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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
121CHAVAKALIHealth CareMorgan Asena0725518424Health facility We need a health facility at Evojo and ViyaloThe project will benefit the community ensuring that our get access to medical care easily and faster(not set)
122CENTRAL BUNYOREFood SecurityAnne kutai0720461421Farm manureWith the introduction of acre fund farming techniques and poor soil fertility, the county government needs to do proper waste management to help farmers get manure. Instead of hiring large damping sites,the county should facilitate separation of waste in our markets.
Farmers should then make a request through the area agricultural extension officers, who will advise and inspect digging of compost pits in homesteads. The farmers can then be supplied with the waste to prepare manure.
Improved soil fertility
Better harvest
Reduced use of fertilizer
Cost reduction for damping
Environmental conservation
(not set)
123LYADUYWA/IZAVASports and CultureMakova Kevin0724284291Upgrading of the Demesi Sports Ground.The field has been in use for ages but still uses wooden goalposts, has a very uneven playing surface(dangerous for playing) and the presence electric posts along its perimeter area hinders maximised use.1. Development of sports talent, a sporting culture and future vital players in the sport.

2. The sports ground serves as the homrground to Super20 FC, Demesi United FC, Demesi Primary School and Demesi Secondary School teams. Efforts to better the lives of youths and children shall be bettered.
(not set)
124WEST BUNYOREWomen and YouthManoah Musumba0722258838Baingo Project ChangeA community based youth organization that promotes educational programs, women and youth empowerment, agribusiness, health services, educational programs and environmental conservation. Our activities and thematic areas can be found on our site project aims at empowering women and youth within West Bunyore Ward. This is through the thematic areas highlighted above. It has a ripple effect of promoting socioeconomic growth through job creation, improve security and promote peaceful coexistence for the people in the West Bunyore area.(not set)
125NORTH MARAGOLIHealth CareVuduma Brian Agusioma0723273266Health care for all Making health care accessible to all people,,, be available,affordable,effective, accessible and in good concussive environment
In north maragoli there is no any health facility,, we a project like it come in the ward,,,
1 :will save life to many people, a lot of time is spent travelling to either mbale district hospital nor Savatia hospital where you find long lines,que to be followed yet the patient is in critical conditions
2,, (a)Setting up a dispensary on other hand will create employment to people in the ward other than our trained personnel living there own people looking for jobs outside
(b), dispensary will open up the economy around it, for example,,,market will be set up for easy access of food stuff by patient,,,, chemistry will come up to provide medication that might be not in the hospital,
3A dispensary also educates people,,, there is guiding and counselling,,,,, people will be knowledgeable on how to handle certain health problems
4 Family planning a key factor,,,, our girls know more than expected,, they are n high school,,, such a project. Will provide family planning services,, this reduces incidence of school drop out due to early pregnancy

Have a lot to share,,, please consider my project
Am from mudete ,a student at KMTC vihiga
(not set)
126NORTH EAST BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock FisheriesAngalwa Benson0711660877Kienyeji chicken rearingUsing available bodaboda Sacco's to distribute improved Kienyeji chicken, which will lay after 4 months,and use same Sacco's as collection points for eggs and cocks for sell in kisumu and kakamega.or even export through the aurportCooperative movement growth,supplement income from bodaboda business,reduce crime rate and attract related industries.(not set)
127BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0733690766Gagolosi-Elunyu Primary-Mwiliza RoadRoad impassable, section done dozing and grading but not marrummed and abandonedWill help the school (Elunyu Primary School) be accessible and revive the brick making in the area(not set)
128BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Ikobero - Ivugwi - Mulundu Market RoadThe road links Sabatia and Hamisi Sub-CountiesThere are families doing a lot of brick making and an agribusiness farm is now being set up in the area. Will open up transportation(not set)
129LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationMalongo Arnold 0728590213Public libraries At least each ward to have a fully equipped and functional public library.It will help improve access to information, improve literacy levels and instill a reading culture among our children bearing in mind television and mobile telephony is slowly killing this culture (not set)
130BUSALIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Fish Farming, Horticulture and Dairy Cow Rearing Agricultural - AgribusinessWill be able to create up to 10 direct jobs and over 50 casual. Will impact nearly 360 families(not set)
131BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Elunyu Primary - Igavila - Lotego Primary RoadRoad was dozed, one box culvert build and another was not build that only needed culverts. The road was graded and not marrumed hence being eroded away.Connects Elunyu Primary to Lotego Primary to Itegero Primary, Busali Secondary and Guluma Primary.(not set)
132BUSALITransport InfrastructureWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Ikobero Primary School - Chadungunyi - Mwiliza Access RoadThe Road is virtually impassable and its links three villages and two primary schools Ikobero and MwilizaHelp school going kids and tea, banana farming in the area(not set)
133SHAMAKHOKHOTransport InfrastructureMartin Inyimili0724584723Shamakhokho-Hamisi-Majengo roadThis road links the sub county headquarters in Hamisi to the rest of the county. It is in bad shape with no drainage hence run off rain water has washed the existing murum.Easy access to market, accelerated regional growth, quick transport and time saving(not set)
134SHAMAKHOKHOEnvironment Water EnergyWycliffe Agatsiva0772690766Kaimosi Water and Power GenerationWater Purification, Electricity Generation and Fish FarmingWill provide water for Kaimosi, Sabatia and Hamisi Sub Counties(not set)
135LUANDA SOUTHEnvironment Water EnergyEdwin munala0700759629Ebusakami water supply A new raised water tank and a quality submersible pump for the sameIf a new large water tank can be raised so that the water from the water pump can be collected before they are distributed to will greatly help the people of this large area. The borehole has enough water to serve a large population. I believe a good management system with a good tank enough to serve the people is good enough and would have saved our people from the stress of getting clean water. The borehole is there.. What is needed is a good tank and a powerful water pump. (not set)
136GISAMBAICooperatives (SACCO)Oscar mudenyo0725649450vihiga county saccoVihiga as a county needs a Serious and vibrant sacco that will accomodate all the people ie farmers, jua kali sector, teachers, private business men and women, employed and non employed. The aim of this project should be geared towards availing funds for credit at a cheaper interest so as to enable people across to develop their lives. Our children most have dropped out of schools for lack of funds. Most youth are languishing in poverty in cities due to lack of jobs. With a functional sacco in vihiga, many people will begin to move forward.Many will have access to quick loans at cheaper interest and thus farming, businesses, school fees etc made easier.(not set)
137CENTRAL BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyEnock Ombima0720016859Clean watet EMAKUNDA LOCATIONBerehole should be drilled at a central place I.e khwipanga junction to ease supply of clean water to ebukhaya & Emmukunzi.people of emakunda location have a problem with access to clean waterThis project will ave a great impact to bring an end to suffering of the residents within the three sub locations who encounter difficulties in accessing water within our few rivers available.(not set)
138BANJATransport InfrastructureFred Mwashi 0721390478Shamakhokho hamisi roadThe road is an important link but not done for a long time Open up the area for more business for youth and women / improve service delivery (not set)
139NORTH EAST BUNYOREFood SecurityPius Ngute0712743455KALES PRODUCTIONKales serves a mojor vegetable in my ward as well as the county at large. It is easy to plant and manage. It's production is high as one can harvest twice per week. Our ward and county at large is blessed with enough rainfall and enough rivers and streams from which we can get water for irrigation in case of dry seasonThis project aims at elevation of the lifestyle of our people in that it provides an easy source of income.

It's implementation will ensure that we increase self employment in our county.

It will serve as a main supply of food to our markets and locals instead of relying on imported veges from other counties

It will make proper use of the fragments of land owned by our residents.

(not set)
140NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureNelson Alukaya0722006237Tarmacking of Magada-Mwilonje RoadUpgrading road from a murram surface that gets frequently washed away whenever it rains leaving the road surface muddy and gullied to a tarmack road thus easing transportation to hospitals, schools and markets for thousands of peopleOpen up the entire area to development(not set)