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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
1LYADUYWA/IZAVAEducationCaroline Anyienda0729736232Munugi vocational training.Purchase of land ,construction of the Vocational training equipping and staffing of the institution.

1. provide skills to the youth who will become self employed and create jobs to the locals.
2.curb idleness,drug use and abuse.

(not set)
2NORTH EAST BUNYOREAgriculture Livestock Fisheriescharles olubayo osala0700755914fish farmingWe have two ponds for EKAITA B CU which need to be restocked with fingerlings monosex, one catfish another tilapia
It will help other people from the surrounding community to practice fish farming.
It is a source of protein.
Source of income.
Need to expand and have a hutchery to increase fish production in the county.
Train schools, farmers and community as a whole to know why fish farming and practicals to students around who do agriculture as a subject.
(not set)
3LYADUYWA/IZAVAHealth CareCaroline Anyienda0729736232Munoywa dispensaryand Nadanya dispensaryCompletion of maternity wing,equipping and staffing of the facilities . Improve on maternal and child health care
2.Reduce mother and child mortality during delivery
3.Stop home deliveries that result into complications and finally death.
(not set)
4MUHUDUTransport InfrastructurePatrick Malongo Lidovolo0723447873Maganda-Oyeri-Mahanga RoadThere is a village between Maganda and Mahanga that is totally inaccessible and land locked. A road here will go a long way in alleviating the transport challenges being experienced here(not set)
5GISAMBAINatural ResourcesEng allan saliku0720978631Gaga water projectIncomplete water works project Finalize work the community to utilize piped waterLabour
6NORTH MARAGOLIHealth CareVuduma Brian Agusioma0723273266Health care for all Making health care accessible to all people,,, be available,affordable,effective, accessible and in good concussive environment
In north maragoli there is no any health facility,, we a project like it come in the ward,,,
1 :will save life to many people, a lot of time is spent travelling to either mbale district hospital nor Savatia hospital where you find long lines,que to be followed yet the patient is in critical conditions
2,, (a)Setting up a dispensary on other hand will create employment to people in the ward other than our trained personnel living there own people looking for jobs outside
(b), dispensary will open up the economy around it, for example,,,market will be set up for easy access of food stuff by patient,,,, chemistry will come up to provide medication that might be not in the hospital,
3A dispensary also educates people,,, there is guiding and counselling,,,,, people will be knowledgeable on how to handle certain health problems
4 Family planning a key factor,,,, our girls know more than expected,, they are n high school,,, such a project. Will provide family planning services,, this reduces incidence of school drop out due to early pregnancy

Have a lot to share,,, please consider my project
Am from mudete ,a student at KMTC vihiga
(not set)
7WEMILABIEnvironment Water Energybarnabas ndeche 0729564938piped waterEvery house hold to get water in their house coz most of the time we are depending on springs. It will reduce time for parents and child to get water and do other things(not set)
8BUSALIAgriculture Livestock FisheriesARNOLD MAMADI+254729238516PIG FARMING VALUE ADDITION PIG FARMING VALUE ADDITION PROJECT pig industry is differentiated into specialized business units consisting of feed
millers, producers, abattoirs, processors and retailers.

The major challenge they face is sourcing for quality pork.
Majority of small and medium scale processors are unable to meet quality and packaging
standards and therefore lose out on key markets including hotels, hospitals and schools. The
study established that these institutions prefer to source pork from Farmer’s Choice-Kenya’s
leading producer and processor-since it is the only firm with ISO certification.

(not set)
9EMABUNGOAgriculture Livestock FisheriesGerald Curtice Ong'ayi0717797144Soil testingThis is the process of carrying out soil sampling and testing so as to determine the actual nutrient composition of the soil.
The objective is to find out soil nutrient composition so as to provide necessary corrective measures for soil treatment.

This will enable farmers make informed choices about which enterprises they wanna venture in as advised by the soil test results
- It will lead to increased farm production
- It will lead to improved soil status within Vihiga
- It will increase awareness among farmers about the importance of the practice
- It will create jobs, as it will need experts in soil science, analytical chemistry and other technical staff
- It will boost the County's revenue as people will be paying a subsidized fee for the service
(not set)
10GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureHarrison Mulema0718045715Gisambai - Shamakhokho RoadTarmac Gisambai - Shamakhokho road- Open the region to economic growth
- Ease access to markets/agricultural inputs
- Increased business opportunities
- Ease communication to health facilities thus improve health benefits to locals
(not set)
11JEPKOYAIEnvironment Water EnergyVitalis Gavole0707113280Water Reservoir at Gambogi MarketTo build a high capacity reservoir for clean water to serve the increasing business at Gambogi and growing population in surrounding villages.
The old colonial period tank is no-longer in use.
- Provide fresh water and generate revenue for the county government.
- Lower chances of diseases outbreak due to fetching/transporting water using non-standard methods.
(not set)
12SOUTH MARAGOLIHealth CareAbabu D. N0720578921Renovation Equipment and Supply of drugs at Enzaro Health Centre Renovation equipment and supply of drugs in Enzaro health Centre. The project was initialized by JICA and later handed over to GoK. It is needful to regain its initial status for provision of medicare for the ward and especially Masana, Chagenda and Ideleri sublocations.-Move medicare closer to people
-Ease the influx in the other facilities especially Vihiga Referral which should work on majorly referral cases
-Educate the society (on lifestyle ,communicable diseases etc
-Provide Comprehensive Care Centre facility due to increased and or high HIV rates
-Reduce mortality rates by provision of maternal healthcare etc
(not set)
13SOUTH MARAGOLISecurity and SafetyAbabu D. N 0720578921Masana AP Post Collaboration with the concerned state agencies(national or otherwise) to restore the Masana AP Post that once existed but died naturally. Taking cognizance of insecurity rampant in the border areas that it is vital to enhance security.-Provide in an area that is pretty fast creeping to insecurity
-Curb the groups that are rampantly growing with tendencies heightening insecurity.
(not set)
14CHAVAKALIEnvironment Water EnergyMICHAEL AMBENGE +254 706 370777Energy Saving Stoves and Brequettes Making The Project Upon implementationn aims at Environmental conservation as the main goal.Women in organized groups will be taught how to make energy saving stoves from locally available materials as well as Briquettes from locally available materials as well.-Reduction on tree cutting hence conserving the environment
-Source of Employment to women hence improved livelihoods
-Taxes to the County Government raised from the stove making economic activity.
-Reduced crime activities as the youth will be incorporated in the project.
(not set)
15SOUTH MARAGOLIICT and MediaAbabu D. N0720578921Establishment of ICT driven resource centresEstablish such centres each in a sublocation(Masna,Chagenda, Lusiola and Ideleri) . This should be in collaboration with selected schools to have a computer centre equipped with educational programs for access by ages 3- 15 or beyond. (Kindergarten, pre school and other age graded programs) -To expose our children to ICT at early age
-Provide better learning environment for our learners with an aim of developing them cognitively
-Enhancing communication
-Enhancing critical thinking and problem solving
-Learning through inquiry and play
(not set)
. The purpose of this document is to facilitate potential investors in Vermicompost Production, Packaging & Marketing business by providing them a holistic as well as a micro view of business with the hope that such information as provided herein will help the potential investors in crucial investment decisions.

Vermicomposting is as a bio-oxidative process in which earthworms interact intensively with microorganisms and other fauna within the decomposer community, accelerating the stabilization of organic matter and modifying its physical and biochemical properties. The action of the earthworms in this process is physical or mechanical. Physical participation in degrading organic substrates results in fragmentation, thereby increasing the surface area of action, turnover and aeration. On the other hand, biochemical changes in the degradation of organic matter are carried out by microorganisms through enzymatic digestion, enrichment by nitrogen excrement and transport of inorganic and organic materials.

The selection of suitable earthworm species for Vermicomposting is an important step of the overall process. Out of the thousands of species of earthworms, only a few are suitable for vermicomposting of organic wastes. The epigeic species of earthworms are widely used for vermicomposting of different organic wastes. Eisenia fetida is the most widely used earthworm species for vermicomposting due to its well-established potential for the vermicomposting of compostable organic materials such as agricultural wastes and animal manures.

For all of these reasons, vermicomposting is attracting the attention of farmers, waste-generators, public officials, and environmentalists. When applied to cropland, compost adds organic matter, improves soil structure, reduces fertilizer requirements, and reduces the potential for soil erosion. One of the most attractive features of vermicomposting is that there is a market for the product. Potential buyers include home gardeners, landscapers, vegetable farmers, turf growers, operators of golf courses, and ornamental crop growers. The price of compost varies considerably because it is often viewed as a waste product.

The project of vermicompost production, processing, packaging and marketing envisages the farming of collection of raw material, composting followed by packaging and then distribution or supply directly to the farmers, commercial nursery growers market.

Organic solid waste management by employing earthworms has multifarious role to play in a developing COUNTRY LIKE KENYA and an Agricultural County like Vihiga.

Firstly, this waste can be converted into valuable compost by applying vermicomposting technology. This approach reduces pollution and provides a valuable substitute for chemical fertilizers. Secondly, the manure is produced in a shorter duration of time of 16 weeks and is fully matured, homogenous matter. Thirdly, the programme provides job opportunities for the unskilled labor force. Finally, it is the best way of guarding the environment. Vermicompost (compost produced by the activity of selected species of earthworms) has been adjudged as the best source of organic amendments to soil. Using vermicompost can fulfill the requirements for organically grown products.

This scheme gives details of making compost from bio-degradable organic waste using vermin-castings. It is assumed that the land and the waste material are free of cost to the entrepreneurs. This unit will be profitable even if the land is taken on lease.
Prospect for Vermicomposting to be used for soil amendment/ conditioner and potting material for commercial nurseries and horticultural crops (vegetables growing in tunnel farming). All processing facility will be at one place

Technology: Vermicomposting production and processing required tools and equipments/machinery for collection (loading & unloading), pre-decomposition, shredding, mixing, drying, sieving and packaging. The proposed unit requires basic composting equipments (list attached). Working hours per day 8 hours. Working days in a year 360 days.
Project components:
There are four key steps during the typical composting process. These include: feedstock pre-processing where the feedstock is treated and blended to achieve a mix with desired overall characteristics, the active composting important for pathogen kill, the curing necessary to obtain a mature and stable product, and the post-processing required to meet quality criteria for sale and distribution of the product.
(not set)
17MUHUDUSecurity and SafetyEric Makabuti +254724003300 Market Centres Solar power lighting To provide flood lighting to the marker centres to enable economic activities and growth as well as enhancing security + lengthening hours of doing business in the markets
+ providing security
(not set)
18WEST BUNYOREEnvironment Water EnergyWIDSON O. AMBAISI0728941450ESTABLISHMENT OF BOTANICAL GARDEN/PARKSetting land to establish a botanical garden to take care of the trending and threatening climatic issues.1,Taxonomic studies
2. Botanical research
3. Conservative of environment
4. Education
5. Public services
6. Aesthetic and Recreation
7. Employment
(not set)
19TAMBUAHealth CarePeter Goren Chelemai0722959049Kimwenge Health CentreA health facility(centre) to provide basic health care to the residents. This project was initially initiated by the Constituency Development Fund (Hamisi) but stopped funding because the information relaid from the CDF was that Health Services had been devolved and therefore the County Government should take it ovhis project when complete will serve the residents of the following villages; Kimwenge, Simbi, Kapsaoi, Tiengere and even beyond. The nearest health facility is Tigoi Health Centre in Jepkoyai Ward and Likundu Health Centre which are quite some distance from the mentioned Basic health care will be nearer and accessible to the residents as opposed to the current situation where residents have to walk for a distance.
2. Improved health of the residents as it will be easy to get both medical and hygiene advice from the professionals deployed in the facility.
3. Maternal care for both baby/mother will be improved and thus mortality rate will reduce.
4. This project will also lead to improvement of the road network in the area.
5. Employment creation for the locals i.e cleaners, guards
(not set)
20LUGAGA-WAMULUMATransport InfrastructureDr Muronga Kadurenge Benard0722 354 756Improvement of Kitulu-Erosoma-Vurudi RoadImprovement of Kitulu-Erosoma-Vurudi Road1. Better transport by motor vehicles.
2. Ease of doing business will be realized.
(not set)