NameEdgar Asava Keverenge




Category ID5
TitleYouth Empowerment
DescriptionEducation and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. Many able bodied youth have rendered themselves useless due to excessive alcohol consumption. They don't work but only camp in roads, wines & spirits shops and chang'aa dens all day. And from as early as 5am.
Proposed SolutionConcerted efforts should be put in place to come up with a serious programme to regularly and continuously educate these youth on the demerits of alcohol and drug abuse. Health extension volunteers should be recruited, trained and sent out to work with these youth. A fully fledged county rehabilitation centre be established and willing victims ready for change be admitted, counselled and treated for free. Income generating activities be introduced to the youth and they be trained on the same. Chamas also be formed for the youth. Be trained on how to save, table banking, loans Drug peddlers be educated and facilitated on other avenues of making money.
Available FacilitiesMbale Referral Hospital existing facilities could be used to set up a Training & Rehabilitation Centre.