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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
1SOUTH MARAGOLIPublic Private PartnershipsAbabu D. N0720578921Restoration and operationalization of Enzaro library and resource centre The library was started by a private entity with an aim of increasing literacy levels. It is not working adequately well despite availability of learning and or reading material. The project would enhance literacy levels, offer job opportunities, reduce social related vices in the area by occupying youth when free. Develop reading culture in the young. Discourage access to local video rooms by providing educational computer programs (not set)
2SOUTH MARAGOLIICT and MediaAbabu D. N0720578921Establishment of ICT driven resource centresEstablish such centres each in a sublocation(Masna,Chagenda, Lusiola and Ideleri) . This should be in collaboration with selected schools to have a computer centre equipped with educational programs for access by ages 3- 15 or beyond. (Kindergarten, pre school and other age graded programs) -To expose our children to ICT at early age
-Provide better learning environment for our learners with an aim of developing them cognitively
-Enhancing communication
-Enhancing critical thinking and problem solving
-Learning through inquiry and play
(not set)
3SOUTH MARAGOLIHealth CareAbabu D. N0720578921Renovation Equipment and Supply of drugs at Enzaro Health Centre Renovation equipment and supply of drugs in Enzaro health Centre. The project was initialized by JICA and later handed over to GoK. It is needful to regain its initial status for provision of medicare for the ward and especially Masana, Chagenda and Ideleri sublocations.-Move medicare closer to people
-Ease the influx in the other facilities especially Vihiga Referral which should work on majorly referral cases
-Educate the society (on lifestyle ,communicable diseases etc
-Provide Comprehensive Care Centre facility due to increased and or high HIV rates
-Reduce mortality rates by provision of maternal healthcare etc
(not set)
4SOUTH MARAGOLISecurity and SafetyAbabu D. N 0720578921Masana AP Post Collaboration with the concerned state agencies(national or otherwise) to restore the Masana AP Post that once existed but died naturally. Taking cognizance of insecurity rampant in the border areas that it is vital to enhance security.-Provide in an area that is pretty fast creeping to insecurity
-Curb the groups that are rampantly growing with tendencies heightening insecurity.
(not set)
5NORTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAbabu D. N 0720578921Angoya Box Culvert Expansion of Angoya Box Culvert which is small, degraded, a black spot and now a security hazard since thugs prey around especially at night since motorists and cyclists must slow down significantly to manouvre .Equally when rains are massive the culvert is submerged Open up the place to allow acces and thus transportation of the farm produce majorly fruits
Enhance security
(not set)
6SOUTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAbabu D. N0720578921Angoya Box Culvert The box culvert is small thus allowing only one motorist at a time. It is also dangerously located and incoming traffic can't be seen. Because a motorist has to significantly slow down to manouvre, criminals prey on unsuspecting citizens. When rains are massive the culvert is submerged. Ensure ease of access especially when transporting farm produce especially fruits
Enhancement of security situation
(not set)
7SOUTH MARAGOLITrade and EnterpreneurshipAbabu D. N0720578921Angoya & Lusiola markets Restoration and opening up of Angoya and Lusiola markets. Initializing it and creating incentives for the place to open up and for members to sell their produce there instead of taking our revenue to other county jurisdictions especially Kiboswa market which is in Kisumu county. Retain and or improve revenue collection in our county which will in turn enhance service delivery
Ensure ease of distance to other markets
Provide job opportunities
(not set)
8SOUTH MARAGOLITransport InfrastructureAbabu D. N0720578921Inyanza -Iriavoza Road/Box Culvert Expansion of Inyanza -Iriavora road would ensure access of important amenities like hospitals and markets. Iriavoza is the far flanked area of S. Maragoli .No road access.
The available makeshift bridge is a risk to the health of people of this area moreso children.
Access by these countizens to amenities like schools,hospitals, market centres etc
Reduce deaths caused by lack of access to health facilities
(not set)
9BANJAHealth CareABDALLA MUSA0710188287AMBULANCE buy an ambulance for banja health center which can deal with emergency health issues in banja ward.
with this ambulance we can easily access and deal with emergency health issues all over banja and also connect with other dispensaries in the ward i.e mutiva and jemojeji
help in transportation
employment opportunities
(not set)
10SOUTH MARAGOLITechnical Vocational Education TrainingAbigael Muhambe0720242630polytechnic polytechnic empowering the youths in skill development. (not set)
11LUANDA TOWNSHIPEnvironment Water EnergyAbisai Amatalo0726750281piped water for people of Epang'a VillagePiped water for people of Epang'a villageProject will reduce the man hours wasted on fetching water that can be used for other economic activities(not set)
12SOUTH MARAGOLIEducationAdumah Festus0726319404ECDEEmployment of ECDE teacherWill make our children have good foundation in Learning(not set)
13BANJAICT and MediaAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710online servicesservices offered at the office of mca to be availabe onlinethis will make the residents at banja to monitor the development that have commenced and the ones that are to take place (not set)
14BANJAWomen and YouthAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710Mobi LoanCounty Loans for Women Youth and People with disabilities so that these people can engage in profitable business to sustain their livingself employment
reducess theft, drug and cases of insecurity
(not set)
15BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710MTIVA MUSEYWA ROADthis road connects mtiva musengeli museywa to gambogi hamisi road
the road pass on a steep hill and it does not have marum
easy accessibility to mtiva dispensary
trasportation of tea leaves to museywa tea buying center
(not set)
16BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710MTIVA GIVOGI ROAD this road connects mtiva to givogi.
this road its in a very poor condition and luck of drainage
easy accesible to banja health centre
aesy access to schools and banja market
(not set)
17BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710GAMBARAGAI BRIDGEgambaragai bridge its located on madeya gambaragai road. itwas started but no construction took place.
its vital for the transportation of tea leaves and students to school(not set)
18BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710IC AND BRIDGEivona bridge its located on mtiva-ivona road. itwas started but no construction took place.its vital for the transportation of tea leaves and students to school(not set)
19BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710BANJA-JIVIRIRI ROADthis road connects jiviriri to banja market
this road its in a very poor condition and luck of drainage
easy accessible to the administration, banja health center and market
(not set)
20BANJATransport InfrastructureAGAMU GRIFFIN0704174710SENENDE-ITUMBI-GIVOGI ROADthis road connects senende-itumbi-givogi
this road its in a very poor condition and luck of drainage
easy accessibility to senende market

(not set)