wardNone
44WODANGASocial ServicesGibson Luyari0727265296Vihiga county sports League/ TournamentsM proposing that the county government through the sports and social services department comes up with a local sports league or tournaments to be participated by all youth in the county. This can be done through and in various wards. This will go in not only ensuring the youth are engaged positively but also identifying, nurturing and developing vast talents in the youth. This will also promote peacefully coexistence amongst all people in the county as they come out to support their favourite teams.we can have the league run through out the year where various leagues with different sports categories. for example, soccer, volleyball and handball etc.
We can also be the first to introduce the inaugural Vihiga County Sports Tournament where we invite teams from all over the country to participate in the open tournament. This will marketbthe county as well as encourage and open business opportunities for the people of the county
With the many sports facilities readily available in almost all academic institution including primary schools, secondary schools and even colleges and universities we will be able to host this matches comfortably. The only requirement maybe to renovate and repair slightly the grounds and facilities to meet the minimum required stndard. The county will fully support and sponsor the events by providing equipment needed and technical man power.
45LUANDA SOUTHFood SecurityWilliam Oluoch0712856096Planting Seeds and Fertilizer, Better breeds of chickenThe 'recycling' of seeds used in Planting (imwo) play a big role in poor yields.Issue tested and verified planting seeds from Kenya Seed at a reduced cost or if possible for free. Issue high breed animals for raring.Gardens are available for farming
46NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureLavington Adego Liko+254721263738Road ImprovementGrade the Kiritu Mambai roadRenovatelabour
47WODANGASecurity and SafetyLavington Adego Liko+254721263738Street LightingLight the marketsLights the marketMarkets
48CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth Careottichilo0791387614DispensaryWe walk over 20 km to access health care at homeBuild a dispensary for Central BunyoreWe have land at the current health center
49LUANDA SOUTHSocial Serviceserastus echenje0724296102water projectAssistance for overhead tank for community based water project Building an overhead tank to serve the community and assist in distribution of water through pippingWe have a water pump,sunk borehole, some piping to a tank,electricity and a few homes are connected to the waters supply
50MUNGOMASocial ServicesJohn omare0721283580Water projectRehabilitation of the existing water project in Kerongo that used to supply piped water to the greater part of Mungoma ward. Now the project is disfunctional and people have reverted to fetching water from streams and rivers posing a public health risk to residents.Rehabilitate the water tank, pipes and source areaAlready the system is in place
51LUANDA SOUTHTransport Infrastructureerastus echenje0724296102sunrise st andrews church elwambilo roaddRenovetion of road Grading,making drainage and adding murrum and comppressingWe all ready have a road
52LUGAGA-WAMULUMASecurity and SafetyEdgar Asava Keverenge0725 300 233Disaster response and managementWe have a problem when it comes to disaster response and management in Vihiga. We don't have county fire engines incase of fires. It has been so disappointing to see business peopl lose their life's earnings and means of livelihood due to fires that could have been contained just by timely responses from fire department and disaster management team. I have witnessed 3incidences in Mbale where 2business people and 1school have lost investments due to fire. This could have been avoided if we had our own fire engines instead of waiting for one from Kakamega.
Also small disaster response management team. There is this baby that was thrown in a school latrine by a student. The rescue was hapharzard, carried out by well meaning but clueless heroes. They didn't have even the simplest of equipment other than hoes and ropes. And no one even to perform first aid.
County to purchase ideally 5 but atleast 2fire engines to be placed one in Mbale town and one in another strategic place for easier response to fire tragedies.
County to set up disaster management unit with HQ at Mbale but other smaller units set up across Vihiga to coordinate with main one.
Recruit and train volunteers on disaster response and management. These should be recruited from our wards. Train like 100people from every ward. Equip them with basic first aid kits with user logs and a main supplies store to control and audit their usage.
This volunteers to be encouraged to hold regular community training drills in their respective community neighborhoods, schools
Also first aid training and drills to be regularly held in all public and private schools
We already have schools to act as training, drill grounds
County/DC offices can donate office for disaster management unit and main supplies store
Ward Admin office can be used as a ward disaster management coordination office and ward supplies store
53CENTRAL BUNYORETransport InfrastructureAUSTIN AYARA 0788405417LUANDA EMUSIRE ROADThe Luanda Emusire road is in a dilapidated state despite the high traffic on it. It has the potential of being the most efficient shortcut from Luanda Town to Khumusalaba through Esirulo and Luanda town to StendKisa through EsibuyeTarmac the link road from Luanda to Emusire and possibly to Esibuye and EsiruloEssaba and Emusire High Schools
Mwichio, Esibuye and Essaba shopping centers
Hobuyaya and Elukongo nedical centers
Countless churches along this route
There's also a surplus of affordable human labor force
54CENTRAL MARAGOLIPublic Private PartnershipsOmbima Mark olome0706105185FERTILISER PROCESSING PLANTset up a Fertiliser Factory Set up a FactoryOrganic Materials
55WODANGATransport InfrastructureVictor Musaki0716061559Tarmacking of the Feeder roadTarmacking of the feeder road from Kiritu Shopping Centre to Givudimbuli Health FacilityThe project will ease access of patients to the health facility faster and ensure referrals to the county hospital to save lives of patients and expectant mothers
Givudimbuli Health Centre,Mukunya Primary school,Mambai Primary school
56MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyKelvin Asava0732483418Maragoli Hills Afforestation Maragoli Hills was once a hill that was fully covered by trees and significantly contributed to the aesthetic nature of the county. Over time, the hill remains bare with only stones and a visit to the place shows that people have taken over parcels of land. The water that used to flow from the hill has significantly reduced. County government environmental office should do something in collaboration with the villagers. The project is to GROW trees. Trees, manpower, enforcement to look after the place.
57WODANGASecurity and Safetyalex kifana0733447719STREET LIGHTINGto provide street lighting at the area to encourage businesses even at nightas abovestreet lighting as well as new dispensary in the area
58CENTRAL BUNYOREPublic Private PartnershipsShadrack Kube0792556317Wote HubWe would like to get a place where young people can present ideas and get fascilitationTech CompanySpace and Sponsorship
59NORTH EAST BUNYORETrade and EnterpreneurshipAngalwa Benson0711660877Youth improved Kienyeji chickenThe youth around my area idle a lot and have become a social menace.the county can carry out the census of all the youths in the area through village administrator,then purchase one cock @ 250 at 3wks and 5hens @ 200 at 3 weeks.then supply to youth in every homestead.most youth know how to rear six months they will start laying and they form a cooperative to sell eggs.incubator be provided to hatch more eggs for supply.excess eggs be sold to nearby kisumu city,kakamega and exported through international airport.
The plan is: if 5000 youths become successful and increase there stock,they employ other two as farm manager and casual worker.three people will earn miningful living.also in 3 years vihiga county will become a net exporter of Kienyeji meat and eggs,attracting other related industries which produce chicken feeds,parent stock chicks e.g kenchic,agrovets and extension services.cooperative movement will also be enhanced.
To start up each youth constructs a small chicken house and is supplied the chicks with county with a start up chick the long run subsidised chicken feed can be provided.county only requires 4000 per youth. Total cost for youth in my village can be estimated from the census.Chicken house construction materials,grains for feeds,security,and ready market.
60MWIBONASecurity and SafetyFrancis Matika0711819914Luanda-mwibona street lightingThe previous regime installed Street lights masts but most of them are not functionalPublic private partnerships that will see them use these masts for advertisement, generating revenue that will in turn settle the huge electrical bills Already established Street light masts