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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
101CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyWASHINGTONE WESA OLANDO+254726305315ESSUNZA BoreholeThere is a borehole drilled in ESSUNZA Primary School that has not been fully utilized. The electric motor broke down. It can be repair by the county, a tank hoist high enough to serve the surrounding community, School, Fish ponds around, the Church and the Mwichio Market if done well to the new scientific ways available that am aware the Current Governor knows better that me.It will serve the said Mwichio Market, The School, The Church, The Fish ponds around, The Community around.(not set)
102LUANDA TOWNSHIPEnvironment Water EnergyAbisai Amatalo0726750281piped water for people of Epang'a VillagePiped water for people of Epang'a villageProject will reduce the man hours wasted on fetching water that can be used for other economic activities(not set)
103EMABUNGOAgriculture Livestock FisheriesGerald Curtice Ong'ayi0717797144Soil testingThis is the process of carrying out soil sampling and testing so as to determine the actual nutrient composition of the soil.
The objective is to find out soil nutrient composition so as to provide necessary corrective measures for soil treatment.

This will enable farmers make informed choices about which enterprises they wanna venture in as advised by the soil test results
- It will lead to increased farm production
- It will lead to improved soil status within Vihiga
- It will increase awareness among farmers about the importance of the practice
- It will create jobs, as it will need experts in soil science, analytical chemistry and other technical staff
- It will boost the County's revenue as people will be paying a subsidized fee for the service
(not set)
104NORTH EAST BUNYORENatural ResourcesJAMES TIANYI MULIMAH0708336802vihiga concreting companyMining rocks en in turn crushing them to make ballast for building en civil engineering worksWill ensure more than 300 pipo in de area get employed thus increasing standard of living.....en also after mining has taken place we shall av land demarcation thus stimulating agriculture in de region(not set)
105CENTRAL BUNYORESports and CultureHenry mukuna0723848048SatdiumCultural complex with all games and youth related activitiesEngaging the youth to be productive and tapping talent within the ward to be distributed to the county level(not set)
106WEST BUNYOREEnvironment Water Energymatanga antony0725282229water and electricity supply in esikhuyu villagesupply piped water and electricity so as it can be accessed at list by every home electricity would provide employment and increase access to online education programs using digital machines(not set)
107CENTRAL MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAlfayo Aziz Rashid Liveha+254727357142BridgeConnecting Virombe village with Womulalu and other surrounding neighborhoodsShorten the distance for residents from Womulalu and other surrounding areas who seek medical, county, security services, students going to schools from either directions and those still using communal water springs. Enable easy crossing by the boda boda operators etc.(not set)
108LUANDA SOUTHTrade and Enterpreneurshipkhoyi Amboko Jeremia0713322975youth trade loan empowerment Youths we got high pontetial of running successful busssiness but we face capital crisis due to financial instability. I would wish county government to draw a project of empowering youths with requested amount of funds(loan) based on kind of business one is interested to venture in. this will also creat commercial hub in the whole county if not Luanda south ward . am a youth with full support of the above and looking forward for your standAbove will bear significant impacts like increased revenue income, reduced cases of unemployment, reduced cost of living and generally reduction in crime related cases due to employment opportunities (not set)
109LUANDA SOUTHEducationkhoyi Amboko Jeremia0713322975education loan fundStudents at tertiary level finds difficult to complete fees in time . I recommend that if it may happen that they be granted loans to be more of county HELB may hep greatly reduction in education termination at tertiary level. Investment in learned that will latter repay the loan. Increased intellect in our society (not set)
110SHIRUEducationIravo Simon0716492611Promotion of EducationEmploy ecde teachers on p& p terms.In order to promote performance employ at least 2 teachers per school on BOM terms in our primary & secondary schools.Improve performance in our national exams,create employment for our graduates(not set)
111CENTRAL MARAGOLISecurity and SafetyAlfayo Aziz Rashid Liveha+254727357142Street lightingStreet lighting from Majengo trading centre all the way to LuandaReduce muggings and enable SME's to conduct their legal activities well past sunset.
Assist our law enforcers in correctly identifying those that want to or are committing crimes. This will also eventually open up new business ventures like car wash along the road, small scale gas stations. Enable drivers using this narrow road to see clearly at night and hence reduce perennial accidents that occur on these road, which by the way is just another project all together, requires expansion.
(not set)
112EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructurePeter Abukutsa0708092304HIGH MAST(MONOPOLE) AND SOLAR STREET LIGHTING PROJECTThe monopole/solar street lighting project is one that aims at lighting all market centres/shopping centres and towns in entire Vihiga CountyOnce complete
1) The business hours in Vihiga County shall be increased into the night due to adequate lighting hence increased revenue for the county government.
2)Sufficient lighting shall boost night time security
3) Shall serve as a remarkable infrastructure development milestone in the country.
(not set)
113MWIBONAEnvironment Water EnergySAMMY ETALE0728089253CLEAN WATER FOR LUANDA TOWNI have a well built water borehole that has a capacity of serving thousands of people who have a problem with clean water.Luanda town has always lacked enough tap water that can improve the running of business, schools, hospitals, etc. (not set)
114EMABUNGOHealth CareHoward Olonyi0721674185Ebuhando dispensaryHealth services need to be brought near the people of Ebuhando. There is land belonging to Ebuhando primary School near Angai river. By setting up a health center in the area, you will create employment and improve the health of our people.(not set)
115GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureGodfrey0724919506Road termakMajengo-Shamakhokho road Social economic benefits
Trade between wards
Interconnection with feeder roads within the subcounty
Ease of transport within subvounties
(not set)
116CENTRAL BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesFrederick juma0722579914Fish farming Assistance in construction of new ponds to farmers and renovation of the existing ones as well as stocking.
Provide Fish farmers with fish feeds and meals for their fish farms as it were during economic stimulus programs between 2009 to 2013.
Giving farmers necessary fish farming training skills for enhanced fisheries productivity.
Provision of farmers with good quality monosex fingerings to stock their ponds.
Completion of MWITOKO fish farm to produce fingerlings that can be availed to farmers.
Providing fish farmers with financial support inform of loans to boost fish farming activities.
This fish farming project just like during the economic stimulus programs phases, will reduce malnutrition related incidences associated with lack of omega 3 related protein and fatty acids in the body.this will result in healthy livelihood of the people of central bunyore people as well as the whole Vihiga county.
Fish farming will increase the supply of fish to markes such as luanda and hence will increase revenue collection to the county.
Fish farming will make use of wetlands which are major natural resources in the ward and make them productive.
Fish farming is a potential source of employment not only to the youths but general population in the county since fish is a major source of income in Kenya.
(not set)
117GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureAlulu 0724919506Feeder road Rehabilitate Jegeteni- Jemaga feeder road. Put muramTo each means of transport(not set)
118WODANGAHealth CareCedrick Mangira 0700786020Givudimbuli health center Project Description
Improvement of the health center into county hospital standards
Briefly explain the impact and/or benefits of this project to the people living in the ward or the larger Vihiga County
it will improve the heath care in the the county and reduce congestion at Vihiga county referral hospital
(not set)
119MWIBONAWomen and YouthHarrison oyungu0712988467Creation of jobs for youthsCreate,employ youths n women...many of them are me..i studied electrical engineering some four years ago up to jobless i have been appplying jobs bt in return am told to pay some money so as to be employed
It will reduce poverty as many people will get jobs n thus unemployment will be reduced
(not set)
120CENTRAL BUNYOREFood SecurityAnne kutai0720461421Farm manureInstead of hiring damping sites,let's do proper waste management. With the introduction of acre fund most of us appreciate manure in crop production. The waste should first be sorted at the markets first. Those that need the waste to submit their names to their area agricultural extension officers,who will intern advise and approve the size of pits we need to dig. Each of the applicants to get the waste from our markets to prepare manure. Improved soil fertility
Better harvest
Reduced use of fertilizer
Affordable by every one
Reduced cost of damping for the county government
(not set)