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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
141WEMILABIEducationAsasia Harrison0716987866Irumbi Sec school4 classrooms, 1 lab, 1library, latrines, staffroom, administration officeThere is a need to have a sec school in this place...Our boys and girls are having a problem in accessing sec education due to high schools being located far...this have made to drop out, engage in drug abuse , prostitution and theft cases...this has also made the place to be stagnant economically....This project will reduce illiteracy in region and empower the youth academically(not set)
142WODANGASecurity and Safetywilfred cheheva0725305838street lightingProvision of street lights at sabatia marketEnhance security and increase time available for trade(not set)
143WODANGAEnvironment Water Energywilfred cheheva0725305838Garbage collectionProvision of garbage bins and collection services at sabatia marketImprove health and prevent break out and spread of diseases(not set)
144MUHUDUAgriculture Livestock Fisheriesmalongo derick0706927301Green HousesGiven that most people own one or less than an acre of land ,investment in horticulture can help people become economically productive.
county government together with KARI should provide green houses to residence inform of interest free loans in acquisition of the green houses and loans repaid by remitting a given percentage of the sales of their produce
this project changes the way of production for the people of vihiga county as they will be farming for sale compared to the subsistence farming which is meant for consumption and given the little peace of lands they are underutilised. (not set)
145EMABUNGOICT and MediaOpele0723398929Automated revenue collectionAutomate payment systems in our hospitals(emuhaya hospital)Levies collection will be accountable,it will reduce corrupt officers embezzling public funds thus lead to service delivery to patients(not set)
146LYADUYWA/IZAVAEnvironment Water EnergyMakova Kevin0724284291Establishment of a solid waste incinerator.The county is facing a growing solid waste volume.
If this is not looked into we might end up with dirty and inhabitable towns and villages alike by 2030.

The county should acquire a solid waste incinerator and set it up at a central point in Vihiga county where all the solid waste is burnt in a more environmentally conscious manner.
1. Reduced solid waste accumulation that is unaesthetic and bad for business.
2. Employment opportunities. An incinerator can be manned by people within our county, the collection of such solid waste to a central point might provide raw materials for other sectors of the economy.
3. All our neighbouring counties do not have such a program ongoing currently, if well planned we could be in for business as a county.
(not set)
147LYADUYWA/IZAVAWomen and YouthMakova Kevin0724284291Development of well coordinated sports programs. The county has a vast pool of sports and performing arts talent. But due to poor coordination it is problematic to adequately utilise such talent, therefore we not only need to establish a fund for such programs but also come up with proper policies and structures.
Most notably establishment of Sports academies in each ward incorporated mainly in school's sporting programs.
Sports enthusiasts and coaches need an adequate access to information regarding their sport of interest.
1. Increased sports business. We all know how much can earn.
2. Battling social vices such as drug abuse and crime.
3. Organised socio-sporting culture. Sports is entertaining.
(not set)
148WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyRobert m. Kakia0721351009Recycling of plastics, electronic waste and water harvesting.Create factories that can be used to convert plastics and used tyres in to done in thika and Egypt. Create a research institutions that can be used to recycle electronic waste and at the same time train our youths on how to make computers, Mobile phones,televisions ,photo copier machines printers etc. On water harvesting create a revolving fund to provide loans for people in county to purchase water tanks that can harvest water in homes and institutions. The money be provide as a loan
And the tank will act as security.

Recycling will create employment and at the same time clean environment. Water harvesting will ensure water sufficiency and reduce time wastage by residents to fetch water in wells(not set)
149WODANGATransport InfrastructureRobert m. Kakia0721351009Tarmacking of roadsAvoid development of many substandard earth roads tarmac a few
Reduce wastage of funds and ensure few but good roads(not set)
150WODANGAEnvironment Water EnergyRobert m. Kakia0721351009Construction of bio digestersFacilitate institutions to construct bio digesters. From human waste.This is going to enable institutions and homes have other sources of energy to use as fuel in cooking and heating. And at the same time reduce land wastage and funds in constructing new toilets after filling of pit latrines.(not set)
151CENTRAL MARAGOLIEducation ScienceKaranja Byrone Keya0723123850Vihiga technical instituteCurrently, vihiga county got no standard and well equipped technical institute where a majority of form four dropouts can enroll and acquire technical skills. You realize that a majority of young people from our county have to travel say to Nairobi, kisumu, Nakuru, eldoret and many other far towns in search of this technical skills. This is a burden to parents in term of fees and accommodation for their children. Those who cannot afford end up not joining and hence lots of idle youths leading to theft and other vices.Majority of our youth will acquire technical skills.
Reduced burden to parents and/or guardians in terms of care and upkeep in far towns.
Reduced crime rate in central maragoli and vihiga at large.
Enough manpower equipped with various skills.
Economic growth at a high rate in the county.
(not set)
152MUNGOMASports and CultureDominic kamadi0714296113Rehabilitation of unutilized facilities Rehabilitate the Inyanza field next to Lyanaginga Health Centre to construct at least sports facilities. The land is government owned though has been encroached by residents. It is of more than 5 acres of land and can accommodate two football playing fields.The youth will use it for their recreational activities and will be able to generate income once developed. It will also open up mahanga market and used by institutions near it and the county will be able to get revenue from it.(not set)
153MUNGOMAEnvironment Water EnergyDominic kamadi0714296113Mungoma water project The project started long ago through hasn't of benefit to residents due to mismanagement. The waters originate from musunguti and flows down by use of gravity.Many households will be able to access clean water.(not set)
154CENTRAL MARAGOLIEnvironment Water EnergyKaranja Byrone Keya0723123850Vindizi-Ng'erelwe-Womulalu-Chanzaruka-Igakala water project.The above areas mentioned in the project title have for a long time suffered scarcity of water. A close study shows that the residents of this villages travel long distances to deep steep valleys where water springs are. Worsed are the dry seasons when some springs dry up.Residents of this areas will have access to cheap clean water at there door step.
These project will bolster farming as residents can water their crops during dry seasons.
Reduced rate of water borne diseaces.
Economic growth as the county will charge a fee
This project will creat employment as manpower will be needed to maintain the system.
(not set)
155LUGAGA-WAMULUMATransport InfrastructureIAN AMBASI0720328882Ingidi to lusaya village road and bridge connecting the mbale to magada roadDescribed as aboveA damaged bridge and people having difficulties crossing the water when it rains
It is used by residents of this area when going to do business in Mbale and Magada
(not set)
156MUNGOMACooperatives (SACCO)Mailo Hardley0770323053Sacco revolving fundEstablish a ward revolving fundThe ward revolving fund will create a pool from where the youth who are majorly unemployed will borrow from and use the borrowed funds to establish business ventures that will see them self sustained economically. The project will offer employment opportunities both directly and indirectly to the locals. The project will in addition ensure that the youth are actively engaged hence curb social evils including but not limited to drug abuse(not set)
158LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationCollince Muyoma 0706466238Eradication of illiteracy This project aims to every child in the ward to have a right to acquire basic education as a fundamental tool in eradicating illiteracy.This will help the society in having better and compintent people who can fit in today's world market of jobs hence reducing poverty level in the society (not set)
159LUANDA TOWNSHIPICT and MediaFranklin osome0713033899Music studioWe would like to have a high quality recording studio in our ward.This wouy help youths record their music.We have the potential. Here are samples
It would promote local talent
(not set)
160SOUTH MARAGOLIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesALLAN NYOTA0723385481Cattle dipConstruction of a cattle dip south maragoli ward Most of the wardens rely on subsditiary farming for living most indeginious cows reared here die because of poor pest control. Establishing of a dip will help in control of the same hence improving on livestock rearing hence increase in food production (not set)