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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
61NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareIbrahim Sitaka+254721549063Esibuye health centerWe need a health center at Esibuye sub locationInfrastructure and the staffNon
62LUANDA TOWNSHIPTransport InfrastructureGeoffrey0726258600Roads and bridges constructionRoads upgrade from muddy to marrum and construction of bridges a long them(roads)At least marrum should be put on those roads to to easen transportation.Ebusiralo primary school
63LUANDA TOWNSHIPHealth CareGeoffrey Asila0726258600Dispensary constructionConstruction of health facility(Dispensary) The dispensary constructed will help to reduce the cost of transport from Ebusiralo to the nearest hospitals, solve health emergency issues, cheap medication services unlike the nearest private hospitals which are too expensive to the locals and will also help school children to seek medication and health check ups as recommended by there teachers.School
64MWIBONANatural ResourcesAnambo Gerishom0722356177water scarcityNo clean water for human and animal useDrilling of a boreholeSite for drilling, mobilisation to get survey funds.
65NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureJULIUS KUYA0726803992Ebusiloli to Demesi RoadThe road was opened up but construction of the bridge was not undertaken.Impassable during rains.Murraming and bridge construction.Manpower
66NORTH EAST BUNYORESocial ServicesJULIUS KUYA0726803992Water provisionEbunangwe water projectRevamping of the facilities for the pump station at Ikumu station.None
67NORTH EAST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyJULIUS KUYA0726803992Adoption of renewable energiesProvide solar powered lanterns in householdsProcure solar lanternsNone
68LUGAGA-WAMULUMASocial ServicesPeter Mugala0722290566Water SupplyLocals have to travel long distance to get the precious commoditySupply of piped water to the residents and SchoolsNone
69SHAMAKHOKHOFood SecurityDr Miheso Mulembani0724765295water and HorticultureGreen housingDairy goat farminhSmall pieces of land
70WEMILABINatural ResourcesPhilip Apamo akusala0715770074Esiambale community water projectChannel of water to homesteadsPeople around the area of esiambale Church of God have a borehole drilled by world Bank because of poverty they are Anabel to pipe up to their home please my RIGHT HONOURABLE GOVERNOR take it with good heart ....second the esiambale church itself is under new and morden constuction assist us thanks for your concernNill
71MUNGOMATransport InfrastructureOliver Lososi0722510564Expansion of Madzuu-Kisienya-Muhanda RoadThe road is too narrow and can't allow 2 vehicles moving in opposite direction to pass. The road has poor drainage and the murram on it is usually washed away when it rains rendering it impassable. The road has sharp bends at Mudavadi Girls High School making it a blackspot for motorists and other road users. The road to be expanded by escavators with proper drainage. Good murram to be applied.Skilled and un-skilled labour force
72EMABUNGOEnvironment Water EnergyStella orengo0725110700Ekhakamba conservation and recreation facilitiesSince emabungo has several granitic tors we could preserve the beauty and topography by building recreational villages for tourists where they come and blend with nature. This is better than stone crushing which will deplete the granitic tors and interfere with the landscape of the area. Build a recreational park and villages with cottages and sell the area as a tourist destinationLand,building materials, labour in construction and even post construction,
73LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth Careallan kadenge0725465416employment of clinical officersDue to inadequate medical personnel in most hospitals ,despite having many learned clinical officers who are jobless , i do propose employment of clinicians to help imprive the state and quality of health of the maragoli people.Employment of clinical officers.Healthcenters , and sub county hospitals
74CENTRAL BUNYOREFood SecurityAgneta Aleyo0723690718conservation agriculture for increased production and incomeTrain farmers on conservation practices in farming to restore soil fertility and in turn increase production of crops. Have partners like FAO that have successful projects in counties like Makueni, tharaka nithi on conservation agriculture collaborate with ministry of agriculture to train farmer groups to produce specific crops with market linkage. Selection of crop should be done with consultation with farmers involved Tools, labour
75LUANDA TOWNSHIPTransport InfrastructureJAPHETH AMUNGA0724906656Luanda town - Mumboha Pr. - Mumboha C. of God - Luanda/Catholic rd junction.Opening up ,grading & Murraming of the above mentioned road which was to be done in the last financial year but failed. THIS COULD BE THE WORST ROAD IN THE COUNTY IN TERMS OF ACCESS DURING RAINY SEASONS.Public participation STRICTLY by affected people along the road.Cooperation.
76LUGAGA-WAMULUMAWomen and YouthObayo vuguza0724272026women and youth for self reliance and sustainable development empowerment of women and youth in my constituency will go along way in ensuring improved and sustainable livelihoods;eradication of poverty Training/capacity building; provision and access to funding;Goodwill;meeting venues
77NORTH MARAGOLIHealth CareCatherine Sayo Kesesi0724289906primary health careStrengthen of health care services at level 1&2Construction of health facility and formulation of community health unitsHuman resource
78SHAMAKHOKHOTransport InfrastructureJosiah Ambenje0714002004TARMAKING OF SHAMAKHOKHO TO MAJENGO ROAD The shamakhakho to Majengo road has been in a sorry state since the time ktda stopped the maintenance of the roads in this area. A case in point is lwandoni bridge that is a time bomb ready to collapse and the entire shamalago, senende to hamisi area will be cut off. Tarmaking this road will open up the social economic status after this sleepy Tiriki land.A long term solution is to tarmac the road and rebuild the lwandoni bridge.Labour
79BANJATrade and EnterpreneurshipClay Engoke0727469308Banja Market ProjectBanja market is an old market that started long time ago.Being on the border,it serves residents of Vihiga,Nandi and Kisumu Counties.
It is a gorgotten area.
It lacks market stalls and most importantly a public toilet.
Its a source of revenue for the county because every thursday and sunday is a market day.
As a resident,i humbly request the County govt to build for us a modern market and install floodlights to realise 24 hr economy and boost economy.
We also lack enough space for animal sale and auction.
Thsnk you
Building modern market and toilets to boost hygiene and increase revenueSpace for modern market
Good road network
Spacious health Centre
80EMABUNGOHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Eliangoma Health CenterEliangoma health center was built by CDF in 2010 but the hospital is not in a functional state. We need staffing and equipment to be installed at the hospital to make it work.Everything is there except staff and equipment.