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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
1JEPKOYAIIndustrial DevelopmentVitalis Gavole0707113280Tailoring IndustrySetup a tailoring warehouse at Boyani market, along Gambogi - Majengo road.

The warehouse should be equipped with machines that can produce 1000s of different clothes intended for sell to major towns in Kenya, and for export to neighboring countries.

It can start small, but have the vision of being a key source of school uniform supplies in Western, Nyanza and North-rift of Kenya.
Will create employment and income for Vihiga residents.(not set)
2JEPKOYAISecurity and SafetyVitalis Gavole0707113280CCTV CamerasInstall CCTV cameras at Gambogi marketThrough surveillance criminals can be identified. Also will identify men who notorious for sexually harrassing school girls at Gambogi market.(not set)
3LUGAGA-WAMULUMATransport InfrastructureDr Muronga Kadurenge Benard0722 354 756Improvement of Kitulu-Erosoma-Vurudi RoadImprovement of Kitulu-Erosoma-Vurudi Road1. Better transport by motor vehicles.
2. Ease of doing business will be realized.
(not set)
4JEPKOYAIIndustrial DevelopmentVitalis Gavole0707113280Leather Processing and Shoe MakingEstablish a workshop at Tigoi for processing raw hides from numerous slaughter houses in Vihiga and making of leather shoes/bags/belts and upholstery products.Create employment for Vihiga residents and new revenue for the county.(not set)
5JEPKOYAIPublic Private PartnershipsVitalis Gavole0707113280Sanitation FacilitiesPartner with private businesses to offer clean toilets at a fee at every market place e.g. Gambogi, Tigoi, BoyaniIt will inspire residents to embrace civilizations and earn Vihiga county a name as an organised and clean county.(not set)
6LUGAGA-WAMULUMATrade and EnterpreneurshipDr Muronga Kadurenge Benard0722 354 756Entrepreneurship and Small Business CenterEstablish an entrepreneurship and small business development center within the Lugaga-Wamuluma Ward. This will facilitate the dissemination of relevant knowldge and skills as well as supporting the establishment of small businesses with a focus on youth, women, persons with disabilities and vulnerable other groups.1. Relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes for the target groups.
2. Establishment of small businesses across the Lugaga-Wamuluma Ward.
(not set)
7MUHUDUHealth CarePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Mulundu DispensaryCompletion and equipping of Mulundu Dispensary formely started by Hamisi NGCDFThe project will greatly improve the local health burden since the nearest hospital is Jumuiya, an NCCK hospital whose cost is way beyond the local capacity(not set)
8JEPKOYAITourism DevelopmentVitalis Gavole0707113280Tourism officesEstablsih a tourism office at Gambogi or Tigoi market to provide information to visitors on attractions and events they can do in the countyWill improve the experience of visitors from other counties/countries and will boost visitors through refferals.(not set)
9LUGAGA-WAMULUMACooperatives (SACCO)Dr Muronga Kadurenge Benard0722 354 756Boda Boda Operators SACCOFormation of a Lugaga-Wamuluma Boda Boda Operators SACCO as an affiliate of an umbrella Vihiga Boda Boda Operators SACCO. 1. Introduce a culture of saving for the Boda Boda operators.
2. Avail a loan scheme for the Boda Boda operators to start income other generating ventures.
3. Improve standards of living for Boda Boda Operators and their families.
4. Instill discipline among some of the Boda Boda Operators.
(not set)
10MUHUDUHealth CarePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Cheptech DispensaryCheptech Dispensary has been in existence for a long time, the general management and equiping has always been poor. It would add a lot of value to upgrade Cheptech Dispensary to a Health Centre, Hire a resident clinical Officer and have some nurses residing on the station.The main problem here is equiping and personnel,For example the Dispensary has a Maternity wing but has no running water and stand by generator nor a Clinical Officer.(not set)
11TAMBUAEnvironment Water EnergyLoice Asiko the 0726493458water supply provide clean piped water to the residents majority of Tambua people have no access to clean water, so these will help the people by reducing waterborne diseases and other communicable diseases (not set)
12WEST BUNYORETechnical Vocational Education TrainingAngela Musimbi Amola0725501740Infrastructural DevelopmentModern Kitchen with a Dining Hall
Workshops (Electrical, Hair Dressing and Beauty, Garment making and Carpentry and Joinery, Theory Rooms (19) Library)
Enhanced provision of quality and modern technical skills to the natives of West Bunyore ward and the entire citizens of Vihiga County for self sustainability and practical realization of Vision 2030. (not set)
13MUHUDUEnvironment Water EnergyPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Muhudu Primary School Water ProjectMuhudu water Projects was a community water projects in the 80s which used to do very well but got vandalized. The County would need to revive the water project as most of the infrustructure is still intact eg Piping and water tanksMuhudu Primary School is the highest point in Muhudu and Cheptech Sub Location. Having a water reservoir at the school will ensure availability of water to the sorrounding community, schools and Health Facilities through gravity.(not set)
14GISAMBAITechnical Vocational Education TrainingPaul Ososo0726523556JEPKOSE VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE1. land acquisition 2. twine workshop construction 3. modern pit latrines 4. construction of kitchen 5. plastering of the existing building 6. three desk top computers 7. water harvesting goodsenhance a conducive learning environment, impacting skills to trainees, improve on enrolment, improve living standards in the community(not set)
15WEMILABIEconomic PlanningAiti Nyahera0720251910Monkeys Eradicationfarming terminated due to monkey population growthNone(not set)
16MUHUDUEnvironment Water EnergyPatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Jivuye,Bumbo,Maganda piped water projectMulundu sublocation used to be served by piped water from Kaimosi Water Supply in the early 1990s. However, due to others factors beyond our control, the piped water system failed and has never been revivedThe cost, in terms of time and value for money,the community spends on search for water is tremendous nd negates the rural Economy. Further, the time wasted by pupils in Jivuye,Bumbo,kaimosi Demonstration,Jamulongoji and Ivumbu is tremendous beca euse of going to the down hill streams to fetch for waterc (not set)
17WODANGAEnvironment Water Energyomudi Emmanuel0725437926water and sanitationTo connect rural families to piped water.This will enhance health in the community. When all households can easily access clean water, the number of diseases spread due to dirty water will reduce for instance cholera.
We will also see an improvement in other sectors such as agriculture and education
(not set)
18BUSALIEducation ScienceAginga Allan0724708315ICT Training institute In most parts of vihiga county we do not have training center where people can be taught on how to use computer so people go to train in Kisumu, Nairobi etc and what is offered in our polytechnics is just basic knowledge ,if you take this person for real practical it's a challenge. the general management and maintenance of computers ,photocopiers ,printers etc is done by people from far due to lack of skills.We tend to believe that our people are trained in computer packages but this is not the case,if the training centres are set up we shall have many people train and vision 2022 will be achieved..If this project roles out the benefits are many but i mention a few 1Create awareness in use of technology 2 Create employment to those who will teach 3 Offer training at an affordable price 4 Earn revenue as through training people will pay.5 . Services like photocopy, printing cyber services will easily be accessible(not set)
19SHIRUEnvironment Water EnergyHesborn Lumwaji Ehaji 0725792093Water for sustainable life Piped water for domestic and commercial use Clean water for domestic usage will enhance the health of our people and boost hospitality sector. (not set)
20EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureReuben Okila0724219541RoadsLiang'oma native road
Mustinyi ematsi Maseno road
Luanda wemilabi emakata make road
Ebwali emakata road
Liang'oma matope road serve Liang'oma dispensary and hobunaka secondary school (not set)