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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
2EMABUNGOAndrew Mbuya0722910539ECD ClassroomsThe ECD classrooms at Waluka Primary School are in dire need of repair. They have large cracks with unstable walls, totally not safe to house children.

Secondly, all the levels of ECD study in the same classroom. Three teachers in the same room.
Repair the current classroom and build two others for all levels to be housed independently.One old classroom within the school.
3EMABUNGOAndrew Mbuya0722910539Community water projectThe entire community gets its water for consumption from natural springs. With the growth in population of Senior citizens of 70 years of age and above, access to clean water for consumption is a major challenge.

We propose a borehole project to be undertaken to solve this problem.
Identify underground water aquifers and sink a borehole, then build a tank at the top of Eliakhungu hill to enable supply of water to various homes and collection points.There are known sources of water and springs that never dry up. Such can be developed. In addition, I can contribute finance towards piping of elderly homesteads to give them access to this resource.
4Grace Andesiah0721256686Road repairRoad repairFilling pot holes Labour
5EMABUNGOGrace Andesiah0721256686In feeds roadRoad repairFill in pot holesHuman resource
6WEMILABIRoad construction254720841355Security Within the areaLighting the area with overhead security lights for security reasons during the nightLighting the area with overhead security lights for security reasons during the night. The Esther Paris Kind of lighting.Workmanship
7EMABUNGOHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Eliangoma Health CenterWe have a health center fully built up but without staffing and equipment. It was recently staffed with two nurses who work between 9 am and 3 pm.

This health center has ability to reach a radius of 5km or more, over 1000 population.
I propose that the county equips the facility fully.Fully built up structures. I can help in paying voluntary staff.
8CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth CareWASHINGTONE WESA OLANDO+254726305315EMUSIRE HEALTH CAREPlease make the hospital district level. Equip it to the best level. Make the Mortuary working and equipped.Come we have meetings and create a committee to stand in your helpThe health facility has buildings without equipment and drugs
9WEST BUNYOREHealth CareDaniel.Ebole0737095504REFURBISHMENT AND UPGRADE OF THE IPALI HEALTH CENTREIpali Health Center is in avery deplorable state,it has no enough drugs,nurses are few and demoralized,no equipment..its building is very oldUPGRADE IT TO BE MORE RELIABLE SUB COUNTY HOSPITALHEALTH CENTER
10TAMBUAHealth CareLoice Asiko Etale 0726493458Jebrock Dispensary Incomplete and unequiped Electrification, fencing, equipping, finishing and provision of clean water and sanitation facilties Land, sand
11LUANDA SOUTHHealth CareWilliam Oluoch0712856096Expansion of Ekwanda Health CenterCongested most of the time, with most medicine missing, hence frequent referralsExpansion and equipping of the facility to accommodate the out-grown numberEkwanda Health Center and Other Private facilities that are relatively expensive
12CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth Careottichilo0791387614DispensaryWe walk over 20 km to access health care at homeBuild a dispensary for Central BunyoreWe have land at the current health center
13NORTH EAST BUNYOREHealth CareIbrahim Sitaka+254721549063Esibuye health centerWe need a health center at Esibuye sub locationInfrastructure and the staffNon
14LUANDA TOWNSHIPHealth CareGeoffrey Asila0726258600Dispensary constructionConstruction of health facility(Dispensary) The dispensary constructed will help to reduce the cost of transport from Ebusiralo to the nearest hospitals, solve health emergency issues, cheap medication services unlike the nearest private hospitals which are too expensive to the locals and will also help school children to seek medication and health check ups as recommended by there teachers.School
15LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth Careallan kadenge0725465416employment of clinical officersDue to inadequate medical personnel in most hospitals ,despite having many learned clinical officers who are jobless , i do propose employment of clinicians to help imprive the state and quality of health of the maragoli people.Employment of clinical officers.Healthcenters , and sub county hospitals
16NORTH MARAGOLIHealth CareCatherine Sayo Kesesi0724289906primary health careStrengthen of health care services at level 1&2Construction of health facility and formulation of community health unitsHuman resource
17EMABUNGOHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Eliangoma Health CenterEliangoma health center was built by CDF in 2010 but the hospital is not in a functional state. We need staffing and equipment to be installed at the hospital to make it work.Everything is there except staff and equipment.
18WEMILABIHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Kima health centerWe do not have a healthe centerBuild a healthe center at hobunakaLand is available
19Health CareDominic Kanake0726354124Health CarefdsaadfSADafsdsdfsdfsdfsdf
20Health CareDominic Kanake0726354124Health CarefdsaadfSADafsdsdfsdfsdfsdf