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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
81WEMILABIEducationAndrew Mbuya0722910539Waluka Primary School ECDWe do not have a functional ECD at waluka primary schoolRepair the existing class and build two more for the pupilsOld dilapidated classroom
82GISAMBAIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAndrew Mbuya0722910539FisheriesBuild damsBuild damsLand
83WEMILABIHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Kima health centerWe do not have a healthe centerBuild a healthe center at hobunakaLand is available
84Health CareDominic Kanake0726354124Health CarefdsaadfSADafsdsdfsdfsdfsdf
85Health CareDominic Kanake0726354124Health CarefdsaadfSADafsdsdfsdfsdfsdf
86MUNGOMACooperatives (SACCO)Dominic Kanake726354124COoperativesCOoperativesCOoperativesCooperatives
87Agriculture Livestock FisheriesSophah Amayoti0721540640sdfgfdfgdfdfg
88WEMILABICooperatives (SACCO)Andrew Mbuya0722910539County SaccoDevelop a county saccoTo be used by over 10000 people(not set)
89WEMILABITechnical Vocational Education TrainingAndrew Mbuya0722910539Wembiba PolytechniqueThis polytechnique needs investIt is accessible to over 1000 youth in Luanda and Emuhaya constituency(not set)
90WEMILABICooperatives (SACCO)Andrew Mbuya0722910539County SaccoDevelop a county sacco for women and youthit can be used by 20000 wo,en and youth(not set)
91CHAVAKALIHealth CareMbwaya Raphael Lovoni0724865345Bendera Health Centre The project was started by the former administration but never saw the light of the day because of corruption.
Residents of Chavakali Ward were enthusiastic that the facility would ease the long distance travelled to access medical attention. It is critical that the project is revived to mitigate congestion at the nearby health facilities in Mbale and Sabatia.
As explained in the project description, the project will bring health services to Chavakali Ward residents thereby saving on time that could otherwise be used to do other productive Dr duties. (not set)
92CENTRAL BUNYOREEducationottichilo0791234567schoolconstruction of classroomincresed enrollment(not set)
93NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureLusala Logedi+254725909017Drainage and Graveling of Access RoadsMost Roads within this Ward done under the previous government have been washed away due to lack of proper drainage making them impassible during rainy season.Graveling of these access roads with proper drainage channels will ensure improved accessibility.(not set)
94NORTH MARAGOLIPhysical Planning Land and HousingLusala Logedi+254725909017Spatial Planning as a guide Sustainable developmentThe county has not focused on spatial planning as a means to guide development thus uncontrolled development and low investments within the county. There is no linkage between economic planning, investments and spatial planning.The project will benefit the county as all developments will have a spatial dimension for the next 5-10 years. with proper well coordinated planning, there will be increased investments, improved economy and eradication of poverty within the county(not set)
95CENTRAL BUNYORECooperatives (SACCO)Liboywa Walter Raphael720362493Ward microfinance fundThis is a fund that can be initiated by the county through the establishment of a micro loan scheme to empower the local citizen entrepreneurs through provision of micro loans which will attract a minimum amount of interest, this fund should have fund managers who will be in charge of disbursement and recovery. This initiative will lift the commercial activities of the citizenry of the ward and hence spur economic development and growth,in return alot of enterprises will be established, which will increase revenue for the county(not set)
96EMABUNGOHealth CareHillary0723398929Erection of a modern storey building for a modern hospital model to house theatre wings and wardsErection of a modern storey building for a model hospital to house maternity and theatre wings,expansive mch and laboratoryTheatre machines lying idle would be operational and save lives reducing cost of seeking surgery from facilities away from our county,patients will be managed well through improved lab facility and wards(not set)
97LUANDA TOWNSHIPEducationETAMBO MBUYA COOLGAI0717366208County Helb Loan DisbursementThese is a scheme under the education sector that shall efficiently assist the needy students in campuses and colleges.
It should disburse the county HELB loans to students which shall enhance the smooth running of their education in terms of fees and also the well faring of the students.
These should be strictly disbursed to students within that county as it has been seen in the other counties
These loan shall be paid after the student has already cleared his studies n it should be subjected to minimal interests
These shall improve the levels of learning to those who can't manage the college fees
These shall motivate students to work hard as they will know that their studies shall be catered for.
These shall limit the level of crime e.g prostitution.robbery,Drug abuse.
(not set)
98LUANDA SOUTHEducationLinda 0700489821Ebunangwe UniversityPlease initiate the completion of Ebunangwe University Campus that my late dad Walter Opanga had started.It was his dream to have education in the area and i would really appreciate when it is taken care of.thank youProvision of University education to the people of Vihiga County since most people travel far and wide to go to universities(not set)
99EMABUNGOHealth Carehillary0723398929Emuhaya subcounty hospitalErect a modern model storey building hospital to host theatre ,laboratory,mch,maternity wards and a mogueTheatre machines lying idle there would be operational and save lives ie.marternity cases,this will reduce costs of transport,fix emergency cases and ease accessibility to health care services twentyfour hours(not set)
100EMABUNGOEconomic PlanningOlenja Benjamin 0715037011Lighting of Market AreasWe need to have our markets lighted up well for purposes of enabling the youth who are in business be able to conduct their business without fear for lighting of market areas like kima, ebusakami, and emabungo areas will help reduce the threats caused by crime as well as encouraging longer business hours. This is mainly for such markets like kima which is growing up at a good speed. The impact Is increased business engagements and reduction of crime. In doing so also we will have self depended youth and women like the mama mboga who have to work harder to make ends meet. (not set)